Why we don't have a Keystone Pipeline

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Keystone Pipeline Clogged by Massive Turd!

H/t beloved Joan


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0 responses to “Why we don't have a Keystone Pipeline

  1. this turd so stuck on himself he would kiss his own rear if he could

  2. he gives turds a bad name…
    but on a serious note: wouldn’t development of the
    North Dakota/Balkan Shield fields be more strategic
    (only an accidental advantage given this administrations
    willingness to destroy our economy)…
    and let us not forget what a pipeline through Chicago
    would do for the craven money/power worshipers.
    Of course ,given the EPA’s propensity to halt progress….

  3. Gas now $4.10/gal at my station. I’m leaving post it notes at the pump asking people how they like that hopeandchange . Skippy cannot be re-elected or we are further hosed!

  4. ROFL!
    That is just too funny.

  5. GM has stopped production of the Chevy Volt:
    “Chevy Volt Sales So Slow, GM Idles Production,” by Phil le Beau, Christian Science Monitor, 3 Mar 12
    Supposedly for five weeks until demand catches up or something like that.

    • Demand for a car that catches on fire? Ha, these employees better hope their unemployment benefits last a long time…


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