Witch population doubles as millennials cast off Christianity

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Satanists at Trump inauguration protest, DC

From NY Post: If you were interested in witchcraft in 1692, you probably would have been jailed or burned at the stake. If you’re interested in witchcraft in 2018, you are probably an Instagram influencer.

From crystal subscription boxes to astrologist-created lip balm, the metaphysical has gone mainstream. Millennials today know more about chakras than your kooky New Age aunt. That’s why it’s no surprise that the generation that is blamed for killing everything is actually bringing popularity to centuries-old practices.

According to the Pew Research Center, about 1.5 million Americans identify as Wiccan or pagan. A decade ago, that number was closer to 700,000. Presbyterians, by comparison, have about 1.4 million votaries.

So why has witch popularity doubled? Perhaps it’s because millennials were raised on Harry Potter? Or maybe it’s because of the rise in popularity of yoga and meditation, researchers suggest.

Regardless, millennials have embraced astrology and the supernatural, even if they aren’t quite sure why. In fact, Stella Bugbee, editor-in-chief and president of the Cut, told the Atlantic that their horoscope content traffic increased 150 percent from 2016 to 2017.

In the same article, Lucie Greene, worldwide director of J. Walter Thompson’s innovation group, which looks at cultural trends, said that over the past few years, New Age practices have “very much geared toward a millennial and young Gen X quotient.”

It’s important to note, however, that while most Wiccans are pagans, all pagans are not necessarily Wiccans. All “witches” also aren’t necessarily “Wiccan.” Confused? Us too.

“Pagan” is an umbrella term that includes a number of different spiritual beliefs, often lumped in with “primitive beliefs,” which was used to describe people from rural areas who had not adopted Christianity. “Wicca” is a religion that “affirms the existence of supernatural power,” according to Merriam-Webster. The term “Wiccan” didn’t enter the mainstream until the late 1950s.

Meanwhile, social media has made it easy for witches of all kinds to bring their practices out into the light, because let’s face it, shiny things like crystals make prime social content.

Influencers like Hoodwitch bring “everyday magic for the modern mystic” to your Instagram feed daily. Moreover, there are more than 2 million posts on the app with the hashtag #witchesofinstagram. Still, it’s not just millennials embracing technology to spread the sorcery. Laurie Cabot, the “Original Witch of Salem,” shares daily spells and insight on Twitter. Cabot was bestowed that title by the then-governor of Massachusetts, Michael Dukakis, in 1977.

Now, it’s not clear if today’s witches are actually practicing spells (they are, see below) and attending new moon meditations or if they’re just capitalist crones scooping up all the witch kitsch. Regardless, it all looks good on Instagram, and when it comes to millennials, that’s the whole point.

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11 responses to “Witch population doubles as millennials cast off Christianity

  1. Hellywood and pop culture have much to be blamed, but the Millennials’ parents too are responsible. But then I doubt if those parents themselves are Christians.

    America as a country needs to be exorcized. But then the Catholic Church did perform an exorcism on the country of Mexico in 2015, to no apparent effect.


  2. My coworker and her teen children got heavily into paganism and Wicca. I’m not sure what they were dong, but they all had a very scary energy around them. Her teen son became emotionally erratic and sadly, committed suicide. I truly believe, even based on personal experience with New Age when I was younger, these practices make people subject to madness and losss of Gods protection. These millennials sadly have no clue of the dangerous waters they are entering.

  3. Sad to think these uneducated want to fit in somewhere so bad, they will follow even the evil. I doubt few were ever church goers and probably not many were young leaders at school. They just don’t fit in. Would any of us want someone so deranged and vile in our lives? I doubt few even understand the ramifications they are bringing into their life. Many could be called losers.

  4. There were some kids a couple of towns over from me playing at trying to be witches etc…. They bit off more than they could handle… A couple of them killed themselves and at least one more is in an institution…. Be careful with what you wish for….

  5. There are recently a group of these in the little town where I live. I first noticed them about six months ago. They are seen walking everywhere. They look to range in age from their forties to twenties. They dress similar to the above picture. Their clothes are clearly hand made and somewhat “Gothic” but not like that fad, exactly.

    They look like they were “teleported” down from somewhere. They are always in a group of from two to about twelve. I have no idea where they come from but I see them all over the place. They are always on foot. There seems to be an older “couple” with a dog as the leaders.

    The dress is somewhat “Medieval”. All in black with a little white thrown in. Very long coats, almost touching the ground.

  6. I doubt seriously that any of this is by “accident”. Obviously Christianity is under renewed attack and this is one result. First we know that this generation is particularly fond of being joiners. They are NOT thinkers.

    They ARE self-serving. That makes them perfect fodder for schemes like this. They are too “smart” for the Christian God. This way they can be their “OWN” “god”. If they want a world with 34 “genders”, they can have one. If they want to diddle little kids and farm animals, they just write it into the lectionary.

  7. I’m inclined to believe many of these who say they’re practicing Witchcraft are only “dabbling” in it,weekend warriors,so to speak,and aren’t jumping in completely. I have to say,though,back in my 20’s I dated a woman who WAS into the occult,and I saw things that frightened me quite badly-things there’s no other way to explain. I believe she put a hex on me,or something,when I left. I don’t know of another way to explain it. Everything that was good,healthy or bright in my life went completely sour. I was always lucky and though I wasn’t rich,I always had enough money and resources to live a fairly comfortable life. But after we split up,EVERYTHING went bad;my health got worse,every vehicle I had (and there were a LOT of ’em) failed,and not it the typical problems,weird stuff like a dashboard fire,wheels falling off (Two,on the same truck,which hadn’t given me a problem in the 4 years I’d driven it),the GAS pedal actually breaking in half. (All on different cars and trucks-there are more examples…) The breaker box in my home caught fire. My well pump stopped working. Everything in my yard that was growing just fine died in a month. Jobs became impossible to find,I couldn’t sell anything to make my house payments (I couldn’t even GIVE anything away.) It felt,and actually WAS like everything I touched went bad. I went through several years of this,sometimes not as bad,sometimes significantly WORSE (Not sure when it actually started,I was concentrating on fixing the problem of the day but didn’t yet see the pattern forming.) then one day it was like a switch was thrown,and I got the job I’d applied for,the truck I was driving which ran horribly but DID start reliably,backfired once and suddenly ran GREAT. Got a refund check for something I’d returned so far back I’d forgotten all about it. The produce I bought for my meals suddenly would last for DAYS in the fridge,instead of hours. I’m sure I could offer up rational explanations for almost everything that had gone wrong, but I’m still stuck by ALL these things happening out of the blue in such short succession. I guess,though,you just have to live it to believe it. I GUESS I could call it just a coincidence,but,come on,NOT when they start adding up to two or more per DAY. Anyway,I’m in a MUCH better place now,and as a matter of fact,I saw my ex girlfriend at the Ford dealer about 17 years ago,outside of the silver in her hair she hadn’t aged a day. (How does THAT happen?) Still,though our seeing each other was cordial,the memories of things I’d seen and experienced back then made it hard to be anything but necessarily polite. NOT a fan of Witchcraft.

    • Interesting. I’ve already told my story about meeting two in high school. Both could read minds, literally and completely. They didn’t “dabble” they were immersed in it. I thought one of them was lovely. I got as far away from her as I could and never looked back.

      It sounds like your experience was more lasting and involved. With these two I always got the sensation that they were planning to have me for dinner, literally.

  8. A sizable chunk of the blame I think comes from two places 1. the media (print as well as broadcast) & entertainment industries glorified “wicca” left right and center wherever they could, but particularly in the late 90’s to the 2000’s, on whose orders, however, I don’t know. 2. the internet, which was also widely popularizing the stuff across the bulletin boards in the “religion” sections. (things like “zoklet” and “the temple of the screaming electron” had such sections, often filled with witchcraft & gnostic filth.) However there was a demographic from the ’60’s on up that popularized the stuff, and passed it on as part of their feminism etc. garbage… it is likely further popular given that “wicca” has sex rituals as part of it’s practice, typically, though not exclusively. (nudity/being skyclad, the “great rite” being either symbolic of, or in some cases outright possession-based sex between the head priest and priestess, the athame/dagger or sometimes staff/sword, and cup being representations of the male reproductive organ and the female reproductive organ respectively, sex being used to “power” spells, etc.)

    You won’t find an entry for “wicca” prior to the 1950’s really, because gerald gardner, a fanboy & friend of aleister crowley, cooked it up, combining occult false doctrine from a few organizations (such as the rosicrucian, freemason, hermetic order of the golden dawn, and other “esoteric order” cults) as well as using crowley’s ideas & concepts, roughly about the same time as ron hubbard was cooking up scientology. The two are effectively cousins at that, if not siblings, since both are based off a sizable chunk of crowley’s concepts, hubbard was a fan of crowley’s shlock, and did his rituals for a time with one joseph parsons, another creep who oddly enough was responsible in large part for the jet propulsion labs, which in turn gave rise to nasa. (Which makes one wonder what part does nasa play in all that, as an aside? a push for pictures of “planets” etc. and suggestion of “aliens” and such, perhaps, is part of that? Compare crowley’s demon/spirit-guide “lam” to the typical “greys” claimed by various sci-fi type cults.) The satanism of modern day also similarly so, compare the “wiccan rede” with crowley’s creed: “harm ye none and do what ye will.”, “do what you will is the whole of the law” which even goes so far as to sublimate Love to “will”, as additional blasphemy.) so “wicca” is as “ancient” as elvis, but not as “ancient” as mickey mouse, to put that in perspective.

    This is similarly why, despite being pushed so hard by pop culture, “wicca” was loathed widely by much of the legitimate “pagan” demographic, as “wicca” was viewed as an inferior mishmash of wishy washy indecision, haphazardly slapping even conflicting deities from opposing pantheons together, and trying to use them. I use the word “was” here, as it seems most of those more serious pagans have been driven off due to the flood of the neo-pagan/new age/wicca stuff.

    Ultimately at the root of all these though, is gnosticism/satanism, which has also gone to much effort in the past ten years to spread false doctrine and corrupt information where it could. (thus the prophecy/charismatic/pentecostal etc. movements push of gnostic texts like the book of enoch etc. which ends up polluting even mainline churches via word of mouth.) But what to do to combat this? How can people be drawn away from the nastiness of false “magic”/sorcery to actually become spiritually healthy?

  9. Over 30 years ago when we moved to CA, the first thing I noticed was the overwhelming number of high-school “Wiccans” and “Vampires.” Did I think they were crazy then? YES. Do I think even now that they are crazy? Yes. I’ve recently had this conversation with other teachers and community members and too, with the campus security employees ……”Why do these kids disappear after graduation…or before…and where are they now???” My own kids, who attended these same schools BUT never adopted the many fads or strange “isms” that were “popular” in their time…….have gone on to national/ international status in their (self-employed) careers….AND….conversely, we’ve never seen or heard of ANY of their classmates ever again—not even in our own community. Where do they go? Why are they not teaching, working in our commercial system locally….not local law enforcement….not in our churches or local government or even public works…like the water district or community watch or whatever….???? As a teacher and mother of graduates of our local school system, year after year, I see that these kids DISAPPEAR. Once in a while, I’ve seen maybe one or two “twirling” and “hawking’ advertising signs on a corner. (I don’t “scoff” at this b/c, here in CA, these employees make a decent part-time salary). But, largely….I never see these kids working anywhere in our locality ( a collection of “villages” around a 26-mile circumference lake in So Ca that, adding up to about 200,000 -plus people…so, small as populations here go…but NOT so small for employment/ opportunity). Additionally….there are larger towns/populations that abutt our town/village bondaries that add even MORE population….more than doubling us….so, we are about a half million in population almost within walking distnce of each other. Our kids STILL are nowhere to be seen in much of any number. Did they disappear into the “entitlement” system? Did they move our of CA? Are they in jail? Are they living , as we often “joke” in their parents’ garage? How do generations after generations of the kids I teach never show up again in our communities in commerce or educatioin or government or whatever??????

  10. “People who believe in nothing, will fall for anything”


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