Will Mickey Mouse donate again to Obama's election campaign?

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Did you know that Mickey Mouse donated $2,000 — the maximum amount for an individual donor — to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008?
Yes. That Mickey Mouse.
Here’s a screen-shot (h/t ObamaReleaseYourRecords):

~Click image to enlarge~

You can verify it for yourself by going to the Federal Election Commission website and type “Mouse, Mickey” in the search box. I did, and got the following confirmation:

Presented by the Federal Election Commission

Individual Contributions Arranged By Type, Giver, Then Recipient

Contributions to Political Committees


10/16/2008 2000.00 11953084272

Total Contributions:    2000.00


and the media’s reaction?



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0 responses to “Will Mickey Mouse donate again to Obama's election campaign?

  1. And I bet he will vote for him in Florida, too.

  2. and acorn in indiana registered a JImmy Johns to vote for the clown in chief also and of course silence the reporter checked out jimmy johns address and it was the local jimmy johns restaurant but after the fraud was exposed the commentator mentioned that it seemed that quite a few of the names registered by acorn seemed to be fraudulent but nothing more was ever said and nothing was ever done

  3. What media??

  4. I hear he’s got the dead and zombie voting block,too…
    but he just lost the dog vote…although he’s gaining
    popularity with the cat vote 🙂

  5. Is the second American revolution really getting this close?.Oh well,their side does not believe in owning weapons,Sorry Micky,you lose.
    Wild Bill

  6. In addition to my last post I would like to quote V. lennin ” It is not who votes that counts,it is who counts the votes ” .When he made that statement the Russian “government ” had already disarmed the populace.Here in America we will not allow that to happen.In the end patriot American votes will count.I pray daily that those votes are unsullied ballots,not bullets.
    Wild Bill

  7. I know this convo is probably water under the bridge now, but just wondered if anybody saw Michelle Malkin’s post yesterday:
    We are going to have to watch these weasels like hawks this year. Alert the troops.

  8. vladimir lenin is a pseudonym his name was something like ulainyov and for counting votes wasn’t there a post a couple weeks back where some company in spain will be counting votes in the presidential election and we now how honest acorn and all of obama’s underlings are no more obama

    • Yes, I’m still trying to figure out the SCYTL election “assistance” company in Spain…I read that they are counting our votes, then I read that they are counting only those who voted online, then I read they don’t “count” the votes, they only “report the results” (what’s the difference?!). My question is, why are they involved at all and whose idea was it? Things that make you go “hmm…”

    • wildbillalaska

      Vladimir Lenin’s birth name was Vladimir Illych Ulyanov.
      Wild Bill

  9. wildbill , yeah i recently read “Russka” by edward rutherford and near the end of the book just before ww1 the bolshevik party starts to become relevant edging out the mensheviks and Ulyanov adopts the name Lenin. and now we have obama who is doing more to destroy america then stalin or kruschev or brezhnev ever did.

  10. I would love it if Disney’s lawyers were able to find the identity of the faux Mickey Mouse.

  11. I don’t think Mickey will have to. Will there actually be another presidential election?


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