Woman discovers man she just married has a micropenis

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This is not a joke post.

I know that penises, like everything in nature, range in size. But I hadn’t known about a phenomenon known as micropenis until yesterday, when I found out about a post on Reddit’s “Am I the Asshole?” sub, on February 7, 2019, by a woman who calls herself throwaway_peen34.

Three days ago, the woman, 27, married her husband, 32, and discovered that he has a micropenis. Responding to a Reddit reader, she said her husband’s penis is “about an inch and a quarter”. Here’s her post:

So, we only dated for six months. We’ve been engaged for another six and just got married on Saturday. I literally just got back from my honeymoon a couple hours ago. My husband isn’t a religious guy, he just says he is “old fashioned like that.” We got close to fooling around a couple times but it never went far. I tried, but he always stopped after it went “too far”. Anyway, fast forward to now…

Am I the asshole for reading into this and being upset that I waited until my wedding night to find out that he probably isn’t as “old fashioned” as he says he is? I’m not going to shame him and honestly I don’t even know how I’ll broach the topic (and I’m not seeking advice). I honestly just acted like nothing was out of the ordinary and went to town with him, but…I dunno. I kind of feel lied to. Like a halftruth…or something was intentionally withheld from me. This was unexpected, to say the least. And if you read this far, thanks for your time.

The consensus of Reddit readers is that the woman is not an a**hole for feeling that her husband had deceived her.

Daily Mail has reported on the micropenis phenomenon:

  • An article on September 23, 2016, about a 35-year-old man who is “deeply ashamed” of his one-inch micropenis.
  • An article on May 19, 2017, about Ant Smith, 50, a poet, who speaks openly about his 1″ micropenis. He wrote the book, The Small Penis Bible, to help other men with the condition.
  • An article on July 16, 2014, about an Australian man, 33, who mortgaged his home to pay for a $45,000 surgery to lengthen and widen his micropenis, which was 2-3 cm (0.79″ to 1.18″) when flaccid, and around 7 cm (2.76″) when erect. The surgery failed, but the man planned to spend $68,000 in another attempt.

According to Daily Mail, one percent of men have a micropenis, which is usually defined as less han 2.75 inches when erect, 2½ times smaller than the average penis length. A “systematic review” published in 2015 put the length of an average flaccid penis at around 3.5 inches, and 5 inches for the average erect penis.


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43 responses to “Woman discovers man she just married has a micropenis

  1. I would not bet the rent on this marriage lasting. Unfortunately, this is one of those problems that should have been discussed before the nuptials–rather than have it be a S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E moment the evening of your Honeymoon. I feel a great sorrow for both of these individuals. As the woman, I don’t know how you would get over the feeling of betrayal. It really does no one any good to secret this fact, go through a marriage and then have to deal with the realities. Better to face the fact upfront, even if it would put at risk losing your fiancé, than proceed with a marriage and have the bride perhaps feel the bitterness of having been deceived, and then she leaves you.

  2. And the worst part of it is, when you have a small package, everyone insists on taking your parking space…

  3. He’s neither a grower, or a shower!

    But he IS a quarter-inch killer!

  4. Whether a guy had a micro penis or an elephant sword it would be hard on most any relationship.

  5. I’m in a similar situation but it was the result of a robot-assisted, laparoscopic, radical prostatectomy which darn-near killed me. I’ve had four operations to repair the damage that was done by the first one and I’m on my third set of artificial plumbing. But I’m (so far) cancer-free.
    If I ever find myself in what might possibly turn into a relationship I know that the right thing to do is to explain the situation and let the other decide whether or not to continue.

    • So sorry what happened to you. Did you sue the surgeon for malpractice?

      • I investigated the possibility of a malpractice suit. I contacted three different law offices that handle malpractice: one was large, prestigious etc and the other two were one-lawyer independent shops. One of the independents took my call right away and the other called back later that day. It was like they were reading from the same script: the good news is that your operation was a success (cured the cancer) and the bad news is that your operation was a success. Even if there were complications the operation did what it was supposed to do. To go to court the lawyer would have to hire an “expert witness” which meant that his one-man shop would have to spend up-front at least $30,000. The other side would have their competing expert witness. Both shops said the the outcome of a suit would be too uncertain for them to risk that much money.
        I still haven’t heard back from the big-shot ambulance chasers.

        • Seems to me the crux of the matter is whether what the surgeon did to your “member” was intrinsic to, i.e., unavoidable, the surgery to excise the cancerous tumor. If it wasn’t, then the surgeon made a mistake and should be held accountable.

    • Sorry to hear that happened to you. You have the right attitude “honesty is the best policy” in any potential relationship.

  6. He just needs to buy a metric ruler.

  7. Stephen T. McCarthy

    From one of the most unique (and one of the best) solo debut albums ever:


    ~ D-FensDogG

  8. What kind of exotic car does he drive?

  9. Who the hell would buy that book? He’d have to wear a mask.

  10. So she looks at him and asks, “Just who do you think you are going to satisfy with that?” He says, “Me”.

  11. Huh!
    I thought Smallcox had been eliminated!!
    Surprise, surprise, surprise!!

  12. I guess I must think contrarily or something, but the first thing that came to my mind was, is the husband a real dude or is it a tranny. Female to male take hormones to grow one, but it never quite amounts to the real thing from what I understand. Kind of like Chas Bono ya know? Maybe the lady has been conned in more ways than one.

    • Sorry Lady but you need to go back to school and learn about the human body. NO AMOUNT OF MALE HORMONES WILL GROW A MALE SEX APPENDAGE . Breasts yes. Boners No

      • Well sorry for you Mr. know it all, but that is one of the reasons trannies take the male hormones is to make the clitoris grow into a quasi penis. According to many site ps on trangendering taking testosterone will grow the clitoris between one and three centimeters, exactly the size mentioned in this article of these men with micro penises. Don’t forget every fetus is a female before it turns male with the clitoris enlarging into a penis, and the ovaries turning into testicles. So maybe YOU need to go back to school.

      • PS If you wanted to grow breasts you would have to take FEMALE hormones, not androgens like testosterone. “Go back to school” people are stupid.

        • It’s not easy being wrong AND rude! Sounds like he’s taking this personally. Hmmmmm?

          • LOL! That about sums it up!

            I don’t mind being corrected even when the other person might happen to be wrong. It’s’ when they get nasty that it gets irritating………..

  13. Try before you buy.

  14. He should have made her close her eyes , and then go get a high powered magnifying glass . then place in the proper area .

  15. He should have told her his nickname was stumpy !

  16. There’s always two sides

    What about if the Tables were turned. Have you ever dated a woman who couldn’t orgasim during intercourse? Worst part is that she refused to take suggestions

    I’ve also have women complained that I’m too large? So do you complain when a woman’s Vivian has s too loose and worn out? Is that also the same as that women being deceived?

  17. This is very sad for the guy, and certainly for a woman who married him not knowing until their honeymoon. I won’t make a joke about it.

  18. I had never heard of “micro-penis” until many years ago, working for a Family Practice and also for Clinical Lab at the VA Hospital. It is very rare, but has many factors. I’ve known of 2 and possibly 3 patients with the actual diagnosis. One patient in particular was a large man, not heavy, but just very large in stature, big hands and feet, with a height at 6 ft 7, while the other 2 males were average height and body build. The very tall man was born to a mother who was 49 years of age, when she conceived him (a surprise menopause conception). His family history was 2 older brothers and a sister. The bio- brothers did not have the problem, but his mother was in her 20’s when they were conceived. One of the doctors said “menopause of the mother” could have been a factor in his development and not ruled out. I, personally, always said if I didn’t have children by age 30, I’d adopt from an orphanage. A woman’s body goes through many hormonal changes at peri and full menopause, which is dangerous in my opinion for a pregnancy. Two of the men wanted penile implants, but the procedure is not not always successful and can have serious side affects. In my humble opinion, sex isn’t everything in a relationship, and at anytime, an accident or ill health could bring it to a halt, so if a marriage is not based on love and honesty, it will not work. I think the woman in this article deserved the truth from the man and it sounds like he was deceptive, which is bad for any marriage or relationship. I can understand her feelings about his betrayal. If the marriage wasn’t consummated though, she could try to file for an annulment. Leeann

    • Interesting point about menopausal mothers.
      This article says penis length is determined by how much testosterone the fetus was exposed to:

    • Yes to all. Interesting connection there with the “testosterone exposure” theory. Indeed, I find it hard to imagine not telling your intended that there could be a problem. Of course there are ways around this, but its her choice too.

      If he was deceptive, or just thoughtless, an annulment is probably the answer.

    • Leeann . . . Thank you for adding insight to this post. I certainly do agree, when you marry it is “for better or worse,” I cannot imagine that if two individuals really love each other that this problem could not be overcome–but it must be discussed upfront. Just as with any other problem. Then each person must access their own expectations. I must say, the loss of having a fiancé leaving you is not as tumultuous as going through the dissolution of a marriage. Honesty, even in marriage is the best policy.

      • I am sure that poor man is living a life of hell. He evidently must feel that the likelihood of a woman rejecting him as a marital partner is more likely than not. Truly, my heart goes out to him. Even though he was from the appearance of things deceitful. People who are laboring under tremendously stressful situations sometimes just resort to desperate measures.


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