Woman impaled by rebar while trying to enter US illegally

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US Customs and Border Patrol photo

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

From NY Post: A mother attempting to climb over a fence on the US-Mexico border fell and was impaled on a steel bar in front of her children, officials said.

The 26-year-old woman from Guatemala pierced her side and buttocks when she landed on pieces of rebar Friday night near the San Ysidro Port of Entry, a border crossing between San Diego, Ca., and Tijuana, Mexico, US Customs and Border Patrol officials said in a statement.

Border Patrol agents in San Diego rescued the woman and she was taken to a hospital with minor injuries, the statement said.

Her two children, ages 3 and 5, were also taken to the hospital and later released into Border Patrol custody, officials said.

San Diego Sector Chief Patrol Agent Rodney Scott blasted the woman’s actions as “not only dangerous, but also very foolish.”

“This woman placed her own life and her children’s lives in peril,” Scott said in the statement.

The woman told agents she wasn’t part of the migrant caravan that’s made its way from Central America to the Mexican border town of Tijuana. Some migrants traveling with the caravan tried to breach a border fence on Sunday and were fired at with tear gas by US agents.


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9 responses to “Woman impaled by rebar while trying to enter US illegally

  1. “She was not part of the migrant caravan” so what was she doing there in the first place? He who watches slaying the cow is as guilty as the one killing it. I’d like to know if she and her children will be returned to their country after treating her wounds or, in an act of kindness, is she going to be allowed in? If so, we will be their keepers -food, clothing, housing, food stamps, doctors, vaccinations, two small children she will not be able to work and she doesn’t speak English, and there go the taxes, how the hell am I going to make ends meet? Let that happen and they’ll find a way to get a pass in.

  2. We can only assume that she looked at the situation, saw that it was a dangerous one, but decided to go ahead and take her chances. I doubt that her children will be much affected, as they are very young and will grow out of its shock value. I hope she’s taken this to heart, and remorse returns her to whatever village she came from.

  3. Decisions have consequences. She chose poorly.

  4. Given the leftist “media’s” portrayal of rocks as weapons being harmless I sadly submit this:


    Looks as if one agent was killed and another is in serious condition in the hospital. It’s about time that people woke up to the reality that many of these invaders are dangerous.

  5. So, she “won” the gamble, didn’t she? She took a hit to her buttocks and side, was gathered up by American Border Patrol, with her kids, was taken to an American modern hospital and treated, for “free” (you and I pay for this) …while her kids were tended, for “free” through social services (again, you and I pay for this)….and will be release with her kids, FREE into our population with a court date (you and I pay for this) that she will never ever keep (you and I pay CONTINUOUSLY for this) . Add 3 more illegals to our number (as THO’ we EVEN know the real number anyway……).

  6. This is a violation of the law. She should be arrested immediately:


    Another loony toon who can’t abide by the law but has the audacity to hold a sworn office.

  7. Why are they not arresting the organizers and supporters of this invasion? Mexico is talking about it. Now that they have breached the wall its time to step up:



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