Wild Bill – Secret Service Secrets and the Looney Left

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0 responses to “Wild Bill – Secret Service Secrets and the Looney Left

  1. Ok Steve, I left steme a message since you asked so nicely…

  2. I went to his Youtube channel and noticed he doesn’t have videos on his site. I think he just signed up for Youtube so he could make snarky comments.

  3. Did you notice that he had only 1 follower and his account is rather old…

  4. I finally caught up with this video. If you haven’t, please watch it. It’s stunning how mean and nasty the Democratic presidents (and Gore, the VP) were to the members of the U.S. Secret Service who protect them with their lives. Shameful.
    Wild Bill says the Secret Service agents told him Obama is “the sneakiest president.” Obama says one thing to a person’s face, then says/does exactly the opposite behind that person’s back. The Secret Service are dismayed by his fundamental dishonesty and do not trust (or respect) him. Moochelle is a rank racist; she hates white people.


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