Why the U.S. must ban all subway trains

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There is a horrible killer loose in America.
It’s huge in size and very very lethal.
It has killed again and again, across our fruited plains from sea to shining sea. And it will kill again, if we don’t stop it dead in its tracks.
As recounted by Helen Pow for the UK’s Daily Mail, Dec. 27, 2012, in New York this killer has already killed as many as THREE (gasp!) times in the recent past.
1. In January 1999, aspiring screenwriter Kendra Webdale was killed by an oncoming subway train after she was shoved off the platform onto the train tracks by a former mental patient.
After that, the state Legislature passed Kendra’s Law, which lets mental health authorities supervise patients who live outside institutions to make sure they are taking their medications and aren’t threats to safety.
Alas, Kendra’s Law did not stop the next brutal killing.
2. On December 3, 2012, while waiting in Times Square for a subway train, 58-year-old Ki-Suck Han (photo below) got into an argument with a homeless man, 30-year-old Naeem Davis. The two men had never met before.

Dead: Ki-Suck Han, pictured, was shoved in front of a train in Times Square

Davis shoved Han off the platform onto the train tracks. Instead of helping Han, a New York Post photographer who also was waiting for a train, took a photograph of Han on the tracks a split second before he was crushed to death by an arriving train.
Davis (photo below) has been charged with murder in Han’s death and is being held without bail. He has pleaded not guilty, claiming Han was the aggressor and had attacked him first.

Charged: Homeless man, 30-year-old Naeem Davis, pictured, was charged with murder after pushing a man under a train on December 3
  1. On December 27, 2012 at about 8 pm, a man was standing on the elevated platform of a 7 train in Queens when a woman, who witnesses said had been following him closely and muttering to herself, shoved the man onto the tracks.
    The man was hit by the first car of an 11-car northbound train and got stuck under the wheels of the second car. Witnesses say the man hadn’t appeared to notice the woman, and that the woman waited until the last possible moment before pushing him in front of the approaching train.
    It was unclear if the man and the woman knew each other or if anyone tried to help the man up before he was struck by the train. However, according to witnesses, there wouldn’t have been time.
    A passenger in the train said he had felt the train going over “a bump.” Linda Santini-Tripodis, who was beneath the 40th Street station at the time, said, “I heard the train screech as it was stopping and then heard this loud scream. I’m never going to forget that scream for as long as I live.”
Crime scene: The man was struck by the train and killed at the 40th Street station near Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside, pictured

New York Police Department chief spokesman Paul Browne said the victim, who was pronounced dead at the scene, had “terrible injuries that make providing a description difficult at this time.”
Officers are looking for the woman, who had fled the scene after the attack. Police viewed footage from a 24-hour surveillance camera outside a pizza restaurant, Oasis, located across from the station and were able to obtain clear images of the suspect, according to The New York Times. She is described as Hispanic, in her 20s, heavyset and about 5-foot-5, wearing a blue, white and gray ski jacket and Nike sneakers with gray on top and red on the bottom.
Frankly, I think the police are barking up the wrong tree.
Clearly, the real culprit is not the mental patient in the 1999 incident, or Naeem Davis in the Dec. 3, 2012 incident, or the Hispanic woman in the latest Dec. 27 incident.
Clearly, the real culprit is the evil New York SUBWAY TRAIN!!! (See photo below). For if it weren’t for the NY subway train, Kendra Webdale, Ki-Suck Han, and the yet-to-be-identified man would still be alive!!!!

Shocking: The man, who hasn't been identified, was standing on the elevated platform of a 7 train in Queens at about 8pm when he was shoved on the tracks

This is so obvious to anyone who thinks clearly and who really really cares about people and about the sacredness of LIFE. But would you believe that there actually are Americans who say they have a Constitutional right to ride subway trains? Would you believe that these Americans actually formed a National Subway Train Association (NSTA) to “protect” their “right” to ride trains? Would you believe the NSTA spouts ridiculous slogans like “Subway trains don’t kill. People kill” and “When subway trains are outlawed, only outlaws will ride subway trains”?
Ha! These people are just plain EVIL! Like CSI star Marg Helgenberger and U. of Rhode Island history professor Erik Loomis, I think these subway-train nuts should get a taste of what they inflict on the rest of us — Death!!!!!
In mere days, the 113th U.S. Congress will be convening in the hallowed halls of Capitol Hill.
We must demand that Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA), who’s ever vigilant in ensuring the safety of the American people, introduce a bill to ban all subway trains in the United States.
Contact your Congress critter(s) to demand the 2013 Feinstein Assault Subway Train Act! Click Here!

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  1. Too funny Eowyn!

  2. this is good.

  3. What about the arms? If these people didn’t have arms; they would have been unable to shove other people unto the tracks. Everyone must turn in their arms! For safety. The government will buy them back for $100 or grocery store vouchers. Maybe this would be unfair to those who live in areas not served by trains. You may keep your arms if you live at least 500 miles away from any passenger rail service, but you must have them registered because it is possible for you to travel to a place where trains operate.

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this great post! Talk about not defining the real issues and pinpointing the real problems! Material fallacies, here we come! The illustrative sarcasm says it all. Oh, by the way, whilst we are banning trains and such, we should also ban all automobiles, because of the hit and run drivers and random shootings that go on from passengers inside cars. not to mention the accidents that people are involved with in vehicles. Oh, and we should ban all boats of whatever type, so people will not drown. And, where does this end?

  5. But, golly, those left/liberals love mass transit… or is it crazy people. Oh, no, left/liberal cognitive dissonance!

  6. Well the arguments given in the post to ban subway trains seem to appeal. But I do not think if government will think in that line, especially when it is about a public transportation mean.


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