Widow now wants to marry a neighborhood…

I do…didn’t last…

Remember the whacky gal Babylonia Aivaz, who married a warehouse in Seattle earlier this year?  Well, now that her “building” is gone, she’s a widow, free to marry again!

Woman who married warehouse now engaged to neighborhood

SeattlePI: Aivaz has informed the Seattle City Council she’ll be marrying the Yesler Terrace neighborhood near the Central District.
Aivaz stormed into the council meeting Monday, saying she didn’t have time to wait for the public comment period. She held in her hand a piece of brick — all that was left of her last spouse, she said.  The impending neighborhood marriage is another stance against gentrification, according to seattlepi.com news partner KOMO 4.  KOMO reported:

Bride on a mission

Aivaz, who showed up to the council meeting late, said she couldn’t wait for public comment, and instead entered the gated area where members were seated to invite them to her wedding by passing out flowers, and then yelling that housing should be for people, not for profit.
This is the only thing I have left from the last building I married,” she said as she held up a brick from the 10th and Union Warehouse. “I cannot let it happen again.
Held back by security guards, Aivaz eventually left the meeting, but was shortly after greeted by police outside.  “I just feel that justice has to happen now and I couldn’t wait,” she told police.
Anyone who was at her wedding earlier this year shouldn’t be surprised. Aivaz said at the time: “My heart is in Yesler Terrace, that place is going to get gentrified really soon, so I’ll follow my heart there next.”
The activist released a statement outlining her demands:
It is imperative that important government officials from Seattle support Babylonia’s wedding plans so that THIS TIME her beloved will not be tragically demolished in front of her eyes and replaced with expensive high-rise condominiums. Upon hearing the news of Babylonia’s wedding, City Council will become very sympathetic and choose to vote against the legislation needed for re-zoning the neighborhood.
Since she’s marrying a neighborhood, does that make this a “plural marriage”?  Because last time I looked, that wasn’t legal in Washington State, yet…

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8 years ago

As a poet, I understand this as a dadaesque protest acting out her feelings, but only a few people from the U of W and local artists-activists are going to “get it”. As a contractor who’s been involved in gentrification developments large and small, my feeling is that as long as city councils are voted into place, then VOTERS have only themselves to blame for decisions officials make on their behalf. The developers can only do what the politicos allow them to do.

Christine A Hall
8 years ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *gasps for breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I don’t want Sect 8, I want affordable housing. We could have that if there wasn’t so much damned Sect 8 and their guzzling of taxes because of the very reason Hardnox states – they put up beautiful new buildings, fit for a king, better than *I’d* ever afford to live in, and in 3 months it’s stripped for copper in the pipes and wiring, cages are over all the windows and you can’t see the buildings for the gang graffiti. What a DITZ!!! (With apologies to good old fashioned normal ditz’s in the world…)

Joe Liberty
8 years ago

I’m starting to think some people should be locked up for their own good.

lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
8 years ago

Former King County Executive, Ron Sims, was appointed the the 2nd in command of HUD when Obama came to power. He’s been channeling a ton of government money to the Yesler Terrace Redevelopment Project (smart growth), a prime location adjacent to the International District and historic Pioneer Square of Seattle.

8 years ago

What a nut job.

edward oleander
edward oleander
8 years ago

Oy… Please, someone pass me the Advil… I’m all for affordable housing. I really do think that you can’t address deeper needs when baser ones remain unsatisfied… but, really, Babby, won’t you please just go away? You make my brain cry…

8 years ago

Perhaps she should just find a nice corporation
to settle down with …maybe a corporate headquarters…
and have some little subdivisions 🙂