Wife abandons her husband and 12 children to run off with young lover

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The good mum, doing what's best for her, um the children...

The good mum, doing what’s best for her, um the children…

DailyMail: When a mother of 12 did the unthinkable and abandoned her brood of 12 children to start a new life with her toyboy lover she was branded “despicable” by her ex husband.
Tabitha Nimes, 39, from Rhyl, North Wales, only sees her children once every six weeks since leaving them for a new life, having moved hundreds of miles away to Southampton to live with Colt Nimes, 32, who she has since married.
Her ex husband Peter Saunders, 47, was devastated by the breakdown of the marriage and left to care for the family alone but Tabitha insists that her children, the youngest of which is just 19 months, are better off without her and in a new interview has hit back at her critics.
In this week’s Closer magazine, Tabitha opens up for the first time about her shocking decision.
“I know everybody thinks I’m an awful mum but I walked out because Pete and I were arguing all the time; it wasn’t good for the children and it made them upset. Pete’s a good dad, they’re better off without me.”
“I was suffering from post-natal depression and had to get away. I know the little ones sometimes want their mum, but they seem to be getting on well. I want to see them more, but I don’t want to cause any more family arguments.”
“I wanted to lock myself away, but when I tried to tell Peter I wasn’t coping, he didn’t understand. I felt he was controlling. The relationship gradually broke down, and we started arguing about everything.”
I’m trying to do what’s best for them, while living my own life, too. I’m with Colt now and I love him.”
Tabitha walked out on her children: Rhiannon, 18, Ben, 16, Jack, 14, Josh 13, Adam, 12, Blake 10, Rhys, nine, Lillie, seven, Peter Jnr, six, Aston, three, and Beth, 19 months and her son Matthew, 22, from a previous relationship, when Beth was just 12 weeks old.
“I didn’t want to go through a custody battle. I decided I needed a clean break and felt it was best for them too.
She soon began a relationship with Colt who she had kept in touch with after meeting in 2012 while doing some security work. “We started speaking on the phone,” she says. “He listened to me. We met up in Hastings and, shortly afterwards, shared our first kiss.”
The good mum and her new husband

The good mum and her new husband

Tabitha has now married Cole, who works as a security guard, ending her 18 year marriage to Peter, and rarely sees her children. “I miss the kids so much and felt so sad on Christmas Day, but I couldn’t face seeing Peter because I knew it would be difficult. The older kids were angry with me for leaving, too, and I didn’t want an argument. I sent cards and got the youngest two a new playmat, and sent money for the others. For their birthdays I send cards and money. I used to speak to them every day, but now it’s more like once a week.”
“Sometimes I think I’m a bad mum, but I wouldn’t change what I’ve done. I know my older kids are angry with me, but I love them all to pieces, even though I sometimes struggle to show it. I did this for them as well as for myself. I just hope they understand one day.”
Mrs. Nimes’ ex husband, Peter, a convicted drug dealer, discovered his wife had been cheating on him after finding text messages on her phone.
Initially, Mrs. Nimes took the two youngest children – Beth and Aston – with her, but they were returned to their father after she failed to attend a court hearing.

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0 responses to “Wife abandons her husband and 12 children to run off with young lover

  1. Having not walked in her shoes, she may have done the safest thing for her and her children. Post natal depression, husband ex drug dealer. She sounds like a bad mom, but she may have been a safe mom. There are so many horror stories out there that could have happened. I would rather hear this than hear about 12 little dead bodies.

    • Abandoning her 12 children, including a daughter only 12 weeks ago, to her “ex” drug-dealer husband indeed was “the safest thing” for her children. Sarc/

  2. kind of can’t help but wonder once the sex wears off if there is going to be more fighting with new husband….tacking statement, yes…but a pondering thought. I agree, we don’t know the whole story…details are important…but I don’t see (perhaps just me) how she is doing this for the kids… 1. running off… 2. marrying someone else… I could see number 1. out of desperation, but not 2. …then 3. telling all the world…another 15 minutes of fame once more. :o(

  3. “Sometimes I think I’m a bad mum, but I wouldn’t change what I’ve done. I know my older kids are angry with me, but I love them all to pieces, even though I sometimes struggle to show it.”
    I have news for Tabitha Nimes: You ARE a bad mum for —
    1. Choosing to conceive child after child, up to 12 children, without being committed to them.
    2. Abandoning your 12 children to be raised by a man, an “ex” drug-dealer, whom you disapprove to the extent of cheating on him with a “younger” man.
    3. Abandoning a child as young as 12 WEEKS.
    Shame on you. No wonder your children hate you. You can say you love your children “all to pieces,” but those words are empty unless substantiated with behavior.

  4. traildustfotm

    “…I love them all to pieces”

    I’ve heard that exact phrase used by the mother of someone very close to me. The one I know abandoned her 3 children when 2 of them were very young, and moved from Massachusetts to a beach community in Southern California, to live a care free life. She is an extremely strong guilt manipulator. We call her the “Sith master,” as in the evil Star Wars character. Her youngest, most traumatized, child has picked up many of her guilt tricks. We call her the Sith apprentice. And they both use the term, “I love you all to pieces.”

    “…all to pieces”

    Even before I read this article, I had come to view this statement as a veiled form of violent anger. And this very interesting article adds support to that theory.
    Thanks for posting this, DCG.

  5. Sorry, I can’t understand this at all! I would have a hard time leaving my dogs, I can not immagine ever doing this to children. I realize lust can tie a person in knots but come on, really??

  6. I hope she gets some help. Severe post partum depression is often comorbid with PTSD from earlier events in life and attachment disorder (lack of good parenting from one’s own parents)–thus the “escape for survival” reaction. Still, what she has done is cowardly and despicable. I will pray that the Holy Spirit intervenes and helps her recover so she can take care of her family, and that this cycle of neglect and dysfunction is stopped. I ask God to Heal this family.

  7. I wish her and her kids well. Her explanation was cognizant. Who are we to judge?

    • If she just left her husband to be with someone else, then that’s her business…when she destroys 12 lives in the process it becomes everyone’s business.

    • “Her explanation was cognizant.” Apparently she wasn’t aware of the treatments for post-natal depression and makes no mention of seeking treatment. Yet I’m pretty sure after having 12 children, a doctor would have asked her questions pertaining to post-natal depression.
      “Who are we to judge?” Well, if you don’t want people expressing opinions about your ability to parent, then don’t tell/sell your story to a media publication.

    • Everything Hitler did in Germany was “legal” too– off limits for judgment?

  8. susie ferrell

    this happened to one of my Great-Cousins, she had a man that left a family of 12 children for her. believe me his wife talked to some of my relatives nobody would not say nothing. i seen him one time when i was about 12 years old, i thought he was tired but now i know it was guilt. he died about 25 years ago and he called for his wife and ask for forgiveness at the hospital when he was dying.

  9. Her behavior is representative of today’s screwed up mindset…’if it makes you happy, do it’. When she had problems with her husband she should have gone to counseling with him and/or got treatment for her post-natal depression. Having an affair and then abandoning all of those children was wrong…I don’t care how she tries to word it. Granted, this occurred in another country, but this behavior mirrors much of what is going on here in the US. Too many are obsessed with their own “happiness” that the belief and behavior in responsibility and sacrifice seems antiquated to them.

  10. That is the cruelest (& most selfish) thing I ever heard. TWELVE kids now have their growing psyches shattered & wounded “all to pieces”! A DOZEN more “members of society” have just been helped to be emotionally dysfunctional due to that BIMBO of a “mum”!

  11. She seems to think she did the children a favor by leaving them in the hands of their “great dad” who also happens to be a convicted drug dealer. I’m not sure in what universe this woman lives, and I will not insult her choice to leave such a husband, but she should have taken her children with her. I can’t imagine though that most guys would be willing to take her in along with her 12 children. That’s a pretty serious life change.

  12. Instead of abandoning her children and husband, she should be getting therapy for her postpartum depression. What she is doing is selfish and horrible. Her children need a mom in their life and her leaving them is showing that she gives up easily. That is not a value to instill into your children at all. Shame on this selfish woman!


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