Wife of AG Eric Holder co-owns an abortion clinic building

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder’s wife, Sharon Malone Holder, is a co-owner of an abortion clinic. Why aren’t we surprised.


Sharon & Eric Holder

Troy Anderson and Will Swaim report for Human Events, Oct. 31, 2012, that documents obtained by Watchdog show that Holder’s wife and sister-in-law co-own, through a family trust, the building where Dr. Tyrone Cecil Malloy operated.

Abortionist Tyrone C. Malloy

Malloy is the medical director of the abortion mill, Atlanta SurgiCenter, whose website boasts that Malloy is “the primary provider of our Late Second Trimester and Genetic/Fetal Anomaly procedures.”

In 2011, a Georgia grand jury indicted Malloy on Medicaid fraud charges. A state medical board twice reprimanded the doctor.
Holder and his wife, an obstetric and gynecological doctor at Foxhall OB/GYN in Washington, D.C., failed to respond to several requests for comment.
But reached by phone at her home in Minneapolis, Margie Malone Tuckson, Holder’s sister-in-law, said there’s no link at all — that Fulton County tax records showing the property belongs to her and Holder’s wife “are wrong.” “I don’t own this property and my sister does not own this property. We are not technically on this deed,” Malone Tuckson said.
However, public documents reviewed by Watchdog.org show that the family transferred ownership to a family trust in 2009, eight months after Obama’s inauguration. But even the new deed directly names Holder’s wife and sister-in-law as trustees. After inquiries by Watchdog reporters, Tuckson contacted the Fulton County Assessor’s office and asked them to change tax records to reflect the “new” ownership.
But none of these technical changes obscures the Holders’ conflict of interest. it may also explain why Holder has been eager to prosecute pro-life advocates who counsel women outside abortion clinics.
Abortion in America disproportionately impacts blacks. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), black women make up 12.3% of the female population in America, but accounted for 36.4% of all U.S. abortions in 2006.
Through their practice and aiding of abortion, the Holders and “Doctor” Tyrone C. Malloy are contributing to and profiting from the systematic murder of unborn black babies.

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Cathy Gardino

Killing babies and running guns to Mexico, Libya, and Syria…How very lucrative.


Reblogged this on myrandomthoughtsandmusing and commented:
Well….how very, very interesting.


Dr. Eowyn, thank you so much for this incredible information! All the pieces of evil fit. This makes me sick at heart, because this is in-your-face evil. Truly, nothing could be more of a conflict of interest for Holder, who is supposed to be the most ethical attorney in the U.S., than the facts of this matter. And these abortion mills, where Satan receives satisfaction, where horrific sins against God are committed victimizing his most innocent ones, have every intention of thriving being supported by this evil Obama regime. Only God can help us fight such evil as it is… Read more »


Wow, they boast of “specializing in first trimester abortions” on their website. Sickening…

Nancy Coleman
Nancy Coleman

It’s our children, too! My brothers and sisters in the family of man! Please, Lord, deliver us from this dreadful trespass.


It is just amazing how nobama surrounds himelf with people so like himself.


Isn’t this insider trading somehow?