Why Teachers Drink

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H/t beloved fellow May! We sure can use the laughs   😀

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0 responses to “Why Teachers Drink

  1. Thanks for the laughs. I am more than positive that many teaches got so exasperated with their students failures to study and their absurdity. Now days, it is so much more serious with a huge lack of respect to go along with it. Just more signs of the times.
    In my day, If I had answered a question with such absurdity, my parents would have been called and I would have gotten it for sure!

  2. Ha, the “Steve driving his car” answer is hilarious!

  3. and these kids went on to college and are now trying to run our country .
    dumbing down and race norming have created an uneducated mass of stupidity rampaging throughout our nations school systems. ebonics should be equated with retardation not as an alternative to normal thinking.


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