Will Anonymous Hackers Shut Down Internet?

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Anonymous threatens Internet blackout over controversial legislation

Published 23 December, 2011 – 08:20
The hacker group Anonymous has vowed to blackout the Internet if U.S. lawmakers pass the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act; under the bill, government powers would be greatly expanded, enabling the Justice Department working at the behest of individual copyright holders to shut down Web sites for potential copyright violations.  Full Story
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6 responses to “Will Anonymous Hackers Shut Down Internet?

  1. They might cause problems in some areas, but I doubt they would be able to shut the entire Internet down.
    As for the SOPA bill, should it make it into law, it will be the next step on the part of the federal government in ultimately taking over control of the Internet.
    That cannot be allowed to happen.

  2. I heard on the local news yesterday that this Anonymous group hacked into bank/credit card accounts and made large donations to various charities using stolen money.
    I find this more sickening than if they had used the money on gambling or strippers. Intentionally creating moral ambiguity is downright EVIL. I wonder what the authorities are doing to find these subversives, and what’ll happen when they do…a slap on the wrist and a fine, no doubt.

  3. Hey, not me…
    But, seriously, NOW they care about this? Occupy Wall Street was cool, but now big gov’t threatens their illegal music downloads… and breaking the Internet (or, at least, their trying to) helps anything?

  4. Susan, after they slap them on the wrist and fine them; they will then HIRE THEM!

  5. What many have to realize that if this goes through….it will stop much more than illegal music downloads.
    Take for example, many complaining about the number of deaths in traffic accidents + mandatory seat belt laws + the beginning of removal of our personal rights.
    Criminals and guns = the dissolving of the second amendment.
    Fear over terrorists on airplanes = the erosion of the 4th amendment.
    Every bit of power they are given, will be used only to further an agenda they have had for years. Just as in the NDAA and the plea for internment specialists + FEMA camps.
    PC = erosion of the first amendment. Shall I go on or have I made my point?


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