Feminist barred from pub for wearing t-shirt that says, “Woman: human female” after complaint it discriminates against transgender people

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Feeeeeeeeeeelings trumps scientific biological reality.

From Daily Mail: You might have thought it was the most innocuous item someone could wear: a simple black T-shirt bearing the dictionary definition of woman as ‘human female’.

But a young mother has been barred from her local pub after a complaint that the words discriminated against transgender people.

The unlikely new front line of the ongoing war between feminists and transgender campaigners is the snug Five Clouds Tap and Bottle in the historic market town of Macclesfield (England).

Rebekah Wershbale said she was ‘stunned’ when a barwoman at the pub informed her she was banned because of the definition.

Ms. Wershbale said: ‘She told me that the T-shirt I was wearing was upsetting people because it was transphobic and not inclusive so I was barred. What she meant was that I was somehow offending men who say they are women because my T-shirt did not include them in the definition of a woman. There aren’t even any transgender staff or patrons at the pub. It’s crackers.’

Ms. Wershbale is a supporter of feminist group Fair Play For Women, which opposed a Government’s consultation to reform the Gender Recognition Act (GRA).

This proposed legal change would allow people to self-identify as the gender they believe they are without any medical diagnosis. Feminists and transgender campaigners have been locked in an increasingly heated battle with leading feminists fearing the change will harm the safety and privacy of women.

Ms. Wershbale, a mother-of-one, had gone last Sunday with her girlfriend to play board games at the pub where she has been a regular for three years.

But the 34-year-old was surprised to be approached by a member of staff with a complaint. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened that evening, except when she spoke to another drinker at the pub, a gay man called Mika Johnson.

‘I sat down next to him and asked him how he was,’ Ms. Wershbale said. ‘He said, “I don’t want to talk to you to be honest – please leave me alone.” ‘So I said OK and left it.’

Thirty minutes later a member of the bar staff named Heather came to Ms. Wershbale’s table to tell her she was no longer welcome at the pub. ‘Heather said I’d been upsetting people and Mika was crying,’ Ms. Wershbale said.

‘She told me that the way I talk about radical feminism was a problem and said: “The T-shirt you’re wearing is upsetting and not inclusive.” I replied that it simply said the dictionary definition of being a woman – how can it be offensive?

She mumbled a bit about it being transphobic and that I had been transphobic previously. She then said I was barred and that she had been nominated by the other bar staff to come to tell me that.

‘I asked if she thought it was troubling that I was being removed from my own local because I was wearing a feminist T-shirt that had upset a gay man. But she just repeated I wasn’t being inclusive.

On the same day Mr. Johnson – the pub goer Ms. Wershbale had offended – took to Twitter to talk about his distress. He wrote: ‘When you’re trying to relax in your fave pub and there is a TERF [trans exclusionary radical feminist] wearing an anti-trans T-shirt… it’s disgusting and I’m so upset by it.’

The owner of Five Clouds Tap and Bottle Brewery Tom Lewis confirmed Ms. Wershbale had been ordered to leave after the complaint. But he said there had been a series of incidents where she had upset staff and customers by challenging them about their views on men identifying as female.

The manager of Five Clouds Tom Lewis said Ms. Wershbale is not permanently barred but she must ‘have a discussion with staff so she understands the situation’ before she is allowed back in.

Ms. Wershbale said the claims were ‘untrue’ and an attempt to smear her. She admitted that while at the Five Clouds she had promoted a feminist campaign by Fair Play For Women.

However, she insisted she was not transphobic and is only against the reform of the law because she believes it could put women’s safety at risk by allowing men who say they are female access to women-only spaces.

Read the whole story here.


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24 responses to “Feminist barred from pub for wearing t-shirt that says, “Woman: human female” after complaint it discriminates against transgender people

  1. You’d think such idiocy would eventually burn itself out but some people wear their ignorance as a badge of honor.
    Snowflakes are pitiful.

  2. The TERF was excluded for not being inclusive enough? Oh, the irony! Or is it hypocrisy? Or maybe just a terrible double-standard?

    Why aren’t trans-people accused of “cultural appropriation”? Now THERE’S a question for the ages.

    Happy New Year, all. May this year be slightly less crappy than the last.

  3. “But what of the chicken fu*ker’s? Nobody ever thinks of them”. Precisely “WHO” determines what’s “acceptable” with garbage like this? She should come back with a shirt that reads “If you’re a mindless drone, get the fu*k away from me”.

    Just how many “transpeople” (whatever THAT is) are there? What if we don’t like them? Don’t we have a right not to like them? What if I don’t want to “include” them?

    In general I don’t like perverts. You can’t make me like perverts. I guess I won’t be eligible to join the Demonrat party. What a shame!

    • Lophatt . . . . Bravo! Well said.

      When looking at the picture of Mr Johnson, and acknowledging the fact that he is definitely a melting snowflake . . . if England has to fight another war with the likes of him, it is a forgone conclusion that they will be on the losing side. I suppose they will beg the USA to save their bacon. Since they have shown that they ae certifiably nuts . . . not one drop of precious US blood should be shed in their defense. Time and time again, they display such goofy thinking! It is embarrassing that I have English blood running through my veins.

      • Auntie no offense meant to you. – He is not a he. he is a she. It’s an easy trap to fall into when you keep reading – he this – he that. I have to re-read stuff to make sure I’m not misinterpreting it. You can’t change DNA.

  4. Sooo thankful, grateful for those ancestors of mine who left that island.

  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Looks to me like the owners of this particular bar is looking for their ‘establishment’ to be identified as a faggot bar.

  6. Back in the days when I was a snowflake as a young boy, a good old-fashioned fistfight usually cleared these matters up, without resorting to calling the police or the news media. But nowadays, No: Feelings must rule.

    Now the First Amendment must take a back seat to some freak’s feelings.

    How does this (I will be polite!) MIND FREAK work? This is how it works: I think we’re old enough to remember when good decent people had relatively good sense and sensibility. Good old-fashioned people who basically minded their own business. Whenever any degenerate mentioned a taboo sexual thing or some outrageous political opinion, the good listener would be taken aback—you could see the other person draw back, with a look of shock upon his face. You could hear them audibly inhale! THIS was the MOMENT OF SHOCK.

    This still works today: The peddlers of political correctness are still able to extract this being taken aback from us, and as soon as we appear momentarily crippled, IN THEY MOVE.

    THIS is how they get away with it, and they know that because none of us decent people know how to deliver a good old-fashioned haymaker or a left hook! One religion specializes in this subversive move and has been carrying it out for centuries, and on the legal front they have many organizations that specialize in this kind of move, formost among them the ACLU, which has been doing this in the courts for over 100 years now. The pornographers and the entertainment industry caught on. Now almost every institution of government and public policy is in on the act.

    From all these little moves, we’ve arrived at the point where Civilization itself is about to collapse! Even the Catholic Church here in America is in on the act! But wait! There’s more! There’s also gaslighting and a whole bag of other P.C. tricks they pull, too! See how it works? Now drink your fluoride and breath your chemtrails!

  7. There are better places to get a drink, apparently. Why patronage a far left bigot’s establishment?

  8. She should get twenty or so of them made up and hand them out to man entering the pub. See if the bartender bars them.

  9. Rebekah is right about trans being all about demeaning what it means to be a woman, but she’d have fared worse at the hands of Catholic bishops than the thought police working at the pub from what I can tell. As for Mika, she’s obviously pathetic enough that I’d bet most pub goers would get upset if Rebekah hurt her feelings enough to make her cry. The enemy as far as I can tell aren’t the pathetic victims like Mika but the parasite within that manufactures opinion and such destructive behavior among the host society through ownership of entertainment, publishing, and the msm.

  10. It should be easy enough for everyone with some sense to boycott this pub. Then the owner can cater exclusively to transgender clientele. Or close his the business.

  11. If Austin Powers were real, he’d ask about Mika “That’s a man??”

    What a pooftah!

  12. I think we should just call ourselves and each other “its”. /sarc

    • I agree. It’s the least we can do. After all, we “OWE” these perverts for our white privilege or something. Forget about hundreds of years of cultural growth and development, we should all roll around naked on a hill and throw dirt in the air.

      There are some who will say and do anything to “belong”. It isn’t bad enough that they’re completely insane and have no self-worth, they want EVERYBODY to join them.

      Just compare her to “Bowtie, the Soy Boy”.

  13. I thought the entire tranny movement was a fight for people to be able to label themselves (in the face of reality, even). That’s all this woman did. Labeled herself. Why can trannies do it, but normal folks can’t!? LOL! Sheesh…Democrats…if it weren’t for double standards they’d have none at all.

  14. A bit confused here…exactly what kinda person would get laid at this bar and precisely what would they be laying? Not sure about the target demographic.

  15. After reading some opinions that were quickly denounced by some feminists, I’ve come to realize there is indeed a “patriarchy”, but it isn’t as advertised by the feminist cult, and it has no truly straight men in it, rather in truth it is a homosexualarchy that loathes women completely, and entirely, it is the same blight that helped to ruin greece, rome, egypt, and even the samurai class in japan. Is it any wonder it was a male homosexual who made the stink about this woman, and how is it the bar bent over backwards to throw her out, and accommodate the obviously ridiculous complaint?

    The supporting of feminism and transgenderism by this cult also makes sense given that by making feminists into the feminazi types they drive men away, those men can then be targeted by the homosexual cult, and those women so driven then may fall victim to the other side of the homosexual cult, the lesbian side. As for transgenderism, it ends up with everyone being homosexual, so to speak, doesn’t it? The surgeries and hormones taken leaves everyone homogenized, but the rectums are generally left alone, aren’t they? (Then there is the incidence of pedophilia in homosexuals vs in normal people, homosexuals are astronomically higher risk of pedophilia than normal/straight people. Have a look at this article from worldnetdaily back in 2002: https://www.wnd.com/2002/04/13722/ )

    Suffice it to say that this seems to be a taboo subject, but it does seem that corrupt sexual practice is widespread amongst the gnostic/satanists as well as secret societies (after all the bogomils who practiced homosexuality, from which the modern term “bugger” originated, were a gnostic cult). I had read elsewhere that misogynist used to be used of homosexual men, before the term homosexual was in wide circulation, I don’t know how true this is, however.


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