Woman asks strangers to send Christmas cards to her 85 y.o. mother

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Doreen Gilbert

Doreen Gilbert

MyFoxBoston reports, via MyFoxMemphis, Nov. 24, 2015, that an 85-year-old Canadian woman named Doreen Gilbert loves Christmas cards.
Her daughter, Jane Gilbert, explains that one of her mother’s favorite things during the holidays “is not the gifts or the food, it’s checking the mailbox every day to see if, by chance, there is a Christmas card for her.”
Sadly, the cards have dwindled over the years because many of Doreen’s friends and family members have passed on.
So, on Nov. 22, Jane posted a request on her Facebook page asking that friends and strangers consider taking the time to send her elderly mother a Christmas card: “If you can find it in your heart to send my Mum a card, even if you don’t personally know her, it would let her know that she is not forgotten.”
Jane Gilbert (r) and her husband (Source: Facebook)

Jane Gilbert (r) and her husband (Source: Facebook)

Doreen lives with her daughter in Toronto, Ontario. If you would like to send Doreen a card, here’s the address:

Mrs. Doreen Gilbert
Shoppers World Postal Outlet
3003 Danforth Avenue
P.O Box 93586
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4C 5R4

I can’t help but wonder how meaningful Christmas cards can be if they’re from strangers.

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0 responses to “Woman asks strangers to send Christmas cards to her 85 y.o. mother

  1. What a great idea! Since I already bought my Christmas cards for this year–so mine will be in the mail this weekend.

    • You have a kind heart, Auntie LL.

      • Apropos your wondering how meaningful such a card may be for Doreen Gilbert, it occurred to me that perhaps her mum is in a state where any such gesture is happily appreciated.
        I’ve a client whose mum is very strong physically, but has pretty much lost her ability to recall anyone in her family. She usually mistakes her son for her departed husband, for example,
        However, if one asks her to play the piano she easily sits before her baby grand, starts performing wonderfully well, and makes herself happy for as long as she does so. So I ask her to do this whenever I’m at her home, performing maintenance, and she has half an hour’s contentment.

  2. card sent…..and God bless her dear soul!
    and God bless you Dr. Eowyn for notifying us… 🙂

  3. Any card received will have meaning, no matter if it is from a stranger. Don’t underestimate the power of reaching out to someone.


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