Why Trump Scares The Wicked

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President Trump has appealed to Americans with promises to work for justice.

He has the effect of separating people. Hollywood is losing its hive-mind at the successes achieved by Trump. Democrats and some Republicans are likewise distressed. But Conservatives, and even many Liberals, are taking notice of the improvements Trump’s team has brought.

Here’s the divide

If Trump gets to appoint a couple more Constitutionalists to the Supreme Court, we can finally look to the demise of Planned Parenthood. So like the proverb says, justice brings terror to evil doers. Abortion clinics will be closed nation wide, and the horrible satanic sacrifice of innocent babies to the false god Baal will come to an end. Just think of how scared the abortionists are. They are no longer dreaming of fancy cars they can buy with their blood money, but planning their escape routes when justice comes after them for their horrific crimes agains humanity.

Apply the same to Fake News, Entertainment, all the Mockingbird Media, and it’s clear that the likes of CNN are terrified. Their lies are being found out.

Let’s not forget the engines of indoctrination called universities. If common sense and critical thinking take a firm enough hold in America, these educational frauds will shrivel up to nothing, denied both students and patrons.

And in politics we have the entire Bush and Clinton families quaking in their boots. What do you suppose they fear might come to the attention of the American people?

By contrast

Freedom loving people in America have been greatly encouraged. They have renewed hope for a decent economy, righteous appointments to courts all over the country, a renewed respect for Christian principles in our society. Our military is being strengthened, not to promote wars, but to prevent them. The alphabet intelligence agencies are coming under open scrutiny, unearthing long hidden connections to old crimes, like the assassination of JFK, and the false flag used to drag a generation into the Vietnam War, all for the profit of arms manufacturers and bankers.

Joy to the righteous

Many of us are finally seeing daylight and hope after the long dark Obama night. So we are joyful, but we do not gloat. We know it all continues to be based on divine favor, and not on human cleverness.

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” – 2 Chronicles 7:14

“When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.” – Proverbs 21:15


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36 responses to “Why Trump Scares The Wicked

  1. I’m hoping that President Trump gets another Supreme Court appointment soon. What do y’all think about Ruth Bader Ginsberg? I suspect she’s already gone.😎

    • I can’t help but wonder if Ginsberg is already gone.

      • They ought to following her around with a mirror.

      • Back on February 1st, I saw a creepy promotion for an RBG memorial candle on Twitter. It had a picture of her on it and it had rhinestones or crystals all over it. I saved it on Twitter and retweeted it to others, but I should have saved a screenshot of it. I guess the promoters didn’t like that I shared it and they blocked me.😉 That was just a few days before she allegedly appeared at the musical event that was in her honor. That event was probably a memorial service since they had her judge’s robe on a hook, and her glasses and gavel sitting on top of a box.


        • That’s a good one! Planned Parenthood should throw her a “gala”, along with a few traffickers of kids. Everyone treats these things like they are “real”. She is The Odor’s girl (dead or alive).

          We aren’t fighting “The Demonrats”, we’re fighting The Odor. The only question is, does this or that person work for The Odor too? They didn’t have to work to find these idiots. They just handed them their scripts.

          Those who can see SHES for what it is can surely see this. It’s another hoax.

        • Ha…I found the picture! It’s from a website called Devotional Democracy, and appears to be a New Age outfit of some kind. They also have devotional candles of another darling of the Leftocrats: Robert Mueller.😇 Personally, I’m holding out for a Hillary Clinton candle.


        • Sad, those in control of several sites, are playing cop and hate anything truthful. I have had several people I know put in FB jail as well as others. I just read where CLinton is demanding social media start blocking conservative posts.

      • Many people around the country think as you. It seems the pictures they are passing around of her going there, being here, etc, are actually old pictures of her. They have no actual current anything of her, ummmm.

    • Exactly. How can he appoint someone to the court when no one will admit the old Talmudic harlot is dead or totally incapacitated beyond recovery? I find this utterly disturbing that no one is allowed to see her etc. I think Trump should send the FBI over to her house and demand that they see whether the hag is dead or alive so he can get on with the business of the country. Isn’t there a law they could use to investigate that?

      • Theoretically they COULD ask to see proof of her suitability. Justice’s can be impeached. Of course you can imagine the shrieking that would accompany any attempt at that! “Antisemite!!!!!!”.

        They obviously don’t want the old pervert removed or, worse yet, a replacement picked while Trump is in office. They hope to stall this at least through the elections. They’ll do that if they have to have her stuffed.

    • Re: RBG, CTH blog had a funny tweet/headline the other day:

      “RBG Look-alike Interviews Alan Dershowitz About Pending Mueller Report.”

      Turns out the RBG look-alike they were referring to was Larry King, lol!

      Also a few days ago, there was a monumental SCOTUS decision 9-0 AGAINST States Asset Forfeiture, a long-running scam by PDs to confiscate & KEEP personal property when people are not even found guilty of any crimes, etc.:

      That article said RBG actually SAT ON THE BENCH with the other Justices for that decision, which I wondered THEN if that were REALLY true or if they were using a look-alike sit-in acting as RBG(?).

      The article also pointed out how UNLIKE Lefty-Commie-(((RBG)))’s ruling was as she lauded ANGLO-SAXON law & traditions in her Scotus Opinion.

      So is the old bag really still alive after-all? Since when does SHE give a hill of beans re the ANGLO-SAXON legal mindset?

      (FYI: That Asset Forfeiture case that reached SCOTUS was re some guy, probably black, who was caught for a “minor” drug offense yet the PD confiscated & would not return to him his **$42,000** SUV. Tell me, how does a “small-time” drug user or drug pusher AFFORD a $42,000 vehicle?! SMH.)

  2. Easy to make liberal heads explode (and thus less of them) is to talk about puppy abortion clinics.

  3. Re third paragraph under “Here’s the Divide”, Harvard’s guest Commencement speaker after exercise is to be Angela Merkel, , “one of the most widely admired and broadly influential statespeople of our time.” Pres. Bacow

    • Absolutely. We get confused because we don’t admit to who’s in charge. Surely no one thinks these institutions or politicians are independent. They don’t work for us, they work for The Odor.

  4. God is the MASTER BUILDER. Donald J. Trump is not GOD, he is a builder and I believe architects and builders are chosen people with a far advance vision. Builders want to advance, move forward, yet we find we are surrounded by worldwide cretins and stupids that cant see further than the tip of their noses, they want control, they are an obstacle we can’t to remove. POTUS is a driving force and I am in that bandwagon right behind pushing with all my might. DJT 2020that’s the vision.

  5. You nailed it, TD!
    It is noteworthy that the loudest anti-Trumpers have the most sordid secrets they want concealed.

  6. Demographics already guarantees a collectivist future in America, barring a declaration of martial law and rise of American Caesarism to restore order after the shtf. There is no reasoning with liberals about the contradictions in their beliefs and horrific 20th century consequences of their actions because they suffer from grave psychological inadequacies, substituting mass political virtue for the personal virtues they lack, and seek comfort becoming lost in the hive. There’s almost always a corresponding spoiled-child syndrome turning insanely homicidal when it doesn’t get its way, dancing around the guillotines as their betters’ heads are cut off. The real meaning of social justice for the left is vengeance. If we don’t put this joke of American democracy behind us, our grandchildren will pay the price. At best the Republicans are bought-and-paid-for Judas goats.

    • “At best the Republicans are bought-and-paid-for Judas goats.”

      You said it Dan. And while I can’t argue that DJT hasn’t done some good stuff Trump, I place no hope in him either. I know that ruffles feathers, but it’s the truth as I see it. Just saw the story below, and it tells me all I need to know about the future he hopes for us. All the rest is window dressing.

      Trump Tweeted He Wants 5G and 6G in America As Soon As Possible!


      • Agree 1000x, Lana. I saw the Potus 5G tweets last week as well. Horrifying. He either has NO CLUE or he really is a FRAUD.

        Either way, I can no longer 1/2, 1/3, nor even 1/4-way support a President who “can’t wait” to begin maiming & torturing the citizenry w/5G.

        The concerns he was complaining about were those re “Cyber Security” but ZILCH re the HEALTH of nations + animals + plants.

        He’s turning out to be as bad as his Evil Predecessors who gave us:
        __AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) Smart Meters,
        __the Telcoms’ “Get Out of Jail Free” card/clause of 2006 (no liability for them for any MWR [Microwave Radiation] injuries 2006 forward, that clause added to the 1996 Telecommunications Act),
        __& those who gave us that 1996 Tel.Act itself.

        Here’s links to those tweets of his:

        __Photo of Potus’ two tweets 2/21/19 re 5G:


        __Potus 1-of-2 links re 5G on 2/21/19:

        __Potus 2-of-2 links re 5G on 2/21/19:

        For any “twitter warriors” who want to join in, feel free to add educational “replies” here (include a scientific study link, or an expert’s link, or a worthy news link re EMFs, MW-RF, 2G-3G-4G-5G, Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields, “Dirty Electricity,” Ground Current/Stray Voltage, etc., all bad news & made worse via our ever-expanding man-made/non-native-EM-Radiated environment):

        Twitter Thread to Potus+Sons begun 2/22/19:

    • Couldn’t agree more. Two wings on the same bird. The game is to convince people that those are their only choices. It’s a Chinese menu, Column A or Column B, no substitutions.

      So you get these ridiculous discussions about “well, he sucks, they he’s all we’ve got (sniff)”. No he (or she) is not all we’ve got. I have no intention of making someone a hero, or a heroine, and then letting them determine my future.

      Personally, I don’t believe these mutts are actually in opposition to each other. I think it plays well on TV. In the column “for the people” I’m coming up zero. I’m not surprised, by the way. I’m not happy, but I’m realistic.

      Whatever we do in life will have to be done by us, not through a proxy. I think the most important thing we can do is to learn not to be manipulated. There’s a great Bob Dylan line “don’t follow leaders and watch the parking meters”.

      • Sorry for the many typos- in the above post, and so many other posts as well. I somehow placed DJT and Trump in the same sentence making absolutely no sense, but I have to blame it on over a month of nights with an average of 5 hours sleep- things are just not functioning well, including my brain. Which brings me back to what you said: “Whatever we do in life will have to be done by us”. I’m at a point with my health where I feel pretty useless to do anything- at least ” out there”. But I guess I can at least say I don’t allow myself to be manipulated. When my husband brought me out into the family room to look at the TV the morning of 911, I instantly knew it was a rigged deal even though I didn’t know the details. I didn’t hide in my house cowering for fear of terrorists like so many. In fact, it was so bad that a lot of businesses closed within 6 months to a year after 911 because people were afraid to go out. You, know, terrorists around every corner and all.

        • Lana, your comments are always among the best on any of the sites I follow, and your mild corrections always appreciated. Your take on things is always edifying, and probably to more of us than you think. I hope you’ll start feeling better and getting the sleep you need.

          Best of everything,

          • Hear, hear, me too. Always remember “it’s a free country”.

            • Great ID there, lol, “Abort Liberalism.”

              It’s great Potus is making new rules & ripping from their hands Planned Parenthood funding. I hope it all “sticks ” & is not challenged or reversed.

              And so true re the Higher Institutions of Learning (aka brainwashing). Sometimes Makow retweets articles/links from the “Professor Doom” blog. Lol, love his chosen title; you guys probably have heard of him. I guess he’s a real current or former professor who writes about the current out-of-control condition of Universities.

          • Very kind of you to say so Dan. As I mentioned here before, I’m sure the world would be just fine without my added two cents, but as Lophatt said, by communicating here with each other we have a community of sorts that helps us to know none of us are the the lone ranger out there.
            Thank you Lophatt and Dan for your well wishes. I hope I start getting some sleep too! The things that aren’t working right, only seem to get worse without that precious respite we call sleep! Bless you both.

        • I’m glad to hear your reaction to 9-11. I did the same thing. I was driving to work and heard it on the radio. I KNEW it was a hoax. My first thought, regarding Sparky Bush, was “nobody gets that lucky”. At the time he was circling the bowl politically.

          A coworker felt exactly the same. We spent many weeks and months discussing this. We were the ONLY ones that didn’t buy in, or at least weren’t afraid to say anything.

          Nothing has changed my mind. In fact, all the subsequent stuff only solidified my original opinion. I can be pretty short sometimes. I don’t mean to be but I haven’t much patience with those who think that believing something (or its opposite) means I LIKE something.

          If I come to believe something it has NOTHING to do with whether or not it pleases me. It is what it is. I happen to think that’s what adults are supposed to do.

          You hang in there and take care of yourself. If you’re anything like me (and I think you are), some days are better than others. Any day spent on this side of the sod is call for jubilation. I don’t mind getting older at all. Now, where did I put my teeth?

      • Bon Dylan Updated:

        “Don’t follow leaders and watch the radiating Smart Meters.” 🙂

        “…I don’t believe these mutts are actually in opposition to each other.”

        I think about that, too, often enough, that maybe all their insults & jabs back & forth against each other are a joke they play on us, & that behind the scenes they still “party” together.

        • =====
          “…I don’t believe these mutts are actually in opposition to each other.”

          I think about that, too, often enough, that maybe all their insults & jabs back & forth against each other are a joke they play on us, & that behind the scenes they still “party” together.

          I’ll third that assertion. I believe it is a dog and pony show. A pox on them all. And PS, As for Trump and the 5G? Is he THAT stupid,
          or is he THAT stupid? Thre really are different kinds of stupid, politically he is not THAT stupid- he knows which side his bread is buttered on. But is he THAT stupid when it comes to understanding the dangers of stuff like 5G, and seeing things through a holistic lens?
          Yeah, he is THAT stupid. What else would you expect from a guy who still downs diet sodas each day like they are water and eats fast food. Trump clearly knows or cares nothing about health and the human body. His world is money, and power ,and whatever he thinks looks good.

          • We cannot place our faith in politicians of any ilk. The simple truth is that, if they were a threat to The Odor, they’d be dead. Some innocuous banter is encouraged to give the eaters the impression that they have a say in this. This is important because it can later be used to place the blame on THEM.

            I see this all the time “if we’d just……..none of this would have happened”. NO! You couldn’t have done anything about it on a bet!

            I don’t think he’s stupid. I think he’s arrogant. I think he has some “paternal” interest in his fellow man but I don’t think he regards them as equals. And really, why should that matter?

            I personally don’t care what he or anyone else thinks. We used to share a culture and a society because we shared common beliefs and wants for our future. It is not possible to have two (or more) diametrically opposed visions for a future and survive as a culture.

            We can’t have those who laugh at murdering babies bumping elbows with those who value life. There is no way to reconcile that. It looks to me like they are ready to pull the trigger on the A-21 and use force to make it happen.

            Just like in a magic show it is important not to let the magician distract us. We should not focus our attention on where the magician points. We should know that the most we can hope for from any of them is that they will in some way slow the process. If any of them get in the way they will be removed.

            Looking to the source of our discontent for resolution is a bad idea. I am seldom disappointed because I have no illusions about some hero on a white stallion riding to our rescue. It isn’t going to happen.

            So, knowing that, maybe the best alternative is to plan for the very real possibility that we’ll find out it was all for show and we’re living in an oppressive hellhole. Remember, whatever you do don’t let them get you in the car. Also, it isn’t rape if you consent.

  7. Stephen T. McCarthy

    As usual, TrailDust, your post shines!

    I don’t visit as much as I used to, and I post comments even less than that. But your Spiritual vision is one of the major reasons I still pop in from time to time.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends’

    • Thanks Stephen,
      I do this kind of post because we have no shortage of horrible things going on in the world. So I sometimes focus on something good, and I think others on this blog get some sense of encouragement, too.


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