Woman Claims 13-Year Affair With Herman Cain

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Ginger White

More bimbo eruption for GOP presidential aspirant Herman Cain.
Dale Russell reports for Fox5 Atlanta, Nov. 28, 2011, that an Atlanta businesswoman, Ginger White, claims she has been involved in a 13-year-long affair with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.
White told Russell: “I’m not proud. I didn’t want to come out with this. I did not. It was pretty simple. It wasn’t complicated. I was aware that he was married. And I was also aware I was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship.”
Ginger White says she met Herman Cain in the late 90s in Louisville, Kentucky, when he gave a speech as president of the National Restaurant Association. She was impressed. They shared drinks afterwards and he invited her back to his hotel room.
“’I’d like to see you again,’” White said Cain told her. “’You are beautiful to me, and I would love for us to continue this friendship.’”
She says in his hotel room, he pulled out a calendar and invited her to meet him in Palm Springs. She accepted, and that’s how the affair began.
“He made it very intriguing,” White told FOX 5. “It was fun. It was something that took me away from my humdrum life at the time. And it was exciting.”
According to White, during the next 13 years, he would fly her to cities where he was speaking and he lavished her with gifts. They often stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead and dined at The Four Seasons restaurant. He never harassed her, never treated her poorly, and was the same man you see on the campaign trail.
“Very much the same, very much confident, very much sure of himself,” White said, describing Cain. “Very arrogant in a playful sometimes way. Very, ah — Herman Cain loves Herman Cain.”
When asked if the relationship is going on even now, White said, “I think it is safe to say that after this interview, that will be the end of it. Yes, we have a friendship now.”
She says the physical relationship ended about eight months ago, right before Cain announced he was running for president. But the communication did not. When asked for corroborating evidence, she pointed to her cell phone contacts, among which was the name: Herman Cain.
She showed Fox5 Atlanta some of her cell phone bills that included 61 phone calls or text messages to or from a number starting with 678, which she claims to be Cain’s private cell phone. The calls were made during four different months– calls or texts made as early as 4:26 in the early morning, and as late as 7:52 at night. The latest were in September of this year.
Fox5 Atlanta texted the number and Herman Cain called back. He said he “knew Ginger White” but said these are “more false allegations.” He said she had his number because he was “trying to help her financially.”
She says she planned on keeping the relationship a secret while Cain made his run for the White House until she and her family watched reports of different women who had accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment. She was bothered by the way Cain fought back, attacking the woman, including during an appearance on Late Show with David Letterman.
“It bothered me that they were being demonized, sort of, they were treated as if they were automatically lying, and the burden of proof was on them,” White said. “I felt bad for them.”
Someone who knew Ginger White had called Fox5 Atlanta and a number of other national media outlets with a tip about the affair. So White decided to go public: “I wanted to give my side, before it was thrown out there and made out to be something filthy. Some people will look at this and say that is exactly what it is. I’m sorry for that.”
Fox5 Atlanta checked into Ginger White’s background and found she filed a sexual harassment claim against an employer in 2001. That case was settled. White had also filed for bankruptcy nearly 23 years ago in Kentucky, and has a number of eviction notices in DeKalb County over the past six years, the most recent of which happened this month.
White says she is an unemployed single mom with two kids struggling to make ends meet.

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17 responses to “Woman Claims 13-Year Affair With Herman Cain

  1. Is this all true….? I don’t know I actually don’t even care at this point.
    I don’t know whatever happened to the previous gang of harridans and Gloria Allread after they basically destroyed Herman Cain’s momentum.
    Now the Republicans are going to destroy themselves bickering over who is more Conservative, and who is flip flopping more…Newt or Mitt. The rest of them, regardless of whomever staunch Conservatives endorse are not going to get the Republican nomination, especially if some fool runs as a third party candidate.
    Whatever faults any of the Republicans may or may not be cursed with, if the Republicans don’t pull themselves together we are going to be gifted with the Evil Curse of a second Obama term which will finish us all off and at the end of that the US will be completely broken and unrecognizable and, most likely, a huge province of China.
    If I were Rick Perry who still has lots of cash to throw around and no prayer of winning the endorsement, I would hire Larry Sinclair who seems at least as credible as Ginger and trumpet Obama’s downlow crawls through the underbelly of Chicago’s seedy Gay, drug using community, bring out Donald Young’s mother and whomever else can speak LOUDLY about Obama’s crimes and misdemeanors.
    This is all making me totally sick..the thought of that inept, grinning Fraud sullying the White House for four more years is more than I can bear.

  2. The Whistleblowers and evidence of The Resident Of The United States (ROTUS) being gay as well as being a corrupt Chicago druggy and fraud, make a much more powerful argument than the Cain bimbos out there but, of course, none of it will surface within the state controlled media. However, It is inconceivable that this gay Marxist monkey will not be ejected in 2012. INCONCEIVABLE!! Stay strong! The Republic WILL be returned to the people.

  3. And a Nigerian prince really does want to make me wealthy for helping him smuggle his embezzeled zillions to the Cayman Islands if I just pay him $200 first…

  4. Wow, I just don’t get it. Why oh why didn’t ANY of these accusations come out during his previous runs for public offices? The fact that all these women come out now is suspect to me.
    And if this White woman is so ashamed, why bring it p publicly so her kids now will be humiliated?

  5. Whoever is behind this smear campaign against Herman Cain is not just trying to destroy his candidacy, but trying to destroy Herman Cain.
    Notice yet another connection to the National Restaurant Association, her failed effort at trying to sue for sexual harassment ten years ago (where have we seen that before?), and a spate of eviction notices very recently.
    So, I’m supposed to believe that the Hermanator turned into a crazed sex maniac for three of this 40 years in business.
    What, did he fall into a vat of viagra or something?
    Yeah, right. I’m buying her story.
    -Right after I finish closing the deals on a couple of bridges and that tract of swampland down in Florida.

    • Dave,
      What gives Ginger White more credibility than the other bimbos is this:
      White showed Fox5 Atlanta some of her cell phone bills that included 61 phone calls or text messages to or from a number starting with 678, which she claims to be Cain’s private cell phone. The calls were made during four different months– calls or texts made as early as 4:26 in the early morning, and as late as 7:52 at night. The latest were in September of this year. Fox5 Atlanta texted the number and Herman Cain called back. He said he “knew Ginger White” but said these are “more false allegations.” He said she had his number because he was “trying to help her financially.”

      • Eowyn,
        “678” is an area code here, not a prefix code.
        I’m guessing at least half the numbers in her phone have the same 678 area code.
        So does my cell phone (you have the number), and many of the numbers stored within it.
        All this proves is they communicated by a cell phone at least twice.
        My best friend on this planet, who I have known since she was 17, and who happens to be married, text back and forth several times a day, and talk on average about once a week.
        She resides in Michigan, and there is nothing between us other than a 23 year friendship.
        Dale Russell is a reporter I actually respect, but he’s going to have to do better than that to convince me.
        I find it strange that every single one of his accusers have several common traits – starting with the NRA, financial issues, and similar histories of filing sexual harassment complaints.
        If Herman were a sexual predator in any sense, it would have shown up long before, as well as after, his tenure at the NRA.
        Why not when he was working for the DoD? Godfathers Pizza? Pillsbury? Burger King?
        He also served on the boards of Aquila, Inc., Nabisco, Reader’s Digest, and Whirlpool.
        Something about all this smells.

        • sage,
          It will be interesting to see how soon this unemployed “business woman” ends up with a job and a four bedroom house.
          I’m guessing by Friday.
          As an Atlanta resident who has been a fan of Herman Cain’s for years, I don’t see the man doing anything close to what he has been accused of.
          Of course, I could be wrong, but I doubt it. None of this even comes close to passing my smell test.
          What is more, this country is in its final throes of existence, and I hate to tell many of my conservative friends, but just merely defeating Obama will not be enough to rescue it.
          It’s going to take someone with the resolve of a Herman Cain to not just halt the slide, but more importantly, swiftly REVERSE is.
          Somebody out there doesn’t want that to happen.
          And I hate to say it, but neither Newt nor Romney have what it takes to accomplish either.

        • Dave,
          As you know, I have pointed out how suspect it is that all these bimbos — including the latest, Kimberly White — are all from the brief 3 years when Cain was president of the National Restaurant Association. That does make it most suspicious.
          But I also examine and analyze each new bimbo’s case. We have only Dale Russell’s account. White’s exchanges of cell-phone calls with Herman Cain should be looked into. Until that issue is clarified, I will keep my mind open.
          As for you and your best woman friend:
          1. Your friendship is a rarity.
          2. If you were married, I seriously doubt your wife would be happy about it. I’d be interested in what the female readers of FotM think about this.
          3. You are not a man in the white-hot glare of the public spotlight who aims to be President of the most powerful country on Earth. Herman Cain, however, is, and therefore should be more circumspect in his behavior, including exchanging phonecalls and text messages at odd hours of the day with a single woman who is not his personal assistant or working for his political campaign.

  6. I wonder how much she sold for???


  8. This last accusation is most damaging. Ginger is talking about a thirteen-year relationship with Cain. Her cellular telephone bills once analyzed, are clear documentary evidence, not just verbal accusations as has been pointed out by Dr. Eowyn. Of course, she admits her impropriety as well. Nevertheless, one must be open to reviewing the documentary evidence that will be presented and therefore, acquiring facts, not conjecture. The facts will arise and we must be open to the facts, and I hope they are not disappointing.
    As for Cain and his proclamation of his faith in Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour, this is indeed wonderful! However, as St. James tells us in Scripture, “Faith without works is dead.” Our faith, hope, love and trust in Jesus, Our Lord, is known and measured by our actions. Simply to verbally proclaim one’s belief is not enough!

  9. She did not admit to sexual harrassment. She admitted to an affair, that’s something totally different. So why did she disclose this information? She knew he was married. Why do some women air their “dirty laundry” like that?

    • Apparently someone else knew of the affair and was going to go public with it so she decided to do it first.
      Personally, still waiting for actual proof of an affair besides cell records. I’d like to see airline or hotel receipts, or hear a recording of conversation, etc. Something more concrete than her statement.

  10. Khalid Al Mansour

    Donald Young, Larry Sinclaire, Man’s Country, The Purple Hotel, Bill Frist, Kal Penn, Reggie Love, …


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