Will You Vote for Sarah Palin in 2012?

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These days, it seems we can’t turn on TV, talk radio, open a newspaper, or get on the net without news about the ubiquitous Sarah Palin and family. 
She’s on Fox! She has her own reality show! Her daughter, Bristol, came in third on Dancing With the Stars!
Palin has not been shy about her presidential ambitions, saying she can beat Obama in 2012. Here’s her latest word on the subject to ABC:

I used to like her but, frankly, I think she is over exposed. I’m curious how you feel and think. Here are a couple of really short and quick polls.

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0 responses to “Will You Vote for Sarah Palin in 2012?

  1. Katherine Magdangal is on FB

    At least she doesn’t come from obscurity like Obummer did….but President??

  2. Eowyn,
    I find it curious that Ms. Palin is even considered for the office.
    She is a media creation. Lots of slogans and jingoistic leanings.Little more.
    I lean left, as you know.
    Obama has been a disapointment to me for many reasons.
    I considered Ron Paul in the last election, and I’d vote for him right now if he was on the ballot. We disagree on domestic issues, but foreign policy is gutting us.
    Under Obama, Washington is still Israeli occupied territory, and its getting worse. Pouring billions into Afghanistan is insane, putting us on the same path as the British Raj in the time of Rudyard Kipling.

    • Erinyes,
      No official body is “considering” Palin for office. She “considers” herself, and the media like to stir things up by repeatedly asking her about it. If she is at all serious about it, she really should scale back her media presence. There is such a thing as public fatigue. Soon, even her fans will be sick of her, assuming they aren’t already.

  3. NO! to Sarah Palin and her crazy sound bites. She would be an easily manipulated puppet and blindly do what she was told. The only reason she was on the ballot the first time was so the GOP could have the influence to drill the crap out of Alaska. They said so during the GOP presidential rally and their slogan was “drill baby drill” I like Ron Paul!

  4. I didn’t vote in the poll since I am not sure. If Mr. Obama is her opponent than you can be sure he will not get my vote and then she would. I like Governor Palin but I don’t think she is strong enough. If you want a republican woman I would prefer Michelle Bachman. I agree with almost all of Governor Palin’s agenda. I think we should drill in the US with close safety and environmental guidelines. The butte in North Dakota would solve all of our energy needs for decades. I am pro life. I think Governor Palin’s choice to raise her beloved Tripp was admirable and made more difficult in the public eye. I do think she has become a media sensation rather than a serious contender. I know some of that publicity she seeks is to counter the perverse and negative comments from the MSM. We must become more fiscally responsible. We must be pro business. We must put more control in the power of the states rather than the federal government.( especiallly with Pelosi, Reid and Obama) . I hope that the Republican party will nominate someone with strong ethics, strong financial understandings and leadership experience. Governor Palin does fit the bill in many ways but I too often find her linguistic style to be immature and too filled with slang. I would have loved to have seen her in Michael Steel’s position. She has an amazing following. She is very charismatic. But unfortunately shehas alot of people who hate her. She is a natural born citizen however so that makes her more eligible than the resident in the White House now.

  5. Palin as opposed to whom? Like hrmfc, there is much I like about her, but I don’t think she’s “marketable,” at least not at this time. She will be a force to be reckoned with, in the coming years, regardless of whether or not she finally decides to throw her hat in the ring.

  6. Nothing personal against her… but her 5 minutes are up. I also believe she is too polarizing to run. She would get the base republican vote, but loose many independents and all of the democrats.
    I really don’t care who runs, but… I will vote for the one who is for fiscal conservatism, personal freedoms, smaller accountable government, closing the borders, national defense. But most importantly, a Natural Born US Citizen!

  7. This is not a FAIR question. Palin vs WHO. We know what we have in Palin
    but who would be better from the repubs. Hell, Anybody but Obama !!!!

  8. Eowyn,
    When I wrote Palin is “considered”, I did not mean by a party, but it appears she is considered by a “movement”.
    My fear regarding Palin is she will be more polarizing than Obama or even Hillary, which would be cool if you want to see shoot-outs at political functions, or at least a shift towards a more “hands-on” type of politics as we see in the second and third world. No good for a nation in peril on so many fronts.
    I agree with Mama Bush who said Sarah seems to like Alaska, perhaps she should stay there. (especially since she has taken ownership of the entire state).
    In another post comment, Steve wrote that Palin drives us who lean left nuts, and on purpose. I certainly agree with him. I don’t know how much is theater or where reality begins and ends with MS. Palin.Her theatrics play well with about 25% of the population, especially with grumpy oldmen who find her attractive.
    I just noticed that when I attempt to type “Palin” I see “Pain” on the screen;
    I wonder if it is subliminal, or perhaps the “L” is silent?

  9. Steve, my point exactly!
    I enjoy dropping by this site to learn a bit and get an idea of how conservatives view current events; I realize I piss Eowyn off a bit, but I piss my wife off too, but still respect her. Eowyn has been VERY patient and fair with my comments.
    I have a real close friend who is ultra conservative, we spar on occasion, but have a lot of common ground. It is good to have different opinions, in my line of work, know it alls can loose their life and usually don’t last long.
    He says I’m the hardest working man he has ever known, not sure if that’s a compliment……….


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