Wisconsin Union Mob Attacks Fox News Reporter

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Democracy on parade:


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0 responses to “Wisconsin Union Mob Attacks Fox News Reporter

  1. Did these goons not get O’s memo on civility? /sarc

  2. This is a typical example of the entitlement attitude. “It’s not your house, it’s ours?” Translated, that would mean, “It’s not your money, it’s ours!”
    I don’t care where it come from. Just give it to me.

  3. This comes from Fox News attacking teachers. Look at the table of salaries for college graduates and you won’t see teachers in the top 25%, yet Fox makes them the villains – acting like paying people for work is some kind of entitlement.
    They call teachers part time employees, not reporting that teachers work 50- 70 hours a week during the school year, have to maintain their credentials with continuing education, and are constantly dealing with our children.
    So it is hardly a surprise that someone who has been bashed over the airwaves as a drain on society and ruining the economy would feel hostile to those who are vilifying them.


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