Why Soros Sinks $1 Million Into Legalizing Pot

One of the issues California voters are asked to vote on this Tuesday is Proposition 19, which would legalize the production and possession of “small” amounts of marijuana (aka cannabis).
California already legalizes the “medical” use of marijuana since November 1996 — a practice that is widely abused. According to the federal government (DEA), “there is no state regulation or standard of the cultivation and/or distribution medical marijuana. California leaves the establishment of any guidelines to local jurisdictions, which can widely vary. Local and state law enforcement counterparts cannot distinguish between illegal marijuana grows and grows that qualify as medical exemptions. Many self-designated medical marijuana growers are, in fact, growing marijuana for illegal, ‘recreational’ use.”
Now California seeks to legalize marijuana altogether. And the evil George Soros, international financial speculator profiteer and sugar daddy to Obama and the Left, has poured $1 million into Prop. 19.
Contrary to the pro-cannabis myth, marijuana is not harmless but has serious medical effects. Daily smokers of marijuana have a 5.7 times higher risk of lung cancer than non-users. Cannabis use is also correlated with the development of anxiety, depression, and psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia.
The legalization of addictive mind-altering drugs is part of the “break down of cultural standards of morality,” which is one of the 45 Communist Goals for America.
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Time to declare war on the sugar daddy from hell and force behind Obama regime
By Jeffrey T. Kuhner – World Tribune – October 29, 2010
George Soros is back. The leftist billionaire wrote a column this week calling for the legalization of marijuana. In the Wall Street Journal’s op-ed pages, Mr. Soros supports California’s Proposition 19, the ballot initiative that would legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana and its domestic cultivation.
Proposition 19 is a major step toward Mr. Soros’ ultimate goal: the legalization of almost all hard drugs — including cocaine and heroin. This is a cause Mr. Soros has pushed — and bankrolled — for decades. It would take America closer to his vision of a European-style permissive social democracy.
The prevalence of drugs threatens the very fabric of our society, destroying the lives (and brains) of millions of Americans. It also fosters child abuse, domestic violence, crime, illegitimacy, AIDS and social breakdown. It is a public scourge whose use should not be encouraged or legally sanctioned, but eradicated. The fact that legalization would result in more drug-induced deaths and higher addiction rates, especially among children and teenagers, means nothing to Mr. Soros. He champions the culture of death. Abortion, atheism, pornography, gay marriage, euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide — these are the issues central to Mr. Soros’ progressive agenda. Media elites pay little attention to Mr. Soros and his nefarious activities because they share his political philosophy. Hence, they refuse to shine a spotlight on his secretive, rapacious and immoral behavior. They are complicit in covering up his shady, manipulative and destructive business dealings and his extreme neo-Marxist views.
Mr. Soros is the sugar daddy of the Democratic Party and the modern left. His net worth is more than $7 billion. He is one of the richest and most influential men in the world. Almost every major liberal organization, think tank or media outlet has been the beneficiary of Mr. Soros’ largesse. The Nation magazine, Mother Jones, Media Matters, MoveOn.org, NPR and the Center for American Progress — all together they have received tens of millions of dollars from the financier. They serve as front groups and propaganda vehicles to promote Mr. Soros’ brand of transnational socialism. He has poured hundreds of millions into the former communist bloc. The former Soviet empire has thus become the Soros empire. Mr. Soros has worked behind the scenes to destabilize and influence governments such as Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia, Georgia, Kosovo and Ukraine. In the process, he has plundered countries’ natural resources.
Mr. Soros is a liberal imperialist who seeks to erect one-world government. He is a rabid anti-capitalist. He favors high taxes, lavish public spending, welfare statism, massive redistribution of wealth to the poor and a tightly controlled international regulatory financial system. He despises nationalism and the West’s Judeo-Christian heritage. His aim is to usher in a new global order — one based on scientific materialism and progressive social engineering. He champions amnesty for illegal immigrants and erasing our borders with Mexico and Canada. In his view, religion, nation-states and the family are repressive, antiquated institutions that must be abolished. He is the enemy of democracy and America.
During the presidency of George W. Bush, Mr. Soros called for “regime change.” He spent nearly $25 million hoping to defeat Mr. Bush in 2004. He failed — barely. The billionaire is fostering greater financial chaos to devalue our currency. Mr. Soros is betting against the U.S. dollar, attempting to undermine its value on the global markets. Destroy the dollar, and America’s economic might goes with it. Mr. Soros wants to repeat his legendary 1992 assault on Britain’s pound sterling, in which he nearly bankrupted London’s central bank and caused an economic crisis — forcing English taxpayers to pick up the costly tab. Mr. Soros made out like a bandit, pocketing about $1 billion from his currency-manipulation scheme.
He is a shrewd student of history. Like Leon Trotsky, one of the founders of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, Mr. Soros believes in fomenting permanent crisis in the service of permanent revolution. A protracted economic crisis will decimate the middle class — and bring with it the acceptance of unprecedented government intervention. This is what he hoped would happen over the past several years.
Mr. Soros is a hypocrite. He claims to want higher taxes on the wealthy and stricter corporate regulations. But his investment fund is registered in the Netherlands Antilles, enabling him to dodge income and dividend taxes to Uncle Sam. His investments and money are sheltered in offshore accounts — away from the clutches of the Internal Revenue Service or the watchful eye of the Securities and Exchange Commission. In 2002, he was convicted in France of insider trading. He has financial interests tied to Latin American drug cartels. For example, he reportedly has a major stake in Banco de Colombia, a bank known to be laundering money for drug kingpins.
In short, he thinks the rules do not apply to him. Mr. Soros is ultimately an amoral megalomaniac who is detached from reality. He refers to himself as “the pope’s boss.” He has admitted to having messianic impulses. “I fancied myself as some kind of god,” he once said. He went on to emphasize that “truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.” Yet Mr. Soros claims he has learned to deal with them — by embracing his world historical destiny. “It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.”
The fact that Mr. Soros is the power behind the Obama regime reveals its moral and intellectual bankruptcy — and the depths to which liberalism has fallen. Rather than being a hero and benefactor, he should be an embarrassment to liberals everywhere. Moreover, he poses a clear and present danger to the republic and its founding values. If Republicans regain control of Congress, they should launch an investigation into Mr. Soros’ nefarious political activities and shady financial dealings. He has declared war on conservatives; it is time we declare war on him. 

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9 years ago

Pure EVIL this man is….that’s all I can say for if I typed my real thoughts I might be banned 🙂

9 years ago

Me too DCG,He should be banned from the United States of America,put him, Gore,Clintons,the “Fraud” the current administration and everyone involved with them on a leaky boat to Russia. Since this is the way they all want to live.

9 years ago

Mr. Soros needs to experience some of his desired “societal breakdown” (e.g., crackheads, gang firefights in residential neighborhoods, being robbed, 14-years-olds with kids and no job, etc.)… maybe he’d feel differently knowing what it’s like for everyone else (persish the thought).

2 years ago

how to connect soros with john cox, running for California governor mayday pac?