Why Seattle Hates Snow – It's Our Hills, Stupid!

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0 responses to “Why Seattle Hates Snow – It's Our Hills, Stupid!

  1. Duluthian’s (with hills second only to San Francisco) are
    amused :)…of course,I learned to drive in the mid-west where
    we didn’t venture out until the sunshine had melted the ice…
    usually around noon.Now I just wait for spring.

  2. I know the helpless feeling you have when sliding on ice, but what makes a person think they can manuever where others can’t? Could it be that just because they drive a SUV or 4WD they believe their vehicles have special power others do not? I’d sit and wait for the sand truck to come by.

    • From my experience I’d say it stems from the same place where men, rarely a woman, feel they can outwit the Stock Market, as they know this time it’s different, etc., etc. From time to time we live under self-granted immunities from our imperfect human natures, so we make God-like decisions, and then watch helplessly as our C$ 100,000 Porsche Cayenne slides gracefully down our overly steep driveway, and comes to rest by ploughing head-on into the police chief’s car, yes, the same guy whose daughter was trashed by your son after the prom…. It happened in West Vancouver, an elite town outside Vancouver, BC. There is divine justice, but sometimes it arrives in unexpected ways.

  3. In Seatle’s defense, we only have significant snowfall once every 4-5 years so only the skiers are experienced driving in snow.
    More significantly, the local “eco-friendly” government discourages such items as studded tires, chains and really effective use of snow removal material such as sand and salt because as storm run-off it pollutes the waterways and harms the salmon runs. The last mayor of Seattle lost his re-election bid in the primary because his snow removal policy was so lame. Instead the wise citizens elected a mayor whose preferred transportation is bicycling.

    • Seattle voters (and drivers) are a bunch of idiots!!!
      I’m home again, day 4. SNowing again big time now!

      • Are you getting cabin fever?

        • YES! Finally able to hook into work email so I can at least get some work done though, whew.
          Will be hoofing it to the grocery store later, once the flurries die down (hopefully!).

        • Exactly GF…once in snow, driving downhill, car in front of me had plenty time to go through yellow light (no cars around). Instead he SLAMS on the brakes. I’d ended up on sidewalk trying to avoid rear-ending him (and I was plenty far enough behind him). Folks around here just can’t handle it…

          • My son went out for emergency restock of Friskies for the cat and we’ll ride out the storm. The latest prediction is we’ll be back to rain on Friday.

  4. Thanks for the amusing video of “My SUV’s better at this than your SUV” idiocy. It’s rarely the machine, rather how it’s driven, or as the old adage in horticulture has it, it’s all whose thumb is on the end of the hose. Here in Victoria, BC we have the same problems, but compounded by fools who don’t know how to drive on snow or ice, and rely on “All-Season tires” [an oxymoron, really] to get them through. Sorry, but tires do not a driver make!

  5. Ha, I remember this..silly fools. Walking home today going down a big hill a car was sliding backwards down the hill cuz she couldn’t make it up (why, I don’t know as she had front wheel drive). Had to watch out to make sure she wouldn’t slide into me!

  6. Love this. Used this exact vid to state my case also.

  7. Comical…

  8. So many good things going on here it’s hard to know where to start. First off, the music track was a great choice. However, as good as that was it’s topped –IMO– by the small car at 1:39 and on, which has its STATIONARY hazard lamps on as it meanders along…. I guess that was to add ambiance to the general chaos. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched drivers set their front drive wheel wildly spinning, as if they were digging a way out.
    Front wheel drive was introduced in North America w/o ensuring that drivers understood how radically different it was from rear wheel drive, thus we now have many lousy drivers. Finally, it should be noted that neither Rolls Royce nor Mercedes Benz nor any large European car has front wheel drive. Why –if it’s superior– not? I’ve never seen either make stuck in snow.


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