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My offer is a serious offer.
If you can answer the contest question (see below), I’ll send you a $10 gift certificate. (Note: I will need a valid email address from you.)
Are you ready for the contest question?
Here it is!

Can you spot the Islamic terrorist in this picture?

Rio Grande illegalsSurge of illegals at Rio Grande Crossing, Texas

What did you say?
You say you can’t spot the Islamic terrorist in the picture?
You’re not alone. Neither can anyone else.
That’s the plan.
Seriously, with an open southern border across which 300,000 illegal aliens have “surged” into the U.S. since April, why are we even bothering with TSA checkpoints in our airports?
H/t FOTM’s Glenn47

UPDATE (July 10):

Muslim prayer rug found on Arizona border by independent American security contractors. Read more at Breitbart Big Government here.


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0 responses to “Win this contest for a $10 gift certificate!

  1. traildustfotm

    If just 10% of these people are jihadists, they would be an army of 30,000 soldiers, who have penetrated our defenses, and are now moving freely among us.

  2. Mark S. McGrew

    That’s a trick question. Obama was at a fundraiser when that picture was taken.

  3. I have a list of items that I consider “Pet Peeves” and they are listed in order of importance. The illegal immigration attack on the USA is pretty close to the top of the list at this point. No matter WHAT we do at this point, it’s going to cost taxpayers at least 100 billion dollars to fix what Obama has created at this point. That also means that we would have to close the gates on our boarders TODAY to prevent that number from rising. This is a disaster of epic proportions. How does he justify this act? Why hasn’t congress cut his nuts off? Obama may have gotten the ball rolling, but congress DOES have the obligation to stop him. And they are not, so they are just as guilty.
    The president says he will get 3.8 billion to get care for them. Did you know that equates to 70,000 per illegal right now? Of course as more come into the country, the figure declines, but that’s a pretty good sized number. I know I could probably get a pretty good start in life if someone dumped 70K on me as “seed money”. Truthfully, these funds will dry up in about a week once they are released because there just are not the resources to care for this many immigrants at one time. Wonder why they aren’t using all the FEMA camps we have already paid a couple of billion dollars for all over the USA? Because Obama wants these people integrated directly into the general population, that’s why.
    This president should not only be impeached, but should honestly be the first President of the USA to face trial for treason.

    • Can you spot the Islamic terrorist in this picture?
      The terrorist is on the back of the train kissing Obama (who is in DRAG) while Michael Obama is getting “its” HAMMER stroked by Harry Reid.
      Yes the person “occupying” the Presidential Office is intentionally destroying America.

  4. And thats a wrap…..*have a nice day*

  5. @david4455: The FEMA camps are being saved to imprison we American citizens who oppose this corrupt regime after martial law is declared 🙂

  6. I thought this train was going to Mumbai!

    • Who needs Islamic terrorist………we have our garden variety Mexican terrorist…cheaper by the dozen, they are easy to transport around and they pic vegetables too! What’s all the uproar about???

  7. traildustfotm

    BINGO!!! (Too bad it’s a still picture, and not a video. This would be right on.)

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