Why We Lost the 2012 Election

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We produce proof of U.S. citizenship when we apply for a U.S. passport. But when we register to vote, no proof of U.S. citizenship is required.

We are asked for our driver’s license to prove our identity (I.D.) when we use a credit card at stores. But when we vote, no I.D. is required.

Why is that?

And if state governments actually try to implement a Voter I.D. law, Democrats cry “RAAACISM!”

Why is that?

The answer is simple:

Because not requiring proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote and not requiring an I.D. to vote benefit Democrats.

Why is that?

The answer, once again, is simple and obvious:

Because there are Democrat voters who are not U.S. citizens, which of course is unlawful, fraudulent, and criminal.

What does that make the Democrat Party?

Answer: A criminal political party that actively aids and abets fraud.

Do we have evidence of non citizens voting?

You betcha.

Here’s a video of illegal aliens — non U.S. citizens — who are registered to vote in Florida. In so doing, each of them not only committed a felony, they stole a vote from an American citizen.

H/t Sage_brush

There are also confirmed reports of sizable numbers of non citizens voting in Georgia and Colorado.

The above video was posted on YouTube on April 4, 2012, with a request to viewers to notify federal and state lawmakers and candidates for public office.

NOTHING was done.

And so Americans went to vote on November 6, 2012, having been told that we must exercise our sacred right as U.S. citizens secured for us by the sacrifice of countless soldiers who had died defending that right. Blah, blah, blah.

All bullshit.

While Americans dutifully trotted to our respective voting places across the fruited plains, countless nonAmericans — whose numbers we will never know — also trotted (or were bussed) to voting places across the corrupted plains to commit acts of felony.

How do we know that?

  1. Because on November 6, 2012, Obama did not win a single state that requires photo IDs to vote. In other words, Mitt Romney won every state that requires voter I.D. (Read more about this in Terry’s post, “One More Glass of Whine.“)

  2. Because on November 6, 2012, Obama won 75% of Latino voters nationwide. (“President Barack Obama won reelection on Tuesday thanks in part to near-record levels of support from Latino voters, who came out in huge numbers to support him over GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.” –HuffPo)

Even more striking is this: those states that Romney won not only require voter I.D., they also do not traditionally vote Republican. Which means Romney was able to overcome those states’ Democrat-leaning disposition by convincing them of the failure of Obama’s presidency.

Our present electoral system is virtually defenseless to fraud, but the ruling Democrat Party refuses to do anything about it. Nor has the Republican Party done anything about it. In fact, without the collusion of the GOP, we wouldn’t have non U.S. citizens voting. Without the collusion of the Republican Party through the years, we wouldn’t have millions and millions of illegal aliens crossing the border into America and allowed to stay in America to have children who now demand that they be given U.S. citizenship via the Dream Act. Becoming U.S. citizens, those children in turn can sponsor their parents to be U.S. citizens. All of which means the Dream Act is really just Orwellian newspeak for Amnesty for Illegals.

All of which means our present political system is utterly corrupt.

So now we know why we lost the 2012 election.

Mitt Romney and the 58,163,978 Americans who’d voted for him didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.

  • We lost because of the Democrats’ massive cheating.
  • We lost because 3 million Americans who had voted for John McCain in 2008 chose to stay home on November 6. Among them are the peevish sulking Ron Paul cultists who, by refusing to “hold their noses” to vote for what they call “the lesser of two evils,” helped elect not just the GREATER of two evils but the Devil himself.

Now the Demonrats have the White House for at least four more years and an even bigger majority in the U.S. Senate who will ensure the smooth passage of at least two leftwingers to the Supreme Court.

In the meantime, the usual betrayers in the GOP — including Sean Hannity, you piece of shit — are already clamoring for the Republican Party to “change” to make itself “more appealing” to Hispanic, women, and young voters.

Yes indeed! Let’s “accommodate” Hispanics with amnesty for illegals! Let’s “accommodate” women with free birth control! Let’s just get rid of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act and the Born Alive Infants Protection Act altogether! Let’s just “forgive” have taxpayers (the 50.5% of Americans suckers who still pay federal income taxes) pick up the $117 billion student loans — a bubble just poised to burst, which promises to be even bigger and more disastrous than the 2008 housing bubble.

Even more diabolical are those in the GOP who are now using the fact that despite good Catholics (those who attend Church weekly) and evangelical Christians turning out in greater numbers for Romney than in 2008, Romney still “lost,” as a cudgel AGAINST Christians! They argue that Romney’s “loss” means Republicans must now de-emphasize moral issues of abortion and gay marriage — the very issues that concern evangelicals and faithful Catholics — so as to “appeal” to those women and youths who had voted for Obama.

In other words, let’s just remake the GOP into Demonrats!

Such talk is the height of irresponsibility and deception because its proponents ignore all the REAL reasons why Romney lost. These Republicans should be at once shunned and countered with this simple question:

You are proposing radical changes based on your claim to know why Romney lost. But how do you know that?

How do you know that Romney lost because of who he is and what he did or did not do, instead of because of Democrat voter fraud, Ron Paulists’ abstention, and suppression of the military vote? Why are you blaming faithful Christians for Romney’s loss when Romney’s campaign focused on the economy and wasn’t even about social issues (abortion, gay marriage, etc.)?

If the solution is to remake the GOP to become more like Demonrats, why do we even bother to have a two-party system?

UPDATE (Nov. 15, 2012):

See also “Why the GOP Won’t Challenge Voter Fraud.”


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0 responses to “Why We Lost the 2012 Election

  1. We lost it sucks, relax and work to save our asses before you stroke out. It sucks but lets find a way around these slugs and save our country and our selves. God Bless us all.

    • Instead of being patronizing with your “before you stroke out” comment, why don’t you give us JUST ONE feasible idea of “a way around these slugs”?

      • Thank you! Speaking of patronizing, I had some guy provoke me by bragging on Obama when the election was over, so I responded by calling Obama “a piece of filth.”. Instead of laughing and thinking it was cute because he DID provoke it, he went on this exhausting uppity rant where he preached about the sin of “hate.”

    • Harriet Nelson, you make me sick! Dr. Eowyn has worked tirelessly for no pay for four years, speaking the truth on FOTM. You need to get off your critical narcissistic ass and work yourself!

  2. I have written my representative and both senators (I live in Colorado) and will keep writing until I get results! Those counties have a high immigrant population and there’s littrle doubt about their vote, stand up America! Pay attention to immigration issues, please, we’re being overrun! The severity of drug problems alone should be a wake-up shout, they come from Mexico!

  3. @ Dr. Eowyn: You made a great point about the GOP also being complicit regarding voter fraud by non US citizens over the decades. How can either party point fingers at each other when they both have subverted the Constitution in taking no action when proof has been submitted over and over? Most of the legislators are guilty of treason for allowing this. I am so damn sick of hearing the idiotic rebuttals of why proper voter ID to discern citizenship is not needed!!

  4. Dr. Eowyn, thank you for this excellent post exposing the cheating perpetrated by the Democratic party and the king that helped win this election, notwithstanding the miserable lukewarm idiot Republicans that stayed home and chose not to vote. Hey, in Revelations, Our Lord sayd that he would “vomit the lukewarm” out of his mouth! You people make me ill!

  5. When I walk into my voting place, the first thing I do is present my voter card. They then scan that and have me sign my name. How do these people get to vote without doing this? I just don’t understand it!

    • Ok I was about to write an isolated post about this, then saw yours. I made a point of asking did they require the photo ID when I presented mine. She scanned the driver’s license and as she did so she answered, “It’s not required, but it makes things easier so we don’t have to type everything in.” I was so disgusted and thought how it SHOULD be required!

  6. I’m also extremely disappointed with Sean Hannity. Why should WE have to change our positions? They are the ones doing wrong not us!!! It’s just so frustrating!!!

  7. Democrats are rotten, lying bastards who’ll hurt anyone for their own ends… although they’ll rationalize it as “for the common good” or so.

  8. Those Hispanics voting for Obama are nothing more than Catholics In Name Only (CINOs). Supporting a man who votes for infanticide is sickening.

  9. You want some cheese with that whine?

    • Tell that to the millions unemployed, the record number of people out of the workforce, those on food stamps, and those about to get his with massive pink slips. Oh and Ambassador Stevens and our three dead Marines.

  10. Excellent words and post, Dr. Eowyn, as usual.

    I think another reason we lost the election was because somewhere back in time we allowed some idiot to trash the Constitution by allowing the chaff, rabble and dregs of our society to have a vote, i.e., the 47% living on welfare and in public housing and the illegal aliens. These should not have a vote according to our Constitution.

    Also, I think the main issue in this election was not the economy at all. It was whether we the people wanted to go with obama, communism and shariah law, or whether we the people wanted to go with Romney, the Constitution and American values, and no one said a single word about it, anywhere.

    My final thought is that obama needs to quit shuckin’ and jivin’ all over the planet and get his sorry ass back in the Whitehouse and do the work we are paying him to do. His first order of the day is to explain why he had four Americans killed in Benghazi under his watch.

    Thanks for letting me vent!

  11. We lost because we (a handful of replublicans) were stupid. All we needed to do was to get the votes of some African Americans and some hispanics in a few key districts. Instead, too many others (republican candiates other than Mitt) couldn’t keep their mouths shut until *after* Mitt was elected. So because a few couldn’t simply restrain themselves, Mitt lost the race. And then we did not chastise Akin much more forcefully than we should have, and so we lost a lot of women’s vote. Let’s be honest, Mitt lost the vote not because of anything he did but because of the actions of a few others, especially Gingrich who backed Akin. WE COULD HAVE WON!!!

  12. When my sister and I owned a retail store, we got rid of 2 regular vendors when we found out they voted in 2 countries, and the US was one of them. One from Brazil and one from France. This problem runs deep!

  13. The “Two Party System” is why We have Corruption, Everwhere, in Our Government and our Political System…. The Republicans are no better that Democrats when it comes to Election Fraud…. Remember The Primaries where other candidates seem to have enough votes to win in that State”s Primaries, but the Establishment Republicans Surpressed Votes so as to look like Romney had won… And by the way, Primary Elections are Not mentioned in Our Consitution Anywhere and We should be able to vote for thee Qualified Candidate of Our Choice, and in “Just One Election” as The Twelfth Amendment Allows…
    As long as “ANY POLITICAL PARTIES” control Our Government and Our Electorial System, then Restoration of Our Once Great Republic will Never by Realized….
    Remember this was a Slow and Gradual Process over 100 years in the making,and that We Never Realilized what in was doing to Our Votes and the Effects on Our Republic. The Two Parties only wants us to have Two Choices for Any Office???? …….Why???? ..Voter Choice Supression..
    George Washington Warned us about letting “Political Parties” becoming So Powerful that that would Control Our Republic, and What would happen to “AMERICA” if they Gained Control of it…
    It’s All in Washington’s Farewelll Address; paragraphs 19 – 25 ……..
    If History means anything to You, Please take time time to read Washington’s Address to The Nation.. Thanks, DLKSR.

  14. There were other circumstances besides that plane crash that had ballots for our Military–cases of being turned away from polling stations due to their names removed from the rolls-also there was another case of ballots not being delivered in time –it’s no secret that there were more Romney supporters in the Military. I was wondering what those votes would have added up to—.
    And Buster, about the whine—at least Romney supporters weren’t threatening to riot and making threats against the life of the opposition like thousands of “Zero” zombies were doing on Twitter & Facebook, etc. if their chosen didn’t win !!
    We were sad & disappointed with the outcome of the election–but at least CIVILIZED !

  15. Dr. E.- I hate to say it, but I have to believe this nation’s political system is past “hope” and in for horrific “change.” No democracy in history has ever, can ever, and therefore will ever right itself when its political fundamentals have become so deleterious. We, as Christians, will have to learn how to “govern” from some alternative universe if we will even survive. This is not defeatism -it is the new reality.

    • This evening I read this article and watched the accompanying video of college kids in DC chanting Karl Marx the evening of the “election.” These students have been fully indoctrinated into socialist thought. This is real and it is frankly sickening and I am still reeling from it. I believe all people who became US citizens after defecting from former soviet nations need to speak out and tell people how life really was behind the iron curtain, because it sure as heck isn’t being exposed enough or at all to people who didn’t live through the period of recent history known as the cold war. We are all going to suffer because their ignorant bliss. Please watch at your discretion but be advised there is foul language.


    • VoxSanitas;
      I agree with you 100 %… The American Experiment which began over 230 years ago by Our Forefathers is Dead… Any Hope of Restoring Our Nation with the Current Political System is Mere-Insanity on Our part.. “We The People” would need a completely different approach to Reclaim Our Nation than the Same Approach that We have been using for the Past 100 years.
      Looking through Historical Documents of Our Early American Political System, I believe the way the Founding Fathers Constitutionally set-up, and used, might be worth “Our Last Resort” to try……
      The deffinition of Insanity is; “Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting a Different Result.” Albert Einstine….

      • And I likewise, with you “100%,” DLKSR. I am now giving away copies of the US Constitution to friends and strangers alike. (BTW-Cato Inst. has nice leather-looking editions available for a buck!) Of course, we all are familiar with “the usual supplements,” viz., The Federalist, deTocqueville, et. al., along with numerous modern Jeremiads on the plight of a people plunging headlong and head first into the socialist slough. I don’t know what the Brain Trust (apologies for the New Deal term) at FOTM think about the following list of titles- But I have found to be most “stimulative,” Charles Murray, (Losing Ground), George Gilder, (Wealth and Poverty),
        Marvin Olasky, (Tragedy of American Compassion), Daniel Flynn, (Conservative History of the American Left), Jonah Goldberg, (Liberal Fascism), and, of course, any of Paul Johnson’s magisterial Histories along with many others.
        The problem is -and it’s REALLY BIG- is how to persuade a politically illiterate (if not, in fact, cognitively illiterate) populace of both the cogency of the arguments and the urgency of their acceptation. I just can’t help from seeing the proverbial “MENE MENE . . .” handwriting staring down upon us from the wall. . . This people seem to be doomed to an irreparable state of social and political reprobation.
        DLSKR- My lips to God’s Ear- I hope, I wish, I pray that I am wrong. But the handwriting seems to trump any attempt at optimism. In the absence of any clear path along traditional political processes, I believe we must begin to think in terms of new modalities. What these may be and what the processes may look like seems yet indeterminable. But one thing we know, the old “idiocy” regimen to which you refer, is not one which should be taken by the Children of the Light!

  16. Dr. Eowyn,
    Superb analysis and spot on. I have been waiting for you to get this up and you did a n excellent work here. Like you, the home front and family needs some TLC and I must now do some serious self care time but I will NOT be going any place.

    Will steal for PC.

    Hannity is a total dip wad and we have not had cable, satellite for several years now I have given up on Fox News for the most part. Those dumb asses called Wisconsin for the Black Muslim POS POTUS with just 1% of the vote in and they were not alone. The corruption of our voting system and flood of illegals into the ranks of the Democratic communist party has been going on for years and just snowballed under this nefarious, evil administration. All the reasons you stated are true and have this country is becoming a sea of ignorant, illegal, multicultural, politically correct morons who will keep voting for whoever gives them ‘freebies’ This is also very true of many stupid white folks who are consumed by White Man’s Burden, the reverse plantation syndrome and the uber rich, dumb ass, politically correct, oh so diversified, playing to be multicultural supporters as long as their Lilly white world is kept clean through donations and helping worthy causes like PP, CODE PINKO, which does nothing more than enslave women into the horrid culture of abortion and guilt but hey ladies, your BC is ‘free’ and uncle Mobama has a Kenyan witch doctor to treat you in exam room 4 thanks to obamacare while the elderly, disabled, homeless, poor are escorted to a quicker death lest we become a burden to society. It is always cheaper to kill people. Just ask the Nazis or Obama.

    Romney was not the best candidate and I mean nothing against him or his reputation as he is a fine man and him being a Mormon was NOT an issue for me. The GOP and Romney played too nice and the scum like Obama and his progressive traitors do not and never will. I supported Romney because of morals, ethics and doing so much to help others. Compare that to Obama and his bloodsucking butt leeches. To me, for the sake of our children there was only one person to vote for. We need true Constitutional Conservatives to run who will stand on Godly principles and not change their colors to garner the votes of greedy, ignorant illegals, stupid women who are too dumb to see where the real war on women is coming from, men who are so emasculated they see wimps like the POS POTUS and think he is a man. Moochelle ate his stones long, long ago.

    The GOP needs to become a Constitutionally Conservative based party with strong a Christian foundation and not waver from this. If the GOP cannot see this and go back to what our Founding Fathers laid out and set up, then the GOP will not survive. Morphing into a more moderate, libearlish party will do nothing to save our once incredible Republic. Ron Paul idiots need to follow the foolish liberal lemmings off the nearest cliff and free us of their stupidity. I have no use for them or the wacko Paul. Any country that allows the military votes to be fubared and not counted should be ashamed of themselves.

    Look for an email for other thoughts I have had from deep prayer and feel free to share them.

    I will never submit or give up until I my voice and mind are silenced. My fears have been defeated by the blood shed on the Cross by Jesus.

    • PatriotUSA,
      I could wish to give a more sexually-laden kudos to your post. . . but for the ladies present. Let me just say- your words have summoned the remaining vestiges of my testosterone. Effin-A!!!!!!!

  17. VoxSanitas:
    Thanks, I think or maybe not.

    I mince no words and have little use for what passes for liberalism today. The spread of political correctness, excessive diversity and the massive influx of multiculturalism has ruined Europe and now it is happening here, has been for quite some time. I have no use for the feminist movement of today as it has been hijacked by the feminazis. This movement is enslaving rather than empowering women, especially through our now uber liberal, socialist, communist education system. One size morality will never work whether it be from the left or right.

    It is no longer 1890-1920 and what worked then and was allowed is not a workable model for TODAY or the future. My comments mirror what you will find at my site and my beliefs and morals are deeply rooted in the Constitution and with the Founding Fathers. I am a product of being raised in a very libtarded family and was blessed to have gotten my college education when there were still many, many fine conservatives teaching. I have a bachelor’s in American Military History with a Minor in Meteorology, Atmospheric Physics, Fire Weather and Severe Storm Forecasting and Spanish. Let me just say I missed my calling. I do not brag about or flaunt my credentials because it is the inner man, women and how we build ourselves that matters. I have never wavered in my morals, ethics and doing what I can to help others. You have made some excellent points and I concur with them. As I said:

    I will never submit or give up until I my voice and mind are silenced. My fears have been defeated by the blood shed on the Cross by Jesus.

  18. Well then, PatriotUSA, you are not only a brother-in-arms, but the man for the hour. I am now in the process of doing research for a book (?), part of which examines the feminization of the military. We are way down on the roll now; but if you see my response, please tell me your website. I’d like to get some recommended title from you on point. Thanks in advance!

  19. VS:
    Here is me site:
    It is not for liberals, racists, plantation dwellers, obamabots, feminazis or environazis

    I also urge you to see this ebook on how Obama is an illegal POTUS as he is not a natural born citizen.


    It is very well researched and LONG at 1761 pages. There is a preview that helps out a lot. I have read it and it is exceptional, not perfect but totally proves Obama is not a legal POTUS. I know the author is the editor is one of my few BEST friends. If you like this please spread the word about this book. It is a bargain and I may be able to get a few complimentary copies. You will like this book immensely!!!

    Here is a FB page that another very good friend created for me and other true patriots I basically hate FB and do little there except post links etc:


    Feel free to contact me through my blog and if you want to, send me your EM in a comment as I see ALL OF THEM first and can get your EM. I will then delete the comment and no one else will see it except me. Only if ya want to.

    Thanks you for compliment, very much appreciated.

    Thank you Dr. Eowyn for one of the best sites ever!

  20. PatriotUSA,
    Gotta’ say thanks here since I am using Dr. E’s site . . . To both of you wonderful warriors- you are elixirs to my wounded warrior soul! I will vow (and only disclose it to inspire imitators) to pray personally for you and your fellow-warriors each time I click on and click off your sites. I will be sending my email to you shortly, dear Patriot, after I phone my veteran dad. Know that for your “virtual” veteran service, I am
    Forever Grateful,

  21. Informative and precise…


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