Wish I Was a Mechanic – Car Natural Gas Conversion

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Rick Santelli of CNBC did a half hour program on the future of natural gas as an automotive fuel option. With the boom in the natural gas industry, the price he quotes is around 66 cents a gallon.

One of the commenters on the Santelli video is very knowledgeable and did a conversion of a Lexus for $1,000. Where he’s based in in Utah there are service stations offering natural gas for only $1.29 at the pump! He made a video that gives good advice for anyone wanting make the switch!

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    Wish I Was a Mechanic – Car Natural Gas Conversion

  2. lowtechgrannie

    That’s fantastic! With all the new natural gas production around Chesapeake Bay, Louisiana and North Dakota, I expect this new fuel option could really take off.

  3. Good job on the puter tweak… Ya it’s a no go on the diesel for NG or LP. Although I’ll ask my nephew if it might be possible next time I talk to him. I remember back in the day, early 80’s, that some of the local farmers had LP tanks in the back of their trucks and had a small panel under the dash that they used to switch back and forth. The only thing they changed on the engine was the carb. But that was back then. They used LP for everyday use but if they needed to hook up to a stock trailer, etc, power, they switched to gas. They were refueled from their backyard 500 gallon tanks. I don’t remember which one but one burns hotter and better than the other.
    The knowledge of the diesel comes from my days at vo-tech, 77-78, diesel wrench, then going into the USN and learning electronics. I don’t think the injectors would really like gas… Still not a bad wrench but when ya have a young stud nephew willing to do the wrench twisting… why not stand under the shade tree and have a beer… and give him one after he’s done…

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  5. This is basically old technology. LNG or Propane powered vehicles have been around a long time. Many short haul truckers were using in in the ’50s and ’60s.
    If you happen to be in a warehouse, most are using LNG/Propane for their fork lifts and other equipment simply because there’s less noxious gases.

  6. i used to work with a guy back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s and he had converted his pick up he had a natural gas cannister in the bed and it ran on natural gas and gas prices weren’t as outrageous then as they are now i lost track of him when he decided to become a navy seal. bio diesel isn’t a bad idea either willie nelson and neil young both use bio diesel in their touring busses


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