Wild Bill Lays It On the Line about Union Thugs

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0 responses to “Wild Bill Lays It On the Line about Union Thugs

  1. I spent 15 years in the office of a union contractor. Our crews were unionized, not office personnel. The union local would send faxes every month telling us not to allow specific people to work because they were delinquent in paying their dues. The workers would have to go to the union hall and settle up or they couldn’t work.

  2. My concern now is that Obama’s “army” consists of union thugs who will, at the appointed time, cause social unrest in several cities and large towns across the United States. Such an event would give the President the justification to declare martial law conveniently before the 2012 elections take place. In addition, he has ACORN or whatever it now calls itself, that non-laboring labor union of unemployed unemployables to assist in the necessary ruckus.

    • You must have a crystal ball, Tom. Here in Denver and across the nation the “occupiers” are largely being organized and spurred on by the union powers that be. Frightening stuff, indeed. I’ve been home raising by kids for the past 10 years, but before that I was a schoolteacher. Teachers’ unions in both NM and CO tried to entice, coerce, frighten and later bully me into joining but in both cases I refused. I did my homework and decided that for me the benefits didn’t outweigh the massive costs. Now that my kids are older I’ve been considering teaching again, but I’m leaning more toward doing something else. I love teaching, but as an anti-union conservative, I don’t know if I want to put up with the hostility from the teachers who resent my choice not to empty my wallet to pay union dues.

      • 😀 Good for you Lori! One can’t blame you for not wanting to be a part of a union that truly doesn’t have the best interests of our children at heart, or has their hand in our pockets…
        On the flip side, I understand being pulled by your love of teaching and finding youself in this situation. It’s a shame indeed.
        Stay strong to your inner instincts!


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