Why We Must Never Forget Sandy Hook

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Sandy Hoax
Sandy Hook.
What thoughts flood your mind when you hear those two words? If you’re like most Americans, the words Sandy Hook conjure up images of a wild-eyed, demented-looking Adam Lanza and the widely circulated story that he murdered twenty young school children and six adults in a national tragedy that occurred on December 14, 2012.
Well, a tragedy did occur that day, but it had nothing to do with Adam Lanza or the murder of children. As those of you who took the time to study the evidence all know, Sandy Hook was, and continues to be, one of the most grievous lies ever put forth to the American people. It is a hoax, a con job, a theatrical production, complete with stars, supporting characters, and extras. (See “No one died in Sandy Hook: Testimony from Social Security Death Master File“)
From actors pretending to be parents, grinning and laughing like jackasses mere hours after the alleged deaths of their children (see here and here), to fake CNN footage; from victim donation websites set up days before the incident occurred on December 14, 2012 (see here and here), to the blatant lies of law enforcement officials, Sandy Hook is a massive deception that begins on the street and the abandoned school and extends all the way up to the highest levels of the White House.
It is a lie so immense, so evil in its conception and execution that most Americans simply cannot bear to confront it; a reality so frightening that rather than face their own moral cowardice at not doing anything about it, most Americans turn their eyes and their brains, and retreat into the fairy tale of mainstream media. (See “Why Do Adults Believe In Fairy Tales?”)
And this is why we must never forget what happened on that fateful day. The evidence of Sandy Hook, which has been on this site (and others) since day one, proves two points beyond any shadow of a doubt:

  1. This country’s current administration will stop at nothing – NOTHING – to shred our Constitution, disarm our citizens, and further their satanic New World Order; and
  2. These same individuals are possessed of such evil, such blatant rejection and hatred of God, country, and life, that it boggles the mind.

The first rule of warfare is Know Your Enemy. In the battle to save our country, we must come to terms with the level of evil we are facing, and the media control they exert. It’s not a battle we can win on our own, for we are fighting not just humans, but the supernatural forces of evil and satanism. Pray to God to give us all strength. Call on His son, Jesus, as well the Holy Spirit. Call on His blessed mother, Mary, all the angels and saints, and on St. Michael to cast these demons into hell where they belong.
Never give up the fight. Never stop praying. And never forget Sandy Hook.

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~Mike & Eowyn

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0 responses to “Why We Must Never Forget Sandy Hook

  1. If nothing else comes from this hoax,it drives home the realization that if the alleged president or his banana republic administration says it,we can know with reasonable surety the OPPOSITE is the truth. THAT’S been proven over the last 6+ years.

    • Anyone else getting “Warning” from their virus stuff when clicking on
      “Sandyhook Justice” above? My putter telling me no go.
      Be warned.

  2. I sincerely pray that you never ever loose a child! I have lost my parents, a sister, and my husband is chronically ill. Loosing a child has been and continues to be the hardest, most painful, utmost feeling of hopelessness, gut-churning, gut-wrenching, emptiness a person can experience. I knew loosing a child was awful. I did not have a clue how awful until I too experienced the tragedy myself. So until you walk a mile in those shoes, and experience the journey of loosing a child, you will never EVER EVER EVER* understand or comprehend the pain and suffering those parents who lost their children are going through. It makes no difference on how old that child is when they died. The parents, especially the mother, will grieve until she draws her last breath.
    Ask yourself this question. Why, in the Bible, do we never hear about Jesus’ mother again after the cross? Why, in the Bible, do we never hear about Bethsheba again after her first born died? If you look up the death of a child in the Bible, it says that it will cause the death of the mother. This may not be an actual physical death, it could also be an emotional death.
    Again, I pray that you never experience this. However, if you do, the world as you see it now, will change forever. I can truely say again, that you will never EVER EVER EVER* be the same.
    *caps added for emphasis.

    • Thanks for sharing, MA. You may be comforted to know that no children (or adults) were lost or killed at Sandy Hook.

    • Sorry to hear of your losses. I’ve never had children,but like you,I’ve lost both parents,my older Brother,my younger sister and my ex-wife,who was still very dear to me,and several close friends,and I believe ANY losses of friends or family are tragic. you’re right that the loss of a loved one changes the way you look at the world,but,at least in my case,it also brought a resolution to be a better man,to be more compassionate,to do more to help others and to care more about others’ struggles and to dwell less on my own.
      I see that you’re speaking out through a lot of pain and sorrow,and I know that God will give comfort to you and you and your husband during the rest of your days.

    • How the F-ck does this drivel tie in with a blatant lie as Sandy’s hook lie.

      • Because real live breathing children were gunned down that day. Real live breathing teachers and school administrators lost their lives that day. More importantly for every human being killed that day — child and/or adult — there is a grieving MOTHER, father, sister, brother, friend, and teacher, and especially the MOTHER will never ever get over the loss of their child.
        You say Sandy Hook did not happen. How calleous can you get? I have already read comments that the two police officers in NY weren’t really shot dead. Why would NYPD cover this up? This is like those who believe, Iran for instance, saying that the Holocast did not happen. But then maybe you believe the Holocast didn’t happen. You probably also believe that 9/11 didn’t happen. Who, how or why it happened doesn’t matter to those who grieve for their lost loved ones.

        • MA, I realize you are new to this site, but please take some time to read through the various posts. This site is about investigative research and facts. If you’re going to spew conspiracy theories about the holocaust or 9/11 never happening, you’re in the wrong place.
          No one was killed at SH, no children, no adults, not even a dog. Again, please take some time to research before commenting. And please, no wacky conspiracy theories.

  3. When the reports of this psy-op continued and the information and misinformation continued to pile up, I could not keep up with it. Then the info and misinfo began to contradict each other. After about a month of it I began to feel disoriented over the the conflicting reports. Then it hit me: There was a diabolical disorientation about it.
    It finally broke that this was a psy-op, that it was staged, that there were crisis actors and that the Administration was using this to attack our Second Amendment rights.
    Make no mistake about it: This President and his entire Administration is evil. But our entire political establishment is evil. The news media evil. The banking system is evil. America is under Judgment and we have to get right with God and say the St. Michael prayer every day.
    Every tyranny ends badly. But the tyranny we are living under is bigger than one man, and it’s just getting started.

  4. It’s so infuriating, the depths our government and leashed media will go to deceive the American people out of owning guns. The evil intent in all this is so hard for most people with a conscience to even fathom. How these people live with their lies and demonic doings is mind blowing. It makes me sick that the taxpayers are working their butts off to pay the salaries of these monsters who deserve a forever home in prison or as a target on the shooting range.

  5. Thank you for this article . I have been utterly ill that our government could create a tragedy like this and get all the participants and have this take place two weeks before Christmas in an effort to grab our guns. It was heart shredding while at the same time trying to be constitutional shredding of our 2 amendment rights. This event was felt in the hearts of the people of this country and also the people around the world. The idea of 6 year olds, 20 of them, being shot in cold blood while making gingerbread houses in their classrooms. This is a travesty that as a people we can’t allow this type of propaganda which is probably how they will classify it. We should have Alex Jones put out feelers on who the master mind of Sandy Hoax . You are right to say this is beyond normal politics, this is coming from the place of the darkest evil . We need Jesus, God and all the angels in heaven to help us remove this evil from society. This dark evil needs to be wiped out from it’s roots, to the tips of its branches.

  6. Remember, NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo quickly jumped on that bandwagon and why should he have done that, CT was NOT his state. His only goal and agenda was to institute his safe act with criminal intent to set up an innocent person targeted by his mafia!


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