Will Ivory Coast be another Katanga Op for UN?

There are two important videos online for people following the Ivory Coast story now in the news.
G. Edward Griffin did a fantastic documentary in 1962 about the UN atrocities against Katanga Province in the Congo.  59 minute video — needs to be seen!
G. Edward Griffin – 1962 Katanga The UNtold Story
Charlotte Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor to Dept of Ed in the Reagan administration, was fired when she blew the whistle on the Soviet techniques being used in American classrooms.  She compiled the fantastic book, THE DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA. (all the documentation in the book is available for free download on her website).  Before getting involved in education, she worked for the State Dept. in various overseas locations.  Her 1:10 min inteview includes the education story, explains the soviet-style regional government system by unelected committees,  her experience working for the American Embassy in Belgium when Katanga atrocities were occuring, and her conversations with Chinese nationals fleeing communist persecution in the 1950s. NOTE: The annoying music at the start only lasts for a minute.

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