Madsen: Gulf Oil Biggest Cover-up in US History

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Wash. DC-based investigative reporter and former US Naval officer Wayne Madsen is in the Gulf coast to see for himself the BP oil disaster.
The following is my summary of Madsen’s first report from the Gulf, New Orleans Special Report: The Gulf Oil Disaster Truth,” available for Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) subscribers only. Please consider subscribing to WMR by clicking HERE
To begin with, Madsen claims that there is a massive cover-up of the truth about the oil disaster:

  • Everyone he spoke with along the Gulf coast– environmentalists, wildlife specialists, fishermen, businessmen — says BP is “strangling the news of what is actually occurring in the Gulf of Mexico with the oil disaster.”
  • BP has also “co-opted key federal regulatory and oversight agencies to advance its agenda and that of its oil partners, including Halliburton, Anadarko, and Transocean.”
  • A number of local TV reporters who are “embedded” with Coast Guard units are “accentuating” BP’s disinformation campaign.
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is also accused by many local environmentalists and fishermen of being complicit in the cover-up of bad news. Fishermen interviewed by Madsen said NOAA’s report claiming that tests of 600 fish caught in waters “near the edge of the oil” have proven negative for chemical toxins is “ludicrous” because there’s no fish in the waters in the oil zone or near it. Gone from the waters of the Gulf off Louisiana are grouper, snapper, amberjack, tuna, and even the small colorful blenny, which normally feeds at oil rig pylons in the Gulf.

Obama’s national incident commander and former Coast Guard commander Thad Allen is “the most hated individual in the Gulf” because he is seen as being too close to BP. Reportedly, long before the Deepwater Horizon explosion on April 20, Allen had discussed future employment at a senior level with BP.
Gulf coast locals are very critical of BP’s operation:

  • BP is overly-dependent on deepwater oil skimmer boats and refuses to use skimmers that can operate in shallower waters of 1.5 to 2 feet.
  • BP is not using fishermen with experience in rescuing sea turtles enmeshed in fishing nets, but threatening them with arrest if they touch an endangered turtle.
  • Most of the 3,000 fishermen idled by the oil disaster have not been hired by BP. Instead, BP has hired an army of contractors and sub-contractors.
  • BP has hired the same firm that performed air quality monitoring in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina’s Murphy oil spill in Chalmette to perform monitoring for the current oil disaster, The firm has been called a “proven liar” in both incidents by environmentalists and emergency planners.
  • BP clean-up workers have been found dumping tar balls from the water and beaches in land fills in Mississippi and St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. The oil from the sludge is seeping into the local water tables. 

Some of Madsen’s personal observations:

  • While driving to Venice, he noticed “a large number of seafood distributors and restaurants that were shuttered.”
  • Madsen also began to experience burning and watering eyes, a condition that lasted hours after returning to the west bank of New Orleans.
  • As reported elsewhere, Madsen confirms that BP clean-up workers are not permitted to wear respirators. Many are becoming sick, even coughing up blood.

On the condition of the Gulf waters:
Madsen describes the waters as “a hydrocarbon soup of dispersed oil bubbles that is translucent black in color.” Fishing boat owners whose boats have been used for clean-up efforts are suffering fiberglass hull damage from hydrocarbon penetration. Although BP has informed the owners that their boats will have to be destroyed afterwards and their hulls ground up, including even boats not being used for clean-up, there is no assurance that BP will compensate the owners.
Madsen confirms previous reports of BP’s nighttime spraying:
“A reputable source” told Madsen that BP has been engaged in night time spraying of a bleaching agent on Louisiana beaches to make it appear that the beaches are being cleaned up. The planes, which fly at night, disregard flight regulations by flying with their lights out. The operations have been approved by the Coast Guard and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Madsen confirms previous reports by scientists that the Gulf’s sea bed is damaged:
“NOAA is reportedly sitting on bathymetric maps of the Gulf sea floor that shows a massive fissure on the sea floor that is located 7 miles from the Deepwater Horizon site. The fissure is leaking 120,000 gallons of crude a day, along with methane gas.”
Impact of oil disaster on marine life:

  • The Corexit-dispersed oil has seeped under booms set up to protect Lake Ponchartrain, which lies north of New Orleans. Dead fish and tar balls have now turned up in the lake.
  • Further out in the Gulf and along sensitive refuges like Elmer’s Island, massive fish kills are being reported by local residents. The Coast Guard and BP have established a no-fly zone over Elmer’s Island, a major bird sanctuary.
  • Local fishermen said that nurseries in the Gulf, responsible for producing 40% of America’s seafood, are being destroyed by the oil and the chemical soup created by the mixing of oil dispersant Corexit 9500. Corexit is breaking down the crude oil into small oil bubbles and a watery oil mixture that is seeping under the booms set up to protect sensitive fish nurseries, oyster beds, and other pristine areas. Many Atlantic fish species also spawn in the Gulf and they are also threatened by the oil disaster.
  • Even barnacles, one of the most resistant sea creatures to extreme situations, are dying in vast numbers, along with sponges and coral.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not doing its job:

  • The EPA stood by as federal incident commanders ordered home wildlife rescue workers from Texas and other states. One group that was told to pack its bags was the non-profit Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc. from Texas, which has 20 years of experience in handling animal rescues from oil spills. BP hired the O’Brien Group, a subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as its wildlife rescue coordinator. Local environmentalists view O’Brien as a shill for BP.
  • The EPA is also not making known air quality reports and the effects of the oil dispersant Corexit 9500.

Gulf air and water are dangerously contaminated:

  • An air quality reports from Venice showed that on May 7, hydrogen sulfide in the air was measured at 1192 parts per billion. Five parts per billion is considered hazardous to human health.
  • The same report also showed that benzene levels in the air were measured at 5000 parts per billion, again in the health danger zone.
  • Propylene glycol, a major component in Corexit 9500, is being measured in Gulf waters at 150 times its lethal concentration.

Madsen says that the "closure" is really a major joint BP-Coast Guard Corexit operation.

The one major hotel in Venice has been commandeered by Coast Guard personnel. CG trailers are set up in the hotel's parking lot.


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0 responses to “Madsen: Gulf Oil Biggest Cover-up in US History

  1. As per my May 20th article at, The Ultimate Meaning Of The BP Gulf Blow Out, ” I follow the Gulf Oil Louisiana Blow-out [GLOB] on our CBC, waiting for the lies to stop and the truth to start, as it must, in spite of The Powers That Be [TPTB] who want it all to go away. But it won’t, not now, and not ever.”
    “In spite of all the inane assurances uttered by TPTB –as if giving voice to this immense wounding of the Creation could somehow heal the fatalities so profitably inflicted on an entire planet!– the ultimate truth is that we alone made this insanity.
    The fact is we’re now face to face with the Three Laws of Thermodynamics [TLT] in a special sense. Firstly, we’ve met a force of Nature [i.e., the Creation], so much greater than us that it is no more possible for us to control it as for us to control any one of the TLT. I see this oily venting going on as long as it takes to come to equilibrium in its depths, and there’s nothing that mere humans can do. Real life isn’t a Hollywood sci-fi movie where we always triumph. ”
    As I later wrote in an email to Jeff, this is not a spill, it’s an oil volcano, and humans have never successfully capped a volcano. And it’s quite possible that a cap will cause the pressure to be relieved in the next weakest point, or further rupture the casing in the present bore.
    There’s still time to start a food garden, folks, and dig in for the long haul. Think about it.

  2. Meanwhile, Lebron James is going to Miami! But seriously, if even 10% of this article turns out to be true, God help us!

  3. Jennifer Sinclair

    Guess what, guys, we live in St. Tammany Parish, on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain. Guess we’re in big trouble here. Pray for us, please.

  4. Thank you Eowyn for your comment on my site. I have moved from that apartment but the damage can be done quite quickly and get worse over time. The criminals all involved still expose people to their toxic hell holes but as more and more read about them and the deceit behind this issue, and that includes the government, the harder it will be to cover it all up. I thought the government’s involvement in the cover up of the issue I blog about was bad enough, but our government’s obvious role in this BP Oil Disaster and the exposures to toxins is almost beyond comprehension. The government has been purchased by corporations and they are not going to protect citizens. If the EPA or any other government agency says something is safe, assume it might not be. This post is so good showing the truth about what is happening I hope you don’t mind I reposted on my site giving all credit of course. Great site here! Katy @

    • Dear Katy,
      I’m so glad you’re out of that mold-infested apartment.
      You are most welcome to use whatever that’s on the Fellowship for your blog! We need to band together against the corrupt powers and principalities.
      Great blog, Katy’s Exposure. 😉

  5. Cheryl Thomson

    Here’s a helpful summary – a case for the prosecution of TPTB. Evidently, the NWO has portable guillotines in storage, as well as those transport vans… Maybe they are INSIDE the transport vans.
    But I think the guillotines might be useful. It just depends whose heads get rolled.
    Copy-Paste-Distribute INFO BELOW:
    (Categorized facts)
    – First, consider the ‘coincidences’ of these financial transactions before the event:
    1. BP knew about the cracks in the drill casing 2 weeks before (direct witness testimony).
    2. BP sells half its own stock before the explosion (public record).
    2. BP CEO Hayward sells over a million in his own personal stock a few weeks before the explosion (public record).
    3. Goldman Sachs sold 44% of their BP oil holdings in the 1Q 2010, earning 266 Million on the Sale (public record).
    4. Halliburton (former CEO, Dick Cheney) buys ‘Boots n Coots’ (an oil spill cleanup company!) 11 days before it happens (public record).
    5. Nalco, maker of Corexit, the toxic chemical being sprayed by BP has controlling interests co-owned by Al Gore, George Soros, Barack Obama and others (public record).
    – BP sealed off the area from all outside access – and instituted a complete media blackout ((Why? – only those that have something to hide do their deeds in secret):
    1. BP hires Goons, UN Troops and Gulf Police to patrol the waters and coastline, forcing a ‘lockdown’ and blackout on any public scrutiny, under threat of arrest. (Why?)
    2. Reporters and anyone caught talking to reporters is threatened with immediate arrest. Coastal residents are in a state of fear, not from the oil, but from BP Goons.(Why?)
    3. The entire area is decreed a ‘no-fly zone’. (Why?)
    4. BP has full control of all released data. No independent scientists or other professionals are allowed access to data that is not first ‘filtered’ through BP. (Why?)
    – not only is toxicity pouring into the gulf from the undersea volcano, but the BP is deliberately spraying the highly toxic Corexit into the air and over populated areas. Hurricane season is coming up, destined to carry the poisonous gases inland over the eastern US.
    1. This is not only an oil spill, they hit a volatile volcano, emitting toxic poisons (4) benzene, methane, and others into the water and the air. The levels of these poisons are now up to 3,000 times more toxic than EPA’s ‘safe levels’.
    2. BP is using toxic chemicals to ‘clean-up’ Corexit made by Nalco to ariel spray over the oil. This poison contains mercury and arsenic. It is far more toxic and less effective than any of the other oil disperssants that could have been used. (why would they use this when there are safer and less harmful alternatives ?)
    3. Gov’t tells BP to quit spraying and but they continue anyway. (Why?)
    4. Cleanup workers are getting sick and dying – BP offered no protection for any of these workers cleaning and helping. Workers requests for respirators are denied by BP. (Why?)
    – it is not just pollution from the oil that is the greatest threat:
    1. An eruption of this undersea volcano will result in a tsunami, caused by superheated steam, estimated by scientists to be up to 80-200 feet high – effectively wiping out anything in its path up to 200 miles inland – this includes most of the state Florida, the highest point of which is only 60 ft above sea level.
    2. A Bubble of High Pressure Steam is emerging at the point of drilling. The pressure under this bubble is building continually. This could result in a huge erruption unless the pressure is somehow eased. “Satellite imagery withheld by the Obama administration shows that ‘under the gaping chasm spewing oil at an ever-alarming rate is a cavern estimated to be around the size of Mount Everest’. This information, he says, has been given an almost national security-level classification to keep it from the public.” (Wayne Madsen Reports)
    3. The gulf stream will eventually take the oil into the ocean along the east coast over to Europe, there’s is no stopping this. (this is happening now, the oil has travelled up as far as North Carolina).
    – Two months after the event and subsequent ‘clean-up,’ we see:
    1. Birds falling dead out of the sky.
    2. Animals picked up on shore dead in mass accumulation.
    3. People living along the coast getting sick, vomiting, and the air smells like oil.
    4. Crops are dying inland of the coast. Farmers are reporting plants covered with white and yellow spots and acres upon acres rotting vegetation.
    5. It’s now raining oil on various communities along the coast.
    6. Once beautiful white-sand beaches in Pensacola Florida are now covered with an ugly black toxic sludge (see photo above).
    7. There is NOTHING being done that is slowing or stopping the pollution. In fact, BP has accelerated the problems by poisoning the air with chemicals.
    – The President seems curiously unconcerned:
    1. President Obama has TURNED-DOWN several attempts by experts and professionals from other nations to help solve this problem. (Why?)
    2. Obama has been down there with a bus load of his own people, (not real coastline people) and tells us everything is okay, that when they are done with their ‘cleanup’ the gulf will be better than before when they are done, and then sends down 17,000 national guard. Does anyone out there actually still beLIEve this pathological liar? (Why?)
    3. 4,000 white transport vehicles are transported to an empty airfield near Jacksonville, FL, and lie waiting for the eventual evacuation. They’ve been there long before ‘the event’. It is obvious, someone’s been planning a scenareo like this for some time.
    4. Federal govt is readying FEMA camps, bought up blocks of hotel rooms, will use post offices and military bases to evacuate. There are now over 800 FEMA (concentration camps) in the United States, many of them outfitted with modern guillotines and gas chambers. Don’t believe it? Its true. They’ve been systematically building them for the last 25 years.
    *** TPTB won’t allow all the TV preachers they have bribed for years to teach anything about what the Bible really says***
    THE BOOK OF REVELATION 11:18 reads:
    “And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come…that they should be judged, and that they shouldest… DESTROY THEM WHICH DESTROY THE EARTH.”
    – The Occult Date Game:
    1. The event occurred on April 20th, Adolf Hitler’s Birthday – This is the same date as 3 other manipulated events within the last two decades, including: the Ruby Ridge Massacre, the Oklahoma City Bombing False Flag, and the Columbine Massacre. Does anyone out there really think this is just ‘an odd coincidence?’
    2. It is a fact that the controlling global elite operate through black magic and dark occult practices to preserve and expand their positions of power. April 19-20 has long been identified as one of their black power dates.
    – This is an event of such long range devastating impact on the environment and all life on this planet that there may be no way for mankind to stop or reverse it’s consequences. We will have to wait and see, but it appears that the forces this ignited are way beyond anything man can do to mitigate it. It seems our global karma is now in our face, to the point where we cannot ignore it any longer. What makes it even most heinous is that fact that there is much to indicate it was a planned, ‘staged’ false-flag event with foreknowledge and orchestration by those who are now reaping profit and greater consolidation of power as a result of the disaster (Much like Larry Silverstein’s lucrative insurance policy taken out of the World Trade Center shortly before their demolition).
    This is a manipulated event and not just an ‘accident’ – But, why would someone want to do this? There are lots of reasons, and to understand events on the global scale, one simply has to ask ‘who benefits’?
    So, when we ask that question, we must conclude –
    1) Barack Obama – now has the perfect situation in which he intends to force his planned Cap and Trade tax down on the America’s people. This will further tie a weight around the neck of America’s taxpayers, who are already going under, losing their homes by the millions and forming ‘tent cities’ all over the country. Unless people ‘wake up’ to the reality of what is really happening and demand REAL CHANGE, it will mean the final death blow to the nation. Broke, demoralized, suffering ill-health and disempowered – the people of the United States will be reorganized into the emerging global totalitarian government which has long been planned and to which we have been marching towards, step by step, for several decades.
    2) Corporations – there’s lot of money to be made from the destruction and death caused by wars and disasters. (Just ask Dick Cheney.)
    3) Those who promote Population Control – clearly, the geographic location of this event is no accident, (as was Katrina was no accident). The communities along the Gulf of Mexico has a high percentage of people either living on welfare or social security, and are predominantly afro-american and the retired elderly. These economic and racial groups are prime targets for population reduction as has been publicly stated as the one of the highest priorities for those pushing the Globalist NWO agenda… (Kissinger’s ‘useless eaters’).
    4) The New World Order Agenda – In President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahl Emmanuel’s own words, ‘Nothing like a good disaster goes to waste.” He must be delighted about the this event. The reason he says that is because it has worked throughout history. Both planned and manipulated ‘false flag’ events and other disasters have been seized upon by the powers that be as an opportunity to put their own agenda forward, that was not possible in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. These agendas include instituting Martial Law, greater government control, and a totalitarian police-state. Just look at what followed 9/11. This is exactly what is shaping up here, again. You would have to be blind or have your head totally in the sand not to see it. Fearis used as the primary tool of compliance to the agenda. Clearly, the American Empire has been systematically hi-jacked by a psychopathic intelligence. It is rule by corporations, and the soulless corporations are poised to run the world, for the profit of their stockholders.
    Thank You
    (Edited: Thomson – eternalu.wordpress)

    • Many thanks for this very useful summary.
      Cheryl Thompson is absolutely right: the ‘coincidences’ are too many and too closely tied to be merely coincidental. The laws of probability aren’t in the same state of denial as the sheeple are.
      Those of you who read science fiction may recall John Brunner’s “The Sheep Look Up”, a fine novel set in our era [he wrote it more than thirty years ago]; it now reads as our headlines do today.
      My long-time friends in St Petersburg, Florida decided to stay and await their end; at their age, evacuation holds no promise of any better future.

    • I read last night that all the vans are gone! Where’d they go? Does anybody know?


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