Woman kicked off plane for incessant singing

During an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to JFK, a woman would not stop singing “I Will Always Love You,” the song made famous by the late Whitney Houston.
It got so annoying that the plane made an unscheduled stop in Kansas City to hand her over to the police.

woman won't stop singing IWALYSinging woman being escorted from plane

A rep for the Kansas City International Airport told CNN, “The passenger was detained, not arrested, and then released pending further investigation by the TSA and federal air marshals. I can confirm that she was singing ‘I Will Always Love You’ as she was escorted off the plane.”
Although cameras were forbidden, a passenger surreptitiously took this video of the singing woman being police-escorted from the plane:
It’s not so much that she wouldn’t stop singing.
What drove everyone batty was her terrible singing. LOL

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7 years ago

Agreed, re the poor singing of an under-medicated whack-o.
What we all need to be concerned for is the “No photographs are allowed to be taken on the aircraft” diktat, one more hallmark of a fascist state. The USofA we grew up and loved is now only in our memories: when we old-timers are gone, it too will disappear at last for the NWO Satanists. Plato remarked that the first requirement of a philosopher is a good memory; Hitler wrote that “History is only as old as the grandparents.” So it goes.

7 years ago

Sounds like a frustrated contestant of American Idol who got her self-esteem knocked for a loop when she was told she STUNK . She probably thought she had a captive audience that wouldn’t complain about her .

7 years ago

Duct tape. need I say more?

7 years ago
Reply to  Steve

About three layers ought to do it, right? :o)