Why obesity offends God

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Have you noticed how in old television shows from the 1960s, ’70s, and even ’80s, everyone looks thin?
Americans are too fat. Despite that, we are getting fatter.
A new study warns that at the rate we’re going, in 18 years, by the year 2030, more than 4 of every 10 (42%) Americans may become obese and 11% could be severely obese.

Obesity is more than being over weight. These terms are defined by the body mass index (BMI), a measurement that is closely related to both percentage body fat and total body fat:

  • “Normal weight” means a BMI of 18.5–24.9
  • “Over weight” means a BMI of 25.0–29.9
  • “Obesity” means a BMI of 30.0–34.9
  • “Severe obesity” means a BMI of 35.0–39.9
  • “Morbid obesity” means a BMI of 40 or over

BMI is calculated by dividing a person’s mass (weight) by the square of his or her height, typically expressed either in metric or US “customary” units of lbs. and inches. This is the formula:

BMI = mass (lb) ÷ (height in inches)² x 703

There’s an easier way to calculate your BMI. Click here!
Nanci Hellmich reports for USA Today, May 7, 2012, that the obesity rate was relatively stable in the USA between 1960 and 1980, when about 15% of people fell into the category. It increased dramatically in the ’80s and ’90s and was up to 32% in 2000 and 36% in 2010, according to CDC data.

As of 2010, more than 1 of every 3 U.S. adults (about 36%) were obese, which is roughly 30 pounds over a healthy weight, and 6% were severely obese, which is 100 or more pounds over a healthy weight. Those percentages qualify as an epidemic.
According to CDC data, in 2010, the South has the highest prevalence of obesity (29.4%) followed by the Midwest (28.7%), Northeast (24.9%) and the West (24.1%). Mississippi has the highest obesity rate of all 50 states, at 34%. Colorado has the lowest obesity rate, at 21%.
Non-Hispanic blacks have the highest rates of obesity (44.1%) compared with Mexican Americans (39.3%), all Hispanics (37.9%) and non-Hispanic whites (32.6%).
Between 1988–1994 and 2007–2008 the prevalence of obesity increased in adults at all income and education levels
According to a new study led by Eric Finkelstein, a health economist with Duke University Global Health Institute, 42% of Americans may end up obese by 2030, and 11% could be severely obese, adding billions of dollars to health care costs. That means 32 million more obese people within two decades, on top of the almost 78 million people who were already obese in 2010.
The analysis was presented at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “Weight of the Nation” meeting. The study is being published online in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.
Extra weight takes a huge toll on health, increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, many types of cancer, sleep apnea and other debilitating and chronic illnesses. (Read more on obesity-associated morbidity here.)
The latest finding is that obesity also increases the risk of senile dementia! A new study published in the journal Neurology found that people who are obese in middle age are at almost four times greater risk of developing dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease in later life than people of normal weight.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that medical-related costs of obesity may be as high as $147 billion a year, or roughly 9% of medical expenditures. An obese person costs an average of $1,400 more in medical expenses a year than someone who is at a healthy weight, they found. Other researchers have estimated the costs may be even higher.
If the obesity rate stays at 2010 levels instead of rising to 42% as predicted, then the country could save more than $549.5 billion in weight-related medical expenditures between now and 2030, says study co-author Trogdon.
More than medical costs, obesity-related heath problems also mean a reduced life expectancy. Obesity is one of the leading preventable causes of death worldwide. On average, obesity reduces life expectancy by six to seven years: a BMI of 30–35 reduces life expectancy by two to four years, while severe obesity (BMI > 40) reduces life expectancy by 10 years.

photo by Fiona Hanson/PA

But there is yet another reason for us NOT to be obese:

Obesity is an offense against God who made us in His own image.

The following is taken from an essay, “Food Is Sacred,” written by Fr. Joseph Illo, pastor of St. Joseph Church in Modesto, California, May 8, 2012:

“Supersize it.” If one, six-dollar burger is good, two is better, and best of all when they are on sale, two for ten dollars! We love to eat. […] Food is essential for human life. But why, then, is food the number one killer in America? Heart disease, due almost entirely to overeating or eating the wrong kinds of foods, is our number one cause of death in America. Actually, food is a sacred gift, and so the abuse of this sacred gift is seriously harmful.

Jesus shows us how to properly order our appetite for food. Consider the Last Supper: Jesus took a little bread, and a little wine. Both are natural, wholesome foods. And this is what we do at Mass: a little bread, a little wine, which is really the very body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus.

How we worship is how we should eat, because food is sacred.

Our market-driven culture teaches us to consume. We are told that food, as much and as often as we can get it, makes us happy. As with all lies, there is a kernel of truth in this: food does make us happy, but in right proportion. Too much food, or the wrong kind of food, makes us bloated, heavy, depressed, and ultimately kills us with every disease from diabetes to cardiac failure.

To be genuinely happy, we must discipline ourselves, as Jesus did. He took only a little baked fish (not fried fish!). He chastised his body; he restrained his appetites.

God made each of us in His own image. We therefore should treat our bodies with respect, instead of abuse. There is a reason why Gluttony is one of the Seven Deadly Sins!
You don’t have to be a Christian or believe in God to recognize that truth.
In his An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals (1751), the great Scottish philosopher David Hume thought hard about ethics and morality. To this day, Hume’s definition remains among the best definitions of what “immoral” is.
For Hume, “immoral” is whatever that does harm or injury to oneself and/or to others.
Obesity, being harmful to our health and a burden in medical costs borne by not just us but the entire medical care system, fits that definition!

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0 responses to “Why obesity offends God

  1. I don’t think she’s gonna be doing much gold diggin with that!

  2. I don’t know if it’s gluttony or GMO’s and growth hormones in our
    diets…but I’m hoping God is pleasantly plump ….
    because even when I was buff (as a gymnast) the BMI made me
    laugh…my six-pac became a keg a decade ago . I suspect it’s part
    of an evil plot by the insurance/pharmacological industry to guilt us
    all and make us miserable.

    • Both Dan,…both. It’s not just what we eat, its how it’s grown. The manner in which the animals most Americans ( I’m plant based, natural free range lettuce eater) are ‘Farmed’. Nearly 90% of the Antibiotics produced and consumed each year go to the Beef, Chicken and pig business.
      I would think that more ‘Christ’ Like individuals would return to the land. I’m certain the conditions in which we grow and handle our live stock is an abhorrent sin. Should ‘man’ not be good stewards of all of Gods creatures? Including the ones humanity chooses to consume?
      I could see the God, Yahweeh of the old testament being a Baby Back Rib Deity, but in his recent years of love and adoration he’d most likely be a vegetarian.
      My slap on the table.

  3. now that got me laughing 🙂

  4. The person that wrote this is what Jesus describes as the person with the beam in his eye complaining about the person with the splinter in theirs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ann,
      “The person who wrote this post” has a name.
      I’m not perfect and I struggle with my weight like everyone. But I do care about my health, so I try to watch what I eat, avoid high-fat foods, and stay physically active.
      Why do you take this INFORMATIVE post as a personal insult, then in turn become insulting? Your acid remark is a boomerang. Is obesity NOT a health threat, increasing one’s risks for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s? Is gluttony — over-eating beyond satiety — NOT a sin? Has obesity NOT risen to the level of a national epidemic?
      The latest news is that losing weight could half a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2147855/Losing-half-stone-halve-womans-risk-getting-breast-cancer-researchers-claim.html
      Despite all the health warnings, Americans keep getting fatter and fatter. So in this post, I tried to use a different tactic by appealing to our love for God as a way to curb our runaway appetites. We can’t be effective spiritual and political warriors if our bodies are sickly.

      • I can’t imagine that you ever struggle with your weight! Because even though you’ve never shown us your face, I’ve seen your hand (when you were talking about nail length and how ridiculous that woman here in Atlanta growing 12″-18″ nails), and you showed your arm and shoulder and part of your back when you held up a sign once to let everybody know you were sick!

        • Honestly, Julia, I do struggle like everyone else, except for the very small % of humanity who are (preter)naturally thin. When I was still prof and lived alone in a different city than my husband, I did go to aerobics in a health club. Now I don’t because it takes at least 20 minutes to drive to anywhere. Thankfully, being very busy with house- and garden-work and walking in the hills and eating a low-fat vegetarian diet keeps the weight off, kinda. I have to stay healthy ’cause my very sick husband, one Persian cat, 5 birds, and lots of flowering plants depend on me for their very lives.
          I am puzzled by what you meant by “arm shoulder and part of your back.” Never had such a pic taken! 😀

    • That’s a log.

  5. battling the bulge

    All people love the taste and smell of food. We need food to survive, so we eat. We all know that once it gets past our taste buds, it becomes fodder for the slop bucket. It’s that initial mouth-watering temptation, the pleasure of tasting and feeling heavenly delights in that little chamber of the mouth, that people can’t get enough of. In the present era of abundant pleasures, sensory over-stimulation, and instant gratification, it’s become an “extreme” sport, of sorts. When we should just be eating to live, many people now live to eat — in the extreme.

    • I love America, but we have become one of the most slovenly countries on the planet, and possibly,in the universe.
      Ever notice people in the grocery lines using food stamps to buy cartloads of processed, packaged foods from the mega corps, such as Kraft Macaroni and Cheese?
      Reading the ingredients lists for these products is quite an education-in chemistry!
      Do you suppose these folks are too busy looking for work to make their own healthful meals at home?? What are the odds?
      Is all of their food knowledge gained from the billions of dollars worth of TV commercials touting the delights of such garbage as Toaster Strudel, Manhandlers, pot pies, canned mushroom soup,chips, pop, ARRRGGGH! somebody stop me!
      Nobody is so busy as to have to eat heat and serve foods full of salt, hydrogenated fats, and chemical preservatives, people!
      How many children do you suppose are taught from an early age to cook from scratch? It has to be a rare occurence given the proliferation of fast food and all-you-can-inhale buffet businesses-notice I don’t call them restaurants-that would be an insult to real restaurants. That is just lazier than adoption, folks.
      Would there be fewer juvenile delinquents on the street if people were busy making healthful meals and engaging in other productive activities?
      Sure, we love to loudly proclaim our freedom (between mouthfuls of Cheetos and beer) , but whatever happened to personal responsibility, delayed gratification and self-discipline? And please, don’t tell me you’re free to engage in behavior that requires me to pay for your insulin, heart disease, and kidney dialysis.
      This sloth and gluttony is an insult to all who gave their blood sweat and tears to keep this country free-and to the God some of you believe in.

  6. I had a long post written up, a sort of journey through the mind of one of the so-poor-we-CAN’T-afford-food-but-we-don’t-use-food-stamps, not one of the we’re-so-busy-we-can’t-cook-it types, and some observations on GMO/hormone laden foods, but ppl like Pete Miller here would slam it to pieces. I couldn’t handle that, not when this post touches and digs open a deep well of misery and pain in me, that Peter here would exploit it and call me a liar and stupid. Not because I’m so obese, but because I AM way too overweight and some of my problems are medical and some are of my very own making – not a one of them being “personal responsibility, delayed gratification and self-discipline” as we HAVE no money to be irresponsible, gratified and lack any discipline.
    My husband uses insulin to live and I got news for you, Peter Miller, WE pay for his insulin, you don’t and neither does anyone else!! So you can stuff it in your ear over THAT one, a**hat!! DON’T be dissing my beloved!! We HAVE our own insurance – my husband walked a yard fulla 800-900 real life gangsters w/ a 4 oz can of Mace and his wits for 20 years so we could have the type of insurance Obama wants to take away, (which I would LOVE to see YOU have the guts to do!) It ISN’T all “lazy slobs” who are larger, by far, than they should be.
    I weep over the choice of eating those foods Peter loathes so much BECAUSE they’re cheap, but he’d come back w/ an unwilling-to-understand, hard-hearted “BS, you can still eat better”. Otherwise, I have to make the bitter choice to go on to those FS I loathe so much, just so I CAN afford something more than mac-n-cheese and beans-n-weenies that we can eat, pennies for the meal.
    Some here show real empathy, but this post brings a pain so deep that I won’t risk Peter slicing and dicing me just for writing it. Too bad, it might have shown the more tender-hearted among you, the REAL reasons some of us can’t shed this weight just by saying “Abracadabra, Mommy would you please?”
    But don’t fret Dr. Eoywn, YOU didn’t write something that damaged me, Obama beat you to that a LOOOOOONG time ago. And the only one “damaging” me is what Obama has done to my family, and most especially to my beloved husband, nearly killing him w/ the weight of worry! (I’d VERY MUCH like to return the favor!) Just bitterly desperate because I AM forced to finally contemplate becoming a leech on society, just so we can eat. For my husband, who has so much wrong w/ his health and these cheap foods are killing him even faster than they are me! To depend on someone besides ourselves – anathema for a country boy raised to abhor charity of ANY sort – is killing us to even contemplate. I know what that would mean to our debt. I know how I’ll feel every time someone rightly points out such leeches. Lower than worm spit. We pay our own rent, (which, btw, incl. cable, that’s why that’s not something we can cut back on, the rent here is still very generous for this town, and we don’t sneer at such fortune.) We pay our own bills, we pay for our own meds, via our own insurance that we pay premiums on, our own phone, our own auto insurance, our own everything. Except food, that’s last on the list, because if we lose any one of the others, we might as well lose them all, and we’ve already come too close to living in a tent, praying the cops don’t come bust us up, w/ no elec. for his CPAP and breathing treatments. That won’t do. (And Eoywn, it was an honest-to-God miracle why we DIDN’T end up there, you might like to hear the story sometime.) We still only eat one meal a day and you’d think we’d get skinny that way, but noooo. Our bodies just go into “starvation mode” and stay fat!! Faithless bodies. /
    Well, now I’ve said too much, giving self-righteous Peter here too much ammunition to call us stupid, lazy and cheap. Proclaiming our misery “through mouthfuls of Cheetos and beer.” Huh. As if.

    • Christine,
      My heart goes out to you and your husband.
      Worse than politics and religion, obesity is the taboo subject, sure to raise everyone’s heckles and offend sensibilities.
      I hope you can see through your hardships and pain to realize that my post was not intended to condemn those who are overweight due to medical reasons. Nor can the particular circumstances afflicting you and your husband explain the steep rise in the alarming percentage and numbers of Americans who are overweight and/or obese — which is the subject of my post — or explain away the many and certain negative effects of obesity on our health and well being.
      My prayers and love. ♥

      • Oh hun! I NEVER thought you were condemning me!! You wouldn’t do that to anyone! PLEASE dismiss that awful thought! It was Peter’s cutting generalizations and his self-superior beliefs why ppl are fat – because they’re lazy and no other reason, end of discussion, that got me riled up. In fact, my (much longer, God help you all! *grin*) “stream of consciousness” post, (that I did keep), was full of the various reasons for me, thus others as well, and also speculations on GMO/hormone laced foods. Like how girls are getting much “bigger” (ahem) then *I* ever remember girls getting and MUCH sooner. THAT’S not right and has to have reasons above and beyond, and be proof something is interacting in our bodies, because, well, to put it none too delicately, “they” are fat too.
        Please don’t distress yourself that YOU hurt me, Because of my inverse body image problem, I don’t FEEL fat, and who can feel fat when their husband thinks they’re a goddess, eh? *big, cheesy grin* He brought me thru after 8 years of being told I was “fatstupiduglyandcrazy”, so that’s a good deal. It was more to the point, which PETER connected, was my frustrating inability to get decent food. I’m so SICK of what we’ve been eating lately that sometimes I don’t even eat that one meal! I figure, “Well, saves money!” LOL – sorta. I crave fresh food, tasty meat, tho we don’t eat too much meat, and taste, blessed, blessed TASTE! Cheap foods suck. And spicing it up still doesn’t remove its suckery.
        And it’s all Obama’s fault – I don’t care who says “he isn’t responsible for everything.” Yeah, let him get close enough for me to tell him what he’s responsible for…… *disgusted sniff* He destroyed my husband by un-employing him, you know breadwinners, esp. good ol’ country boys, take unemployment hard, it’s what gave him his first heart attack! The sheer stress. Now he’s worse and what we’re eating now doesn’t help. I was blessed w/ a SAHM POV, which allowed me to keep a more even keel, even tho I, too, lost a job. But it’s just been SO long and no end in sight, ya know? And now the horrifying thought that I might actually have to become a leech just to eat. Do I choose that? Do I keep an even keel when conservatives rightly point out what FS/entitlements are doing to our debt, how folks are taking hard working folks’ money, who can hardly feed their own families? That gets me the most. Who’s more important? Usually, I wouldn’t have to worry, it would be OUR money! We’re just a simple old couple, we only need each other, our friends, our church, a few nice days to take a ride every now and then, see my kids occasionally. (Thank God they’re employed and too busy to see me! That works.) Simple things. My dearest dream is to have a balcony to grow things on and sit out, where no one will throw out all my treasured trees, bushes, rare daylilies, things like that. Other than that, nothing much else. But I don’t even have all of that, thank you kindly MR Obama! I spit on him.
        No no dear lady, YOU have never hurt me, nor would I ever expect you to. Rest easy.

  7. Dear Christine, Your essay contains so much pain. I am so sorry you are struggling with your husband’s health and difficult finances. Please explore some optons to ease your frustrations. Your physicians may be able to give you some drug samples to lessen the costs for you. There may be a food bank or a community farm where you can purchase or be given some healthier choices. Your church may also have a grant or an emergency fund which would make you feel less threatened if an emergency comes up. Housing costs and medical bills can certainly take a major chunk out of one’s monthly paycheck so I do understand and empathasize. Please know that you are not alone. We care and even more importantly you are loved by God. You will be in my prayers.

    • Thank you so much, HR, that’s very sweet and I for one know prayer has brought us through many times these past few years and I know I’m not alone. in fact, we’re in the majority! Still gets a little hard when there’s no end in sight, ya know? I can get a food bank card, but around here it’s food for maybe 2 meals and a box of cereal and that only once a month. Although there IS more than one in town. Ya gotta get there EARLY tho! Whoo!
      If America’s real unemployment numbers are say 12-15%, I lay even money our town is twice that. No one left to GIVE food so others can use it! We’re SO strapped in this county, it’s horrid. We have a private network for charity in town, but they are SO strapped. MD is so strapped. Did you know about 2 years ago, when we went looking for disabled housing, Sect 8, (which disgustingly, is also disabled housing), was shut down. Flat out. They weren’t paying the landlords or anything! But our landlady was a miracle to us! It’s a kinda long story and y’all have read enough long posts from me for this 24 hour period anyway! :)) So I’ll just leave it at that, but believe me, it was a miracle only God could pull off, that’s for sure.
      Thank you for your prayers, they are precious to us.

      • Start by growing your own food.

        • I realize this is only a year later… But Editor, that’s why I want a place w/ a balcony, even a patio (actually) scares me to put out food stuffs. Been stolen from way too many times here and they weren’t even edible! LOL I will SOOOO do that, once I get a place! I’ve been a reading and idea hoarding fool for every bit of info on growing by the inch and when we get a place w/ sun, that my plants are safe from various things that have happened here over the years, I’ll be growing so much I intend to can some!! If I pinned everything I’ve come across that I’ve saved some way or another, I’d be a board all by myself, or however you denote boo coo pics there. 🙂 I’ve been reading aquaponics using totes no less, things like that. Oh yeah, I intend to! Thanks.

          • That is AWESOME! Totes are great. And cheap. You can also use 5 gallon buckets with an air stone too. I truly, truly believe heaven is meant to be with in our hearts and our lives. And by growing food we grow love. What a rough way to exude the love of our creator by eating well and sharing the fruits of clean natural food with everyone.
            If a lion is full, a lamb can rest at his side.

  8. you can tell who is overweight and feel defensive by certain reactions, being obese is a state of mind too, too much of anything can kill you, but food should be prepared for health and enjoyment but if you indulge to much whatever illness you aquire from it is your own fault i have no mercy for anyone who allows anything outside of themselves to control whats going on on the inside, God gave us common sense, we need to be accountable for our own actions at some point. So if you chose to eat yourself to an early grave do it, i love me and my family to much to worry about what the next man or woman does they have to live their life, its like giving crack to a crack head would you do that yess some people would just dont bring that shy to my door step meaning my family.

    • I see, so there’s NO medical reason one might be less than rail thin, huh? Good luck bragging on your “perfect health” and “perfect eating habits” no-pity-hard-heartedness. I used to think the same thing…until I got sick – and that was BEFORE I got larger!! My illnesses have nothing to do w/ obesity, the meds I take FOR them are the reason for my extra pounds, plus the surgeries. It’s cruel people like you that make those of us cringe, stay inside, cry and feel ashamed, hating ourselves, (no doubt that makes you very happy to know you do that to people!) Even tho I was 32 before I could stand in the rain and actually get wet I was THAT skinny!
      Cruelty is a state of mind too, and it’s none of God in any shape or form. You’re an arrogant, selfish narcissist who thinks everything is “laziness” and you’re the paragon of virtue. I’d rather have Peter cut me down than you, at least HE didn’t say he was Mr. Perfect! I’ll guarantee you I eat less than 1500 cal a day, and at times much less than that. One meal a day, plus cereal for breakfast. Every 3rd month when our meds come due, WE BUY NO GROCERIES AT ALL! Not enough $$$ and we don’t take charity. No Food Stamps, no Food banks, no church families giving us food, n.o.t.h.i.n.g. So gee, explain to me again how I’m eating myself fat, hmmm? Esp when my illnesses struck me when I was so skinny. *I* AM “accountable” for my own actions, so is my husband, and we’re not bringing ANYTHING to you, we pay our own way w/ our own insurance. So shut up and mind your own business you cruel (w)itch! When you lose your health, you’ll get cruel, malignant people like yourself making your life that much harder, and sadder. Karma bites..HARD! Keep bragging, you’ll get yours and then YOU’LL be the one on the receiving end of hateful people like yourself. “Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord God of Hosts” Uh huh, I didn’t think I’d ever get sick and crippled either. God might just feel it’s time for a lesson on humility, little missy. He doesn’t particularly care for people who take His Grace and His Gifts (like good health) for granted and then turns around and treats others so cruelly, that especially.

      • Dear Christine,
        My heart goes out to you for your health problems.
        Your comment is a good reminder to us that we shouldn’t jump to conclusion when we see an overweight person.
        That being said, my post is not meant for people like you whose weight issues are a side effect of the medications they’re taking. You and I both know full well that medication is not the reason for why so many of us are not just overweight, but severely so. For too many Americans, it is about over-eating, junk food, being sedentary and not exercising. As I tried to communicate in my post, obesity isn’t just excess pounds. Obesity carries with it SEVERE health implications — diabetes, cancer, heart disease — which are not just bad for the obese person, but add to our already costly healthcare system and the financial burden of taxpayers.
        There is also a political dimension to Americans’ obesity:
        If we can’t be rational about our health, how then can we be trusted to be rational in our voting choices? But American democracy (Republican, i.e., representative democracy) PRESUMES that everyone is rational and can be trusted to make rational choices in voting. Think about it for a sec. The implications of voter irrationality are troubling, to put it mildly ….

        • Thank you Doc, I appreciate your comment MOST heartily! I know that wasn’t aimed at you and like I said in “It’s me again, Lord”, I struggle mightily w/ depression and that’s coming through here too. I know this is over a year later, but I discovered I have a list of important posts I had stacked back thru WordPress (who knew?) and I’m checking them out again. Now I see your post. Honey, how many times do I have to tell you that I would NEVER take a word you say crosswise to me! ^j^ ^j^ <- angels! 😉 BTW, I've been able to walk better lately, thank God, and I've lost some weight. A matter of pounds, but it's something!

          • I just woke up and got to my laptop and saw this. Your good news about your improved health has already made my day, dear Christine!
            You will be in my daily prayers — that your health continues to improve.

  9. Most RX’s given to the populace are far worse than the disease it was intended to quell. :{ Healing thoughts.

  10. I wouldn’t use BMI as a true indicator of health. You can have a normal or even low BMI and still have too much body fat. Since, BMI does’t measure body fat, and cannot even distinguish between fat and muscle, I would say we need a better system to match that. The important thing is to have a body fat percentage that is healthy. A lot of people in the “overweight” category in the BMI can actually be physically fit and healthy.. Also, we’re assuming that all overweight/obese people practice gluttony. But this is not always true. In fact, more often than not its not true . There are thin people who have bad diets as well. I think people need to address the mental/spiritual issues they have and work those out. Otherwise, weight loss will not sustain. But God can reset appetite. I have lost 85 lbs , God’s help. Food addictions and years of bad eating habits are very hard to turn around the first time.

  11. Thanks for an informative article. It is truly alarming how enormously fat we’ve all gotten. When my wife and I were married we were both in relatively good shape. Now, 10 years later, I am over 45 lbs bigger and she has gained over 100 pounds. Worse, we see our son and daughter already developing big bellies, especially our daughter, who just loves food so much but we have to put a limit on how much she can eat because we can see she will soon be overweight. We try to eat right and get at least a walk in once a day, but it’s tough with working so much.

    • Thank you, Fred, for not reacting to my post with anger or “narcissistic injury” as some readers had. If you and your family are exercising daily and working hard at your jobs, I honestly don’t understand the excess pounds. I humbly suggest you look into the kind of food you’re eating.
      1. Avoid fast food and processed food.
      2. Include lots of fiber (vegetables, grains): Did you know that fiber actually attaches itself to fat molecules? A high-fiber diet also prevents constipation.
      Good luck! 🙂

  12. Thank you, Doctor. The problem is that healthy food is much more expensive than quick meals we often have to choose by necessity, whether they be economic or because you are just exhausted after working a 12-hour shift on your feet and have to feed 2 kids. That’s today’s economy – both Mom and Dad have to work two jobs each, 6-7 days a week, just to keep the lights on and gas in the car. Not using that as an excuse, just saying it’s more challenging than “What’s the matter with you? Eat less and exercise more! Very simple!” Not always so simple.
    Then the other side is having to buy new clothes for your child because she has already outgrown, at the waist, most of what we bought her 4 months ago. You can see it coming – her belly is big and she has a double chin. My Mrs. also comes from a culture where a chubby child is a healthy child, and her two sisters are big and so is her mom, so it runs in the family.
    We press on…

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