Will you be watching GCB tonight?

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Last March I wrote about the pilot tv show “Good Christian Bitches” (now changed to simply “GCB”).  The show premieres tonight on ABC at 10:00 pm.
The plot centers on the life of reformed “mean girl” Amanda, who returns to her hometown of Dallas to find herself fodder for malicious gossip from the women in the Christian community
Variety has a review of the new show:
There’s obviously controversy and a bit of inaccuracy built into the title ABC is abbreviating as “GCB” — but “Just Sort-of OK Christian Bitches” would have looked unwieldy on a billboard. If the name represents a deliberate provocation, a way to enlist the Parents Television Council as an unwitting promotional partner, the actual series is really just another ABC dramedy in the “Desperate Housewives” wannabe tradition, using “everything’s bigger in Texas” Dallas as the backdrop for its soapy (or oily) irreverence. The actual series is well cast but only mildly entertaining, and as cartoonishly constructed, nothing over which to hoot ‘n holler.
There’s no question “GCB” slathers on the Southern stereotypes, from Gigi’s heavily armed rec room to the colorful colloquialisms (Gigi calls Amanda’s younger self “a bitch with teeth”), to a “Longhorn Ball” event rife with “Urban Cowboy” cliches.
With “Housewives” in its final season, ABC is clearly hungry to execute a clean baton pass to a new soap, and these gals (and to a lesser extent, their beaus) aren’t bad company. Moreover, the series was launched to maximize a 10-gallon hat’s worth of Oscar promotion, the last chance to corral such a sizable herd of females before the “American Idol” finale.
Even so, and whatever ABC chooses to call it, “GCB” will need a lot more meat on its bones if these ‘horns are going to hook ’em.

Sounds like it’s bound to be a loser show…
I for one will be passing on this show.  I have no desire to see women (or should I call them bitches?) making a mockery of Christians, Southerners, or gun owners. 

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0 responses to “Will you be watching GCB tonight?

  1. lowtechgrannie

    Count me out! I’d rather watch back-to-back reruns of The Closer.

  2. think ill watch the paint drying channel

  3. Naw, not gonna watch it.

  4. For a while, after initial negative publicity, this show was renamed “Good Christian Belles.” I see it’s reverted back to the other B-word.
    I’ll be boycotting this show, not that I was even remotely disposed to watch it in the first place.
    Here’s ABC’s Contact Us page:

    • Hollywood isn’t doing well. From the NY Times: “Moviegoing attendance hit a 16-year low last year…. In Los Angeles, the number of television dramas produced last year dropped by 11.5%; reality shows were down 1.8% and sitcoms, 12.8%. On the feature side, the number of movies filmed here declined by an enormous 26.4% in the final quarter of last year.”
      But Hollywood still goes out of its way to insult Christians — a large segment of the U.S. population. Clearly, the Hollywood Left’s demonic agenda is more important than revenue.

      • lowtechgrannie

        I talked to a very knowledgeable classic film buff a few years ago. He actually owner a movie rental store that specialized in the 2,000 greatest films of all time. He told me one reason films and TV are so degraded in language and general content is they’re not really made for American audiences anymore. They can lose money here and make it up in overseas, non-english speaking markets who want minimal language with lots of sex and violence (the universal language). So, they can thumb their noses at us and make a killing selling to foreigners who love to see America portrayed in a negative light.

      • “Facing the Giants” was Rated PG instead of G b/c of the Christianity in it. Or “Religion” is what they called it. But we watched a cartoon the other day w/my kiddos that was rated G and it had cussing. Go figure!

    • Artistic integrity (such as it is, in this case).

  5. Why don’t they just call the disgusting show : “As The Stomach Turns .” ?? It’s making me feel sick just reading about it here !!

  6. P.S. Just wish to add : I always feel thankful for “Fellowship of The Minds”, and for being able to sign on and read the latest news and comments which are shared by all the good people here. : ) Best wishes for a good week, everyone !

  7. Dr.Eowyn-BATTLE!! Don’t let the bastards wear ya down!! 🙂 things will get worse before they get better,but the tide is turning-“WE WILL PREVAIL” with the help of the good lord-and the TRUE PATRIOTS,that love their Country.:)

  8. Boycott their trash-send them eviction notices,those of you who cannot find morals,values,dignity,honor,respect-Move to,I don’t care China,Russia,Iran-and don’t come back.(I really mean it)

  9. Let’s get real. For many years the Progressive Left and other anti-Christian groups have had a steady anti-Christian drum-beat message against Christian faiths in general, and Catholics in particular. Then comes the age of Obama. The first thing he did as President was to declare the United States of America is not a Christian country, but more of a Moslem country. In truth, America was founded using Judeo-Christian principles, not Muslim teachings. He also claims he is a Christian because he was a member of a Black Liberation Theology Church. What do we know about his so called church and its teachings? Not much other than hate America, and hate White people. We also know Obama claims he never heard Reverend Wright’s sermons. I guess he just took up space in church, as he is doing in the White House; not doing much work or anything positive for church community or, as President, for America. Last month, Obama dictated (as a dictator would) that the Catholic Church must pay for contraception and abortion services for female employees. This dictate was in direct violation of the freedom of religion provision of the Constitution. Obama knew this, and as a result, changed the ruling so medical insurance companies must provide these services for free. This back-door ruling is also in violation of the Constitution. Now comes this NBC anti-Christian show just in time for the 2012 elections. NBC is one of Obama’s most loyal supporters and will do anything to have him re-elected. This “GCB” show is nothing more than an anti-Christian show to support Obama’s anti-Catholic views. It will be a short-lived endeavor, but NBC is not concerned because the intention is only to help Obama get re-elected.

  10. OOPS! Can I get away with claiming typographical error? Wink, Wink. Thanks for the correction.


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