Wikipedia Took Down Entry on LtC Terry Lakin

Lt. Col. and Dr. Terrence (Terry) Lakin is a distinguished US Army surgeon and recipient of a Bronze Star who is undergoing court martial for refusing deployment orders on the grounds that his Commander in Chief (CIC) has not proven he is constitutionally eligibile to be CIC and President.
One would think that Dr. Lakin merits an entry in Wikipedia. And indeed, Wiki did have an entry on him; the URL for the entry is\?title=Terrence_L._Lakin&oldid=396351151.
If you click the URL however, you won’t find the entry because Wikipedia has removed it, ostensibly because Lakin is not a noteworthy person. That is most curious because the same Wikipedia find three other Lakins sufficiently noteworthy to warrant each an entry. They are:

Have you ever heard of them, especially “American actress” Christine Lakin? Me neither!
H/t beloved fellow Tina.

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Screw wikipedia…never did like them. Much prefere conservapedia!