Woman complains about her taxpayer-paid rent-free apartment

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In August 2010, there was a near-riot in Atlanta, Georgia, when 30,000 people stood in long lines in the sun in 90+ degrees heat, just for a chance to obtain an application form for a Section 8 public housing voucher. Some had waited in line for two days for the applications.

Like everywhere in America, public (i.e., taxpayer-paid) housing is in great demand in New Orleans.
In the wake of the terrible Hurricane Katrina disaster that put so much of the city of New Orleans under water, the federal government labored to provide public housing for the disaster victims and the poor. According to a report by D. Weaver for Nola.com, Dec. 18, 2007, Department of Housing and Development officials assured residents that the local public housing supply greatly outstripped demand, 1,762 public housing units were occupied and nearly 300 were available or within weeks of being ready at 8 Housing Authority of New Orleans complexes and at other scattered housing authority sites. Another 802 public housing units across the city were being repaired and would be put to use in the coming year.
In addition to the units available or scheduled to open soon, federal and local housing officials said their agencies would provide a total of 3,343 public housing units in the next 4 to 5 years, including nearly 900 units in planned mixed-income developments. The “mixed-income developments” would include 900 market-rate rental units and 900 homes for sale, many of which would be reserved for first-time home buyers, with financial subsidies designed to allow former public housing families to become property owners.
But public housing advocates were not satisfied. They complained that the target of 3,343 public housing units in New Orleans is still a drop of about one-third from the 5,100 units occupied before Hurricane Katrina.
Public housing officials responded that other demands for housing can be met through use of vouchers that can be used for private apartments that are inspected by the government. Nevertheless, housing activists complained that the “poor conditions” of those private apartments “deter renters,” that is, free-loaders.
Regardless of the conditions, many former public housing residents avoid privately owned apartments because they typically face utility and deposit expenses not charged in public housing.
The housing activists, aka Alinsky community organizers, then trooped out a victim of the “poor conditions” of those taxpayer-subsidized private apartments.
Meet Sharon Jasper, a former St. Bernard complex resident, who bitterly complained about her subsidized private apartment, which she called a “slum.”

Sharon Jasper in her well-appointed living room of her taxpayer-subsidized apartment. Note the large-screen TV. (photo by Ted Jackson/Times-Picayune)

Although a government voucher covered her rent on a unit in an old Faubourg St. John home, she griped about having to pay several hundred dollars in deposit charges and a steep utility bill.
Jasper said: “I might be poor but I don’t like to live poor. I thank God for a place to live but it’s pitiful what people give you. I’m tired of the slum landlords, and I’m tired of the slum houses.” Pointing across the street to an encampment of homeless people at Duncan Plaza, she said, “I might do better out here with one of these tents.”
Jasper allowed a photographer to tour the subsidized apartment. She complained about missing window screens, a slow leak in a sink, and a warped back door. The reporter noted that her subsidized apartment “otherwise appeared to have been recently renovated.”
H/t beloved Wendy.
To Sharon Jasper:
I’m one of the suckers who pay for your “subsidized” rent-free apartment, being among the 53% of Americans who still pay federal income taxes. My husband and I paid for our house with decades of hard work and savings. We don’t have a 60″ HD TV!

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  1. nothing but a vampire

  2. I’ve lived in a tent….a few times….and enjoyed it. I think a lot
    of the problems in this world would be alleviated if we all did.
    Living well has more to do with ones attitude
    than ones circumstances an expectations 🙂

  3. I wonder what the poor white people do? I didn’t, see any in the crowds.

  4. Thanks, Grouchy, for this added info!

  5. Amazing! What a sense of entitlement! Sickening!

    • Back in our nation’s thinking… er… “judgmental” days, we used to call that being a spoiled, lazy no-count fool.

  6. someone needs to be slapped upside the head with a dose of reality…
    complaining about a free apartment maybe she should live in a cardboard box in an alleyway. what a leech.

  7. Why is she in her robe and not at work? We need to wakeup! Hello……it’s like the wheel is spinning, but the hamster’s DEAD! Good Grief!

    • Because what job could this useless wretch perform, except that of creating more useless mouths to feed?
      Blame it on lynchings! LOL

  8. That woman is a piece of work!

    • Have some pity upon her. Don’t forget that hundreds of years ago her ancestors were captured and sold into slavery by their fellow Africans, and brought over here against their will!
      Don;t you understand that this fact explains why, centuries later, people like this vile woman are entitled to not have to work and to enjoy a lifestyle which is subsidized by those vile racist white folks?

  9. SHUT UP Ms. JASPER you greedy woman! Guess what, I’m missing a sliding door screen, need new sliding door blinds, have a tube tv that is over 7 years old, have appliances from the 80’s, need new cabinets, and no matter how much Draino I put down my bathroom sink, it’s still slow to drain. You’ve got nicer wood floors than my 10 year old carpet too!
    At least I pay my mortgage and am darn proud to call this place my own. Would rather live like I do anyday than be dependent upon the government to take care of my every need. Selfish b*tch!!!
    Sorry for the rant….just ticks me off that people can’t 1) be appreciative for what they have and 2) demand others give me, give me, give me. Learn to take care of yourself and be happy with what God gave you!

    • So true GF…was at the grocery store yesterday and saw mom/dad & 2 kids buying 2 gallons milk, 1/2 gallon organic milk, case of choco organic milk, & carton of eggs (on food stamp card). They paid cash for the box of choco chips cookies from bakery. What riled me up was the Nike Jordan tennis shoes the father was wearing. Priorities I guess….

  10. DCG ROCKS!!!! my sentiments exactly! this hag needs to move and take the tyrannical govt with her,before we just ship them all out.

  11. 1. How can they have a “drive up” line for the Section 8 housing give away? How do they have cars, if they can’t pay rent?
    The same reason why welfare recipients have free cell phones.
    2. Why are they all fat?
    Future historians will chronicle the 20th and 21st centuries as that remarkable time when, for the first time in human history, the poor were so poor that they managed to be well-fed, even fat. [snark]

    • Grouchy,
      I’m reminded of a scifi story (forgot who’s the author) about a big UFO landing on Earth. The aliens have arrived to collect their harvest — of plump fat humans — to bring back to their home planet as delicious snacks. [snark]

  12. Sage~
    It is kinda like the homeless person, who makes a career outa, standing on the side of the road, at the same stoplight day in and day out. He has a huge sign saying “hungry, will work for food”, while smoking a cigg. I want to roll down my window so bad and yell “if you are so dang broke then where the hell did the Black permanent Marker for your sign come from? B/c last week your sign was written in BLUE!”. Dumb, dumb, dumb…..

    • Miranda,
      Years ago when I was more innocent, I saw a woman panhandling in a street corner. I had just bought some cheese danishes. So I took one from the paper bag to give it to the woman. She turned her nose at it and wanted money instead. Only in America: The well-fed nit-picky poor.

  13. HAHAHAHA! Been there done that! My dad had a guy in Dallas tell him that he made at least 500 dollars a day! Ridiculous! I do not think God looks lightly on that kinda stuff!

  14. That is why we are all so, what do they say, “hard hearted”! I was furious when Obama quoted scripture to back up his welfare programs…Listen up Mr. Skippy….I DO GIVE TO THE UNFORTUNATE, I should be able to DECIDE who I GIVE TO! B/c the ones we help are truly IN NEED. Like the kids of the unemployed parents using their government aid to buy whatever the heck they want. My parents have had a 10 yr old little girl living with them for the last 5 yrs, b/c her mother comes and goes for months at a time, leaving the child alone. The child’s home does not have running water or electricity! But her mom gets government assistance, and when she does, she packs up and leaves! My parents have tried to become foster parents for her, but the State says her mom is a “fit” guardian. And ppl are crazy if they think her mother would ever give her up voluntarily. She will never give her up b/c the child is a dependent, meaning more free $ for the mother! It keeps my family torn up emotionally all the time b/c my parents cannot protect the little girl from her own mother! How do u explain that to a child……that you love her but you cannot protect her?

  15. The school called my mom 5 yrs ago and asked if they would help the child b/c she was not taken care of! The system literally disguised me! If ppl on the left really saw the damage it does to our children….well that is between them and the LORD. But the majority of children that the so called “system” pays for are suffering more than we will ever know!

  16. Liberals keep blacks as pets but scream “racism” if anybody questions their agenda.

  17. This “person” is emblematic of what the dependency class the democraps are fostering, creates. Voting for democraps is voting to subsidize more and more deadbeats. Hoax and change, Nobama-style. He ain’t the marxist food stamp president for nuthin’….it’s all coming out of working people’s wallets.

  18. Just fork the ignorant bitch.
    Given what I am currently dealing with, she can kiss my lily-white libertarian ass, and go straight to Hell, for all I care.
    And I do not give a rat’s ass (nor same’s left gonad, for that matter) who might find that offensive, either.

  19. I would suggest offering these leeches a free, ONE-WAY trip to China.


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