Wild Bill Lays It on the Line About Leftwing Union Thugs

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0 responses to “Wild Bill Lays It on the Line About Leftwing Union Thugs

  1. Right on, Wild Bill, I am behind you 100%. Too bad it has to come to this but when you are dealing with unions, it usually does. I belonged to the Carpenter’s Union, Local 1020 from 1953 until 1965 when I was booted for working in a construction office and not with my tools any more. Let’s see, work hard physically or work hard mentally, saving body for other things, which would you choose? I didn’t mind, I didn’t miss the union one bit and they were glad to see me go. I was a rabble rouser at meetings because I had a brain and stayed awake and questioned the leaders’ authority over us. That is never allowed in any union meeting. You are supposed to shut up, sit down and vote the way they tell you to vote or else. I didn’t wait for the “or else!”

  2. trade Unions = Commies under wraps. Every business a trade union comes into contact with productivity declines. I’ve never belonged to a union. Their members try to avoid work not partake in it and as everyone knows : You must have pride in your work. Not try and distrupt. No wonder the “free world” is in turmoil. God bless us all. If you don’t work you don’t eat! tell that to the Union Commies.


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