Wisconsin backs off targeting white students for "racial sensitivity" training

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white privilege awareness week

EAGnews.org is the website of Education Action Group Foundation, Inc., a non-partisan non-profit national organization headquartered in Michigan, dedicated to the promotion of sensible education reform and exposing those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.
A week ago, EAGnews sounded an alert on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s Americorps VISTA “racial sensitivity” training program in the state’s high schools which includes encouraging white students to wear a white wristband “as a reminder about your (white) privilege.”
EAGnews’ publisher and founder Kyle Olson wrote about this on Townhall.com, which was picked up and disseminated by America’s volunteer army of citizen bloggers.
Now comes the happy news that the idiots at Wisconsin’s Dept of Public Instruction (DPI) have backed off.
RightWisconsin.com reports DPI has removed the training materials and, unsurprisingly, blamed the unnamed EAG for exposing it.
State Superintendent Tony Evers
Via RightWisconsin.com (subscription required):
On Monday, the Education Action Group exposed the existence of ‘white privilege’ training materials on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) website. As of Friday afternoon, those materials have been removed from the DPI website and replaced with a message that attacks “misconceptions and misinformation being spread by an out-of-state entity. …
The new statement goes on to explain the relationship between the DPI and the VISTA program, emphasizing “there is no wristband program in Wisconsin.”
This all may be true, but the Department of Public Instruction still fails to explain why the materials were on their website in the first place? If the DPI expects Wisconsin taxpayers to buy their spin that the ‘white privilege’ training material was never used in Wisconsin classrooms they must come clean as to how and why the extensive list of material on ‘power and privilege’ came to be posted on the DPI website.
The fact of the matter is DPI wouldn’t have removed the materials if taxpayers weren’t sufficiently outraged. The Department saw it as a liability, but rest assured, the radicals won’t change their ways. They’ll just be more careful about what they put into the public sphere.
H/t FOTM’s Christy!

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0 responses to “Wisconsin backs off targeting white students for "racial sensitivity" training

  1. I am thrilled that we’re not getting ‘cowed’ by the purveyors of racism anymore!

  2. Reblogged this on DeborahBidwell's Blog and commented:
    Had a lot of talk in our area of the state about this, glad they are going to stop this since WI is not as liberal as its Capital City nor Milw.

  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most incredible post! Don’t you just love their verbiage! This is so insulting; it is clear they believe we are complete and utter stupid idiots. I am so glad that the taxpayers raised hell!

  4. Thanks for this post Dr. Eowyn,
    This “sensitivity” thing is nothing but race hatred bubbling over out of a root of bitterness that has been coddled for generations by black people. The slavery practiced in America may be the worst sin and crime in the nation’s history, but it is in the past.
    None of the “white” people we see today (personally, I’m not white, but actually a pasty pink beige color), committed the crime. In fact, some, like my ancestors, were being starved to death in Ireland by the same rascals who were kidnapping and murdering innocent Africans.
    So let’s put this foolishness behind us. (I’m speaking to the “educators” here.)

    • Awesome analysis, Trail Dust! May I add to your “The slavery practiced in America may be the worst sin and crime in the nation’s history,” but, in my opinion, what THEY are doing is FAR, FAR worse and diabolical, for it is not being done out of ignorance, but a wicked viciousness rooted in revenge.

      • Emancipation happened about 150 years ago. All the slave owners are dead. This boils down to hatred and greed.

  5. Too late, the seed is planted and the damage is done. I’m thoroughly disgusted at the idiocy in academia. White wristbands? What’s next, a yellow star of David for Jews in this country???

  6. Never realized you had to go to college to become seething , incoherent , mind-numbed idiot ! And those 2 ” young ladies ” featured in the picture don’t even realize they being played by their professor / puppet-master to the hilt . DAMN FOOLS , BARRY VOTERS OBVIOUSLY !

  7. I guess it is a “privilege” to be portrayed in all the identity theft and home invasion comercials these days as well as the idiots who are not the least bit athletic. These characters are ALWAYS white. Wow, guess I should relearn the meaning of the word. Thanks for the happy (if only temporary) update on this story.

  8. How much money does uploading a document to a free Google Sites website cost the taxpayers again? What is a safe conversation about race that we’re allowed to have?

  9. I’ve been saying for a long while now, that we WILL see a similar situation as what has been happening in South Africa. White Africans who’ve lived there their entire lives, working, rearing children, contributing to the well-being of the country, taken out in their fields and raped, tortured and mutilated by those same type “revenge-seekers” all with the blessings of their government.
    This was my post around last October on FB after the 48% comment was becoming a national wave of indignation.
    “As far as the “give me” mindset, coupled with the corrupt government we now enjoy, it’s just a matter of time before we see something like South Africa’s Land Redistribution Act……get ready…..
    :*( If you think it’s bad now, just wait. I see a South Africa Apartheid situation coming….you know, where the “oppressed” murder the ppl whom they see as the “oppressor” while the “elected” look the other way……
    This has nothing to do with racism on the part of the “oppressor”(ie. whites), either…watch and learn……see what’s coming in this “changed” USA.
    These videos are NOT for children to watch, but we, as adult Americans, BETTER be prepared, if our children’s future is to be saved from this(and I’m NOT speaking of whites….I’m speaking of CONSERVATIVES, no matter your race!)
    BTW, president Mugabe is not pres anymore but these atrocities continue. Even this summer, ANCYL warned of Zim-style land invasions in South Africa. Farm invasions are “inevitable” should white South Africans not voluntarily hand over land to the government, says the ANC Youth League. “If they don’t want to see angry black youths flooding their farms they must come to the party. Whites must volunteer some of the land and mines they own. They can’t only be compelled to do so through legislation,” deputy youth league president Ronald Lamola said on Tuesday, calling for changes to the Constitution to allow the state to appropriate land.
    I urge you to watch these videos and dispute the fact that what’s happening here in America doesn’t have some resemblance to this corruption.
    CNN News: White Farmers in Zimbabwe Ousted From Their Land

    ZIMBABWE MUGABE MURDERS FARMERS & CITIZENS-NOT FOR CHILDREN OR WEAK CONSTITUTIONS. Personally, I hated watching it, but I REFUSE to NOT know how evil works…not knowing equates not being able to recognize or fight it. :/

    Life before vs after apartheid South Africa-a young black man’s perspective

    Re: South Africa: Racism Against White People (Vodacom)-a young white girl’s perspective

    Desmond Tutu Blasts ANC South African Gov’t as Worse Than Apartheid

    • Obama and Holder are clearly pushing the country in that direction. Race riots all over the country, and no news outlets with the courage to tell the truth.
      As soon as Obama took office, his proxies like Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright began talking about a coming race war.
      And the president wonders why Americans are quick to see his resemblance to the devil?

    • Thank you Sunny, for sharing these troubling videos. I’ve been sounding the same alarm about Obama. Look at everything he has done, and you have to conclude that he’s taking us in the very same direction.

  10. Why do I get the feeling that it’s payback time for slavery? Can’t wait until the reparations question comes up – quick, your barf bag!


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