Why Won't Al Gore Debate Global Warming?

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Anthropogenic Global Warming guru and profiteer Al Gore likes to insist that “the science is settled.” 
For two decades, I taught a university course on epistemology and the philosophy of science. So I know something about what science is as an ideal and process. 
Science is about the empirical (sensory) world. As such, science is NEVER settled for the simple reason that human beings can never see and know everything about the empirical world. What we take as scientific truth is simply what is supported by the best available evidence at the time. Science is NEVER settled, but is an ongoing open-ended enterprise, dependent on intersubjective verification and discussion/debate among peers.
Being closed-minded therefore is the very antithesis of science. In fact, it is precisely those who are unscientific or anti-science who cling to a position, refusing discussion or debate with critics.
Al Gore has a standing policy barring the press from his college speeches and other personal appearances. Blogger, Tim Wilson, with press credentials writes:

Gore, who reportedly receives $100,000 for personal appearances, apparently has a standard contract that bans the fourth estate from all of his speeches. No one seems to know why, and we can’t ask — on account of we’re out here, and he’s in there.

Here’s Gore’s contract.
In other words, for Gore the “science” of global warming is not a two-way dialogue but a strictly one-way monologue by Al Gore to us peons. That’s why the only opportunity a FoxNews reporter could find was to buttonhole Gore on his way to a dining room to shove more food into that bloated body:
H/t Watts Up With That?

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10 years ago

I don’t know who is the bigger fraud – Gore or The Traitor? Both have hoodwinked millions of fools…
What a COWARD!