Woman in same-sex marriage has trouble getting TX driver's license

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Wilson, far right.

Wilson, far right.

ABC13: A new Houston resident is upset that she was refused a legal Texas driver’s license.
When Connie Wilson, her spouse, and three kids packed up their life and moved halfway across the country to Texas, the last hurdle she expected was getting a Texas driver’s license. She was in for a surprise when she went to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) branch office in Pasadena.
Wilson presented her California marriage license to DPS employee as a secondary form of identification. She and her spouse Aimee were legally married in California, and Connie took Aimee’s last name, Wilson. “The employee asked, ‘Is this a same?’ I knew what she meant, and I knew I would have a problem,” recalled Wilson
Texas doesn’t recognize same sex marriage. The DPS employee told Wilson even though she and her spouse are legally married, the certificate cannot be used to authenticate who she is. She was denied a Texas License.
Reached in Austin, DPS officials sent Eyewitness News the following statement: “To receive a Texas driver license or identification card reflecting a name change from a same-sex marriage, a court order is required.”
Wilson says she doesn’t understand why she needs to spend money on a court order when the license already states her legal name. “I’m not asking for a name change, I’m just asking for a new resident driver’s license,” said Wilson.
In addition, Wilson is worried the closing on her house could have been hampered, and her inability to vote in the upcoming election. “As of right now, I can’t vote in the elections, which may be part of what they’re after, I don’t know,” she said.
Frustrated, the Wilsons reached out to Texas State Senator Sylvia Garcia (D-Houston), who is looking into the DPS decision. “This is something that deeply concerns us, and we’re looking at this, because we don’t want this to happen to anyone else in Texas,” said the Senator. “This is not the way to treat someone who is relocating to our state, we need to make sure they can buy homes, get jobs, and register to vote.”
Wilson doubts her license issue will be resolved in time for her to vote in a Texas election. If DPS will not relent, her one alternative is to renew her passport. Once she has the federal passport with her name, Connie Wilson, on it, she should not need a secondary identification to get a Texas driver’s license.
“I love Texas and I just want to be a Texan,” says Wilson, who is moving with her spouse and their three children into a new home in the next two weeks.
Maybe if Ms. Wilson had looked into Texas State requirements, she would have had a better understanding of the process. And she can easily renew her passport in time to vote.

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0 responses to “Woman in same-sex marriage has trouble getting TX driver's license

  1. I pity those kids not those women!

  2. Seems her real concern is being able to vote for what ever lesbo or faggot candidate there may be on the ballot. I would think their would be a reasonable residency restriction on voting anyhow; say like at least a couple of years.

  3. Good for Texas!!! Again!!!

  4. The Constitution requires states not to impair the enforcement of contracts (such as marital status from another state). Having a publicly available list of acceptable documents, to acquire a new-state driving license for example, does NOT cross that boundary.
    She should have looked up the rules before she went in, and also needs to quit whining. She likely doesn’t take it from her kids; why should we listen to it from her?

  5. As I see it, the real problem here is that she wants to whine and snivel . . . for cryin’ out loud–renew your damn passport and just get on with your life. The world is full of problems which are much more weighty than that Texas won’t accept your same sex marriage license! Each state has the right to require whatever they want to require–you should have done the research before you decided you wanted to “become a Texan.” Instead you engage in a bunch of tomfoolery, and just end up looking like a fool!

  6. Nothing stopping her from getting a license in her maiden name… or voting or being a Texan or anything else, for that matter.

  7. Don’t mess with Texas.

  8. Too bad, so (NOT) sad. Texas doesn’t need you. Go back to the state you’ve already screwed up.

  9. Yea lady, you’re not in La La Land anymore!! Should have done a bit more research before you moved; you would have found that Texas still has its sanity and morals intact.

  10. LOVE that snowflake!

  11. Jayzuz, so much venom over something that affects none of you in the slightest bit. Probably consider yourselves to be good little christian soldiers too. I think that the shortest verse in the Bible is appropriate here, “Jesus wept.”

  12. We certainly don’t need more “demonrats” here, they are working hard to turn Texas blue! If they do, judging from what they are doing to Chicago, Baltimore, and Los Angeles (not to mention Detroit, in my home state of Michigan) I am out of here! True Texans want to keep Texas red, but illegals and people moving here from California who dont think like we do are ruining things, or at least trying! We have many friends here from California who are true conservatives and came here to leave the madness there behind! Let’s keep Texas a haven for patriots and conservatives!


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