Why Obamacare will make U.S. healthcare system even worse

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The short answer is: “Because Obamacare will make worse an already noncompetitive, non-market-based healthcare system, where prices get higher and higher because consumers don’t shop around and there’s no incentive to economize.”
The longer answer is this video. It’s well worth 7 minutes of your time!


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  1. Please investigate UAP, United American Patriots, and consider informing us about them in one of your articles. Briefly, I just found out about then today, they reach out to military individuals put in prison that do not deserve to be there, and they solicite American financial support for their families and for appeals. Thank you. Sincerely, Paul Smith

  2. BritCapitalist

    Great Video – worth every minute and just as worthy as his previous video: “Quantitative Easing Explained”.
    Footnote: This good stuff originates from Omid Malekan (Iranian–former Futures Trader) who states: “I’m all over the map. Socially, I’m pretty liberal. Economically, I’m fairly free-market oriented”.

  3. Higher costs, less freedom, worse healthcare…

  4. I watched a panel discussion the other night and saw a printing company owner whose business had won a new contract. He needed to hire more employees but was at 48 and absolutely refused to hire more because of Obamacare and its implications. I’m still trying to decide if this is willful destruction of capitalism or just stupidity on a mass scale.

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  6. Obamacare= Obamatax relax…it’s voluntary like income tax 🙁

  7. Make it worse?
    He is going to kill it deader than frozen dog-squeeze, and that in short order.


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