Woman hit with bag of human feces on Chicago bus

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America is unraveling.
Evil is breaking out everywhere.
It’s like the gates of Hell are opened and its demons are at large.
A gunman goes on a killing spree, gunning down moviegoers in a Century Theater in Aurora, Colorado. A devil-worshipping young man from an affluent upper-middle class home calmly shoots to death 20 first-graders and 6 teachers and principal of an elementary school.
Instead of putting the blame on the killers, seemingly-sane university professors, a movie producer, a popular novelist, and the former star of a popular TV show instead are behaving like foaming-at-the-mouth rabid dogs, calling for the deaths of members of a pro-2nd Amendment organization who have committed no crimes.
Violence is pandemic — in our streets, in our schools, in movie theaters, and in public transportation.
A woman riding a bus in Chicago was attacked by another rider, a man, with a sock filled with human feces. (See his image below)
She does not know her assailant.

Man Hits CTA Passenger With Feces-Filled Sock Police say this man is their “person of interest” in the feces attack. Anyone with information should call the Oak Park Police Department’s crime tip hotline at 708-434-1636.

NBC5 Chicago reports, Dec. 20, 2012:

A woman riding the Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA) Blue Line in Oak Park told police she was last week attacked by another passenger wielding a sock filled with human feces.

“He had a sock full of his poop on me,” the 21-year-old college student told the Pioneer Press. “It was everywhere; on my face, my hair, my clothes.”

The victim, requesting anonymity, said she screamed and tried to follow her attacker, but he escaped up the Austin Boulevard exit and ran northbound on Austin.

The college student, who came to Oak Park six weeks ago to live with a family and provide in-home child care, said she was riding an east-bound train from Oak Park to Chicago when she was attacked.

“The guy got on with me at [the] Oak Park [station],” she said. “I wasn’t really paying attention. … “Next stop [at Austin], he throws something in my face.”

Oak Park Police Commander Ladon Reynolds said officers responded by searching for the man in and around a gas station at Harrison Street, but did not find him. Reynolds said police retrieved a photo of a “person of interest” matching the description the woman and other witnesses gave. That man was videotaped on the Austin platform.

“We have photos of the offender and we’re seeking to identify him,” Reynolds said of images obtained from the CTA. “We’ve reached out to other [police] agencies and have issued a bulletin.”

CTA spokesman Catherine Hosinski said the transit agency has “several high definition video cameras” at each station.

The woman, who said she has a copy of a photo of her assailant taken by a CTA security camera, described her assailant as a black man no older than mid-20s, average build, with facial hair above the mouth and on the chin. She said he wore a hooded sweatshirt and ball cap that partly obscured his face.

She expressed utter disgust and outrage. “It was like the biggest degradation I’ve ever [experienced]. I wish he had just hit me,” she said, because she thinks that would have been less traumatic.

“The worst part is nobody had anything to wipe my face with,” she said. She managed to find some newspapers before paramedics arrived. The paramedics gave her towels and water. “They really aren’t prepared for a situation like that,” she said.

The woman said she and her assailant never exchanged a word, and she can’t understand his reason for the assault. “I don’t know why he did it,” she said, adding, “I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have done that to a guy.”

She said she still rides the CTA, but is more attentive now. “I just want people to pay attention on the train,” she said. “I try to check the people around me.”


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0 responses to “Woman hit with bag of human feces on Chicago bus

  1. Thanks Dr. Eowyn for this post,
    The story reminds me of “The Mountain People” by anthropologist Colin Turnbull: https://books.google.com/books?id=jlfnNIVbju0C&hl=en
    It is about the dehumanizing effect of Big Government planning on a tribe of hunters who were forced into farming their arid land, and forbidden to use their former hunting grounds which had become a national park. In a generation, they deteriorated into a selfish, vengeful, near demonic people. One of their traits was to fling feces at each other. Parents disdained their babies, releasing them into roaming packs of feral children. Family members hated one another. Families hated each other.
    Does this sound familiar to anyone?
    ~ TD

    • TD,
      Thanks for the link to a fascinating book, The Mountain People. Here’s a book review by Kirkus Reviews:

      This anthropological field study has a cross-cultural message — fair warning that kindness, friendship and love are expendable luxuries when survival is the issue. Turnbull (The Forest People, 1961) lived with the Ik, an African tribe driven into the mountains when their former hunting ground became a National Game Reserve, and observed a people so close to starvation that a “”good”” man meant one with a full stomach. The family is an early casualty under such circumstances; children are left to fend for themselves at the age of three, food is grabbed from the lips of aging parents, dead relatives are stripped of their possessions and tossed into shallow pits. There is nothing to bind Icien society together. Individuals survive by diligent attention to their own needs while ignoring those of others. Daily occurrences like a sister snatching a mug of tea from her dying brother and laughing gaily at his condition and her own cleverness are bearable for the reader only because they have been filtered through the anthropological eye, allowing vicarious disassociation from the horror — or could it be that the reader like the anthropologist begins in self defense to adopt an Icien perspective in which suffering becomes a source of amusement? The price the Ik have paid for survival is the loss of their humanity. In this literate, appalling and compelling book Turnbull suggests that Western society with its expanding population and unchecked pollution may have set itself on the same disastrous course.

      Certainly, American society has devolved into one where greed and selfishness (by not just “the rich” but also “the entitled poor”) and immorality reign; where the family is broken, esp. in inner cities.

      • Democrats did say something about “change” and “fundamentally tranforming” America, didn’t they? (Unfortunately, this ain’t a Twilight Zone episode written by Rod Serling.)

      • Thanks Dr. Eowyn,
        The first thing that came to mind when comparing the cited news story and Colin Turnbull’s study was the (covered up) breakdown of civility in America’s cities. The entitled people are uniformly showing the same rapid descent from basic humanity, and approaching an almost demonic dissociation from the suffering of others.
        If all of us are likewise forced into dependence on the all powerful government…
        ahem… the conclusions become unthinkable.
        But I will assert, those who call on the name of the Lord will be saved.
        ~ TD

    • The American family is close to that scenario…they are already distant, kids are shipped off to the gulag sometimes when just weeks old (called daycare), both parents work for the Almighty Dollar to afford material possessions, most don’t even have time or energy to take care of their kids, kids are in ‘la la’ land due to worship of cellphones etc. All they need now is a lack of food.

  2. If Obummer had a son he would have looked like the sh!t thrower. Like father like son. Half of Chicago is feral and capable of attacking with a sock of sh!t. Decent people have to work and live among them. It is step away from being another Detroit.

  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. Such evil during the Christmas season. The devil’s timing in his tempting process is noteworthy!

  4. All the chickens have come home to roost in America. The sins of the past and present are coming back to haunt this country, and it’s only the beginning, things are going to get worse.

    • So you approve and applaud this act of demonic violence — throwing a bag of human feces at an innocent woman riding a bus? Because the perpetrator is black? His victim likely is also black because rich folks, white or black, do not ride in buses in Chicago or elsewhere.
      You’re sick. Don’t be so sure that you yourself won’t be prey to thugs, given the high rate of black-on-black crime.

      • No, i do not approve of something as gross as an act like this. I neither implied or stated this. My comment was based on the statement made about America becoming Engulfed in Evil. Dont twist my statements around for your own sick mind. Furthermore since i, unlike you have lived in the CITY OF DOPE, ( i am sure you are a lame and don’t know what that means) I have already been a victim of black on black crime, like others I know, on more than one occasion.

        • Oh yeah?
          Here’s your original comment: “All the chickens have come home to roost in America. The sins of the past and present are coming back to haunt this country, and it’s only the beginning, things are going to get worse.”
          No, I did not “twist” your statement around. You are expressing approval of all the violence and mayhem, and implying that Americans deserve it. So the 20 little children in Sandy Hook deserved being killed? (“The sins of the past and present are coming back to haunt this country”)
          You are sick.

      • What happened to this young lady at the hands of this sick dude is gross and another of how low our society has gotten. I want to be clear so that Dr. Eowyn or others wont attemtpt to distort or misinterpret my words.

    • Lavelle, just what chickens, and what sins are they roosting for? What is it you want. You ramble about no one caring about the black community, or every one else is a house Negro.
      First off you’re wrong if you don’t think people would mourn 20 dead black children.
      Second ,truth be told People really don’t give a shit about the black community. Why? Well first I have my own to worry about. And it seems the black community could care less about fellow blacks. If they did they would do something.
      Ever see a nice neighborhood go down fast when it goes section 8. Yet blacks keep voting for your Masser’s…the Democratic bosses. They give you free shit housing, enough food to get by on. You’re trapped.
      When people are given stuff for free they trash it.
      Clean up your own community, we’re not gonna, the Gov gave ya what you wanted.
      You have your heroes Harry Belafonte, Samuel Jackson, Chris Rock, Danny Glover, Morgan Freeman. All hate whitey.
      You know my favorite is King Shabazz of that nice community charity group, the New Black Panthers. Remember when he said “Let’s kill all the white cracker babies”? And they cheered.
      For 40 yrs white people have tried. Thanks to Obama that has been flushed. BTW “City of Dope” is east Oakland.
      In summation as to how I and many millions more feel for the plight you have created and allowed to happen is DILLIGAFF.
      How lame are you? figure it out and you’ll see you’re wasting your time here.
      Oh yea, watch out for those chickens cause they are getting really effin cranky.
      Now Bite me and go away.

      • You are correct, The black community seems to not care about fellow blacks or the community, and i agree with you, the Democratic Party is indeed the Massers Party, and it is something I preach constantly. But I guess you wouldn’t know that. What I want is for black people to stop complaining and become more independent, and build their own communities, block by block, communty by community. Secondly, You or no one else tells me who my heroes are. How you can compare black rhetoric about killing whitey or hating whitey to over 400 years and counting of oppression, rape, murder, torture, water hoses, and dogs at the hands of those in this country is absurd and STUPID. Black people talk this way to make themselves feel good. Furthermore, there is and never has been blacks lynching, or murdering whites on a mass scale. Or black police officers arresting white citizens for crimes that they did not commit. So you can bite yourself, it seems you might like it. From you; I will definetly go away. Good Riddance

  5. Disgusting!

  6. 400 years of slavery okay lets do the math it is 2012 slavery ended in america in 1862 america began in 1776 so slavery existed in america for roughly about 86 years or so not 400 jeez with that kind of ignorant thinking we have had 350 years of affirmative (racism) action

    • Excuse me, slaves were in this country before 1776, and the oppression didn’t end when slavery ended. Ever heard of sharecroppers? The KKK, Segregation laws? All this was after slavery ended. After the Civil War, many blacks had no education and no skills except picking cotton. Which many elder members in my family did in the 1930’s for little or barely any money at all, one step away from slavery. I as I stated; over 400 years of Oppression. Ask the descendants of southern plantations did slavery end in 1862. Now who is ignorant?

      • And just to remind you, before we were America, we were a colony of ENGLAND. . . Blame the English.
        You know, a lot of people suffered in the 30’s. My father was a small boy and basically lived in Poverty. No, he does not blame everyone else. Sadly, the black community has fallen victim to Decisive preachers and race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.
        You know of anyone alive today who was ever held in slavery? We ended Slavery over 150 years ago. Many American lives were lost on both sides for that. How are you going to replay those people that fought and died?

  7. you are for certain a moron this country did not exist before 1776 and who do you think fought the civil war that led to the freedom of the slaves not black people but white men stick your 400 years of oppression up your stupid ass what you think of as oppression is your own natural ignorance and stupidity

    • It comes as no suprise to me that you and I differ in our view of history as it pertains to slavery and oppression. I speak for those who can’t speak for themselves, a messenger if you want to call it that. I personally have never been oppressed and i am certainly not ignorant, or stupid. But since you want to get personal; you are an ignorant, naive, and very stupid individual. As a matter of fact don’t make any more comments or send any more replys to my comments. Learn more about the Real world and stop sounding like a Dumbass Plantation owner! What i comment on is not a message for you anyway. A message for you would go something like this; Stick whatever you want up your own ass, which I am sure you do anyway. Peace!


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