Witness to Breitbart's death found

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Joe Kovacs reports for WND today that Los Angeles private investigator Paul Huebl has located Christopher Lasseter, the witness to Andrew Breitbart’s death last March 1.
Days before his sudden death, Breitbart had vowed he and his media organization, Breitbart.com, would do the vetting of Barack Obama which the MSM had failed to do in 2008. More than that, Breitbart said he had “damaging” information on Obama’s past associations, especially with Bill Ayers.
Here’s Huebl interviewing Lasseter:

That’s interesting — that Lasseter saw a band of white blanched skin along Breitbart’s hairline, and that Breitbart’s face was bright red.
There’s more information on Huebl’s site. Click here.
Meanwhile, Kovacs also reports that both L.A. law enforcement and the Coroners Office are denying that criminalist (forensic technician) Michael Cormier, who died of suspected arsenic poisoning on the same day as the Coroner issued its final autopsy report on Breitbart, had anything to do with the Breitbart case:

“Det. Rich Wheeler, a homicide supervisor with the Los Angeles Police Department, told WND that Cormier had no connection whatsoever to the investigation into Breitbart’s death.

“No. As far as I know, none,” Wheeler said.

His comment is confirmed by Ed Winter, assistant chief of operations and Cormier’s colleague at the coroner’s office.

“Mr. Cormier was not the attendant on Mr. Breitbart’s case, nor did he do any of the handling nor any of the investigation,” Winter told WND.”


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0 responses to “Witness to Breitbart's death found

  1. Arsenic poisoning has been the historical way of assassination for 500 years, this is not an accident by a long shot. Cover up? Absolutely.
    (Michael Cormier, had suddenly died from suspected arsenic poisoning)

  2. I am ready to believe there was no foul play…
    but not yet.

    • Some of the comments on P.I. Huebl’s site say the face of someone having a heart attack is white-greyish, instead of Breitbart’s bright red. Any FOTM reader out there with medical knowledge of what “bright red face” and “band of white blanched skin around hairline” signify?

      • I will ask Doc tonight. I told him this morning about Breitbart’s red face instead of blue from a heart attack–he just shook his head, frowning. That said, it was quite early, and he was on his way to the hospital so I got little conversation.

      • edward oleander

        When I’m not testing your patience as a gadfly, I’m a nurse with a strong background in 1st Aid. Heart attacks can indeed turn the skin red, and can drop the victim quickly. My own father had only enough time to say “Oh my god,” before he collapsed from a heart attack, and paramedics reported he was red-skinned upon their arrival. My mother was grey-skinned during hers (which she survived thankfully), but that is not universal. I am unaware of any external poison that could kill so quickly without external symptoms beforehand. Convulsions occur in cyanide or arsenic poisoning for example. Arsenic also has other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, confusion, dizziness, explosive bloody diarrhea, shortness of breath, and headache. In most cases, you can choose a poison that acts quickly, or one that acts stealthily, but the two don’t go together. Only a few inhaled substances can produce rapid, and more or less symptom-free unconsciousness, but delivery to a victim on the street in sufficient concentrations is nearly impossible. Carbon Monoxide could do it, but you basically have to put your mouth around the exhaust pipe of a pre-1974 car to pass out within a few breaths…
        Some drug overdoses and/or allergic reactions can drive the body into forms of shock that can bring on near-instant unconsciousness, but only after the substance has been in the body long enough to produce the system damage that leads to shock. Again, symptoms are almost always present, even if unrecognized by the victim until too late, and usually readily apparent to observers (“He was acting strange…”)
        The lightened skin could have a couple explanations. One is simply man-tan, which is usually not applied onto the hairy parts of the head. You can see this “man-tan” line on many, many actors and news anchors on TV… A possible medical explanation is that the skin which contains the larger hair follicles (on the head and pubic regions) does not have the concentration of capillaries that most of your skin has. When capillaries expand, we see a reddening of skin. The contrast between areas of high-capillary concentration and low concentration is very evident when reddening occurs. Notice that when someone blushes, the blush rarely (or maybe just barely) penetrates the head or pubic hair regions. Hence, the victim of a stroke or massive coronary might be seen to have a line of much lighter skin along the hairline.

  3. Honestly, I don’t know what to believe about anything anymore.

  4. Agree with Dave. I hear and read so much these days, it’s hard to know what to believe. Confusing times we live in…….

  5. Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    An Eyewitness Speaks Out About Andrew Breitbart’s Death Scene.

  6. The guy said Andrew was walking ok, and just fell like a sack of bricks. I would think that not walking normally, gasping for breath and grabbing one’s chest would be indicative of a heart attack. Does anyone here know? I would really appreciate an answer… I really miss him…
    Breitbart is here!

  7. I talked with my husband, and he is somewhat baffled by the red face. Coronaries usually produce cyanosis, blueness of the face and lips. His only thought was cyanide, which causes intense redness. Carbon onoxide poisoning also causes redness, but that is not applicable in this situation.

    • Thanks, DW! Did you ask hubby about the line of white blanched skin along Breitbart’s hairline?

      • Eowyn–no idea at all. Going to look it up tomorrow in some of his medical texts, which are in the office. Will keep y’all posted.

        • Thanks so much Doc’s Wife…

        • edward oleander

          Hi DW,
          Can you ask Doc if he knows of anything soluble in wine that might raise the blood pressure to massive stroke levels w/out causing headaches or other external symptoms (except the red skin)? My google-fu has failed me… I’m prolly off in James Bond Land here, but it was a thought…
          I’m CERTAIN our President would never have an American citizen assassinated… oh, wait… 😉

  8. Please let us know about the white band.

  9. Witnesses say that Andrew consumed some wine while socializing at the bar. Could something have been slipped into his wine that could have caused this reaction?

  10. Andrew Made alot of enemies because of his outspoken views not that this is a bad thing but he was silenced in a common way by the use of cyanide sprayed into him by a passerby , I know this because i was told by a friend who is in one of the institutions assigned to protection of VIPs


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