WND: Twitter to pro-lifers: Don’t mention abortion

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Pro-lifers to Twitter:

You’re going to hell

Live Action told it would have to scrub its viewpoint on abortion

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey claimed in testimony before Congress just days ago, “We see that news and entertainment are actually byproducts of public conversation, and we see our role as helping to not only serve that public conversation so that everyone can benefit … but also to increase the health of that conversation.”

Except, apparently, when the viewpoint is pro-life…

Read more at https://www.wnd.com/2018/09/twitters-public-conversation-doesnt-include-pro-lifers/#QV4BlGcC6wO78fl4.99



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9 responses to “WND: Twitter to pro-lifers: Don’t mention abortion

  1. “We see that news and entertainment are actually byproducts of biased narratives, and we see our role as helping to promote liberal agendas so that progressives can benefit … but also to increase our selected agendas.”

    What Jack really meant to say…

    • Actually, it isn’t a “conversation” at all. It is a constant drive. It is simply conditioning. People need to disengage from all this.

  2. Use Gab instead of Twitter:


  3. This ongoing censorship is not just by Twitter, but by all of the so-called MSM sources. We see it done as a patchwork with differing and varying spots here and there, and fail to notice how pervasive it is in the overall compared to our previously proper-functioning society, but it is a patchwork system which leads to more and more of it from all of those communication controllers, until an overall net is cast and complete. The younger generations are already adapting to it as being somewhat “normal”.

    The goal is to completely close out your freedom to speak, to communicate, and to associate with whom you choose [That last part has already happened to some major extent, if you haven’t noticed]. The article linked further down below lays it out the plan, in “Alex Jones Was Only Phase 1 Of The PLAN – It Is Really About You And Me – Being Speechless.”

    The leaders of the group leading the charge to do that have historical (((experience))) and they know what it is they are doing, and each time it is a similar pattern utilized. It has been done in several places in the past [the Russian and Ukrainian holodomors are one example], and the speech control (and other measures, like restricted, under guard travels) caused bloodletting, slavery and absolute misery for those poor and defenseless people who were affected which lasted for years and years.

    Never let them do that to you, or to our people, or you will die, and it likely would not be the type of death for which you or any of those you love would want to have under the satanic methods which they utilize.

    “Alex Jones know the score and the gravity of his suffering, and he is telling his supporters to ‘never surrender’ after the tech giants removed his content, explaining that he’s being made a ‘sacrificial lamb’ for a wider attack on free speech.

    This is the bottom line, and I was just wondering what the environment for Conservative Christians will be like if we cannot speak freely? I am a very outgoing and verbal person, so I would cease to be me. I would become depressed and withdrawn, moving myself more into books…if they are not burned. I would stop writing, so I would pull away from the Internet.”


  4. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Today on “This Week”:
    Stephanopoulos does Papadopoulos. George on George. Gag. George comes complete with a new Russian bride. Papadopoulos, not Stephanopoulos…

    It’s all about driving views, getting money. Like Woodward’s new book.

    That’s why Twitter doesn’t remove DJT. He MAKES them what they are in terms of views and revenues. OTOH, the “little people” professing their 1st Amendment Rights to speak conservative views are just white noise to Twitter. So no problem in refusing them access for politically-incorrect views. Until & unless the government steps in to protect Constitutional Rights. But IMHO, those Congressional hearings didn’t press Dorsey/Twitter enough. They just accepted his pabulum, ignoring actual actions in favor of rhetoric.

  5. Michael J. Garrison

    We have gone from “In God We Trust” to “In God’s Face We Spit.”

    • Michael, I totally agree. Our country is in a stark battle of good vs evil, and it’s playing out right in front of our eyes. I think it’s important we not act as spectators, but say to these wicked tech companies, “Not with my help!”


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