Why Obama has a Connecticut Social Security no.

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One of the many mysteries about the POS is his Connecticut-issued Social Security number — a state in which he had never resided and with which he has no association.

In 2010, two licensed private investigators, Susan Daniels and Neal Sankey, found that multiple Social Security (SS) numbers are associated with Barack Obama’s name. Daniels and Sankey put their findings in sworn affidavits. Dr. Orly Taitz further verified their information with a third source, a retired Department of Homeland Security senior investigator named John Sampson.

In May 2010, the mystery deepened when it was determined that the SS number Obama is currently using (042-68-4425) has a Connecticut prefix, 042, but Obama had never lived in nor had associations with the state of Connecticut.

In late February 2011, the mystery further deepened when retired US Air Force Col. Gregory Hollister, the litigant in an Obama eligibility lawsuit, conducted a search for Obama’s Connecticut SS number in the Social Security Number Verification System used by small businesses to verify employment eligibility. The results came back as “Failed: SSN not in file (never issued).”

All along, the question is why would Obama obtain a Connecticut-issued SS number instead of one by Hawaii? Author Jack Cashill has a plausible explanation that deserves airing. It all goes back to Obama’s birth certificate.

In an article for American Thinker, “A Possible Explanation for Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number,” on September 14, 2012, Cashill writes:

As I reported on Tuesday, Barack Obama has yet to provide an explanation for how he came to have a Social Security number that begins with the Connecticut prefix “042.”

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert read the piece.  He has been in Hawaii doing follow-up research on his insightful new documentary, Dreams from My Real Father, and he sent me the single best explanation I have yet to see.

What intrigued me about this story from the moment Ohio private investigator Susan Daniels first came across Obama’s Connecticut SSN was the ineptness of the left-wing explanations.

“Numbers are assigned based on the return address on the request envelope, not residency,” crowed Jason Linkins in the Huffington Post, as though he had said something meaningful. Linkins suggested two possible explanations, both preposterous.

One is that Obama applied for his SSN as a little boy in Indonesia for no known reason, and the application just happened to be processed in Connecticut for no known reason, too.

For the second, Linkins cited the argument […], “In fact, Barack Obama’s dad attended college in Connecticut and in 1977, Obama was college aged; is it beyond reason to consider that he might have checked out his father’s alma mater?”

Last time I checked, Harvard was in Massachusetts.  The closest town to Harvard in Connecticut is about 90 minutes away, and there is no record at all that Obama Sr. lived there, let alone that Obama visited his imaginary alma mater and just happened to apply for a Social Security card while visiting.

On the respectable right, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly finessed this claim.  “[Obama’s] father lived in Connecticut for several years,” O’Reilly said inaccurately on air last April. He added that “babies sometimes get numbers based on addresses provided by their parents.” Wrong again.

The left-leaning fact-checking service Snopes.com […] repeats the irrelevant detail that Obama would only need to have sent his application in from Connecticut, but how or why the 16-year-old Obama could or would have done so is overlooked.

Snopes concludes that “the most likely explanation” is a “simple clerical or typographical error.” Obama, they contend, lived in the Hawaii zip code of 96814, while the zip code for Danbury, CT is 06814. As it happens, “clerical error” is the same excuse used to explain away Obama’s claim to a Kenyan birth in his literary agent’s 1991 promotional piece.

Joel Gilbert suggests a more likely explanation. In doing his research in Hawaii, Gilbert heard from several sources that pre-statehood, every institution or branch of government in Hawaii was dominated by the Japanese syndicate known as the “Yakuza, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), and a complicit bureaucracy.  “After statehood in 1959 the Federal Government came in, and the syndicate went underground, but maintained the same control, and does so to this day,” says Gilbert.

Hawaii was and is a corrupt state,” Gilbert continues.  He was told by retired Honolulu police detectives that in the state bureaucracy, “anything could be purchased, including Social Security numbers.” These were real numbers, likely available because the original card holder was dead. The sellers trafficked in SSNs that did not originate in Hawaii. That way, if the person using the phony SSN were ever caught, the crime would be traced back to the issuing state, not the Hawaii office.

Gilbert’s theory is that the SSN problem is related to the question of Obama’s birth certificate, which is required to get a SSN. Lacking a valid birth certificate, Obama was forced to buy an SSN so he could get his first job at the Baskin Robbins in 1977. In this theory, Obama was sold an SSN that was Connecticut-based so it couldn’t be traced back to the Hawaii office.

The easiest way to test this theory and establish the truth is to ask the people who know. WND’s veteran White House correspondent Les Kinsolving tried to do just this at a press briefing a few years back. Predictably, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs laughed Kinsolving off and switched the subject to the birth certificate.

In a televised address two years ago, Obama famously said, “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” So could someone in the media please ask him about that “042”?  We can be sure they would be asking questions if Mitt Romney had a Hawaii-based SSN, and they would not be satisfying themselves with “clerical error.”


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  1. Makes more sense than any explanation I’ve seen…it would be nice if anyone who knew the truth would tell it but until then we are relegated to putting odd puzzle pieces together as best we can {sigh}. Good post, Eo.

  2. I think that is a distinctly plausible explanation by Gilbert but unfortunately the POS will only be officially indicted when present leftist corruption is exposed and dealt with after November 6th. The Yakuza is the Japanese Mafia and the fact that it still maintains power in Hawaii and very possibly has connections to the Chicago Mob, speaks volumes.

    • I wish u lot would understand that, for all intents and purposes, Reagan was the same or worse (at least he was American though!)…he ushered in the Communist government u see now (he was a puppet -a decent enough man played by lying Zionist scumbags)…he threw away America’s and the world’s nation’s soverignty by allowing the criminal “free trade” to pave the way for the Jewish-led NWO you see right before your very eyes…

  3. excellent post Dr.Eowyn! If you think about it– the more research I have done on my own. With the help of people like you,whom are credible. (which there are not many credible sources in the U.S.A. at present) Trying to put the pieces together. We all know he is a fraudulent POS! by our Constitution he is null and void. This fact will not go away,as bad as the politicians in D.C. and the controlled media want it to. He is illegal no matter how you look at it. So is everything he has done. The bigger picture, I feel he was and is an experiment. The powers that be, (God help us they go down in flames) decided we were ready for a black (if thats what you want to say) President. He has failed in many ways,not only us,but them. He was installed to push the New World Order into place. At present this is blowing up, wide open. People are finding out their wicked plans and exposing them,right and left. Right now, Barak Obama or whatever his name is looks like the very low hanging fruit on the tree. So do the D.C. politicians. They are all involved,but we know where they are and they will be easy to pick. It is the backers world wide. After thinking for 4 yrs, why? does Hannity,Rush,Levin all of them avoid this issue? It is to protect the Bush family. If the POS is taken down for his illegal papers,this will lead to more before him. Old Bush, the (NWO) king. Does anyone know where he was born? Brit Hume says on his special, he was raised in Conneticut. But- where was he born? Germany? His father Prescott,was a U.S. Senator and worked for Hitler also. How did this happen? Old Bush was in our C.I.A.-why? he has had plenty of time to launder money and set the “Nazi” plan. This is just skimming the top. What say you? Obama’s papers are a distraction. By his own admission of his B.C. his father was born in Kenya,therefore he is not eligible. Period.

    • Well said the cia set up terror operations headed by the Dulles brothers there were caches of Nazi weapons stashed around Europe and werewolves Nazi commandos were running ops overthrew elections etc operation gladio at the same time they brought in 34000 Nazis into United states government leading us to the neo conservative scum the Bush’s the Clintons different wings of same operation with the same goals and plans !

  4. I guess what I’m trying to say is this is a huge distraction they are using. I hand it to Orly Taitz,she has pounded this relentlessly,trying to untangle the web of deceit, all the while doing it through what used to be our legal process. At present, no one seems to recognize the legal process.

  5. Kathy, yes we will, keep on digging. He is playing by the Hitler playbook. Never underestimate the American underground.

  6. Maybe they underestimated the intentions of the Founding Fathers of the USA which are reflected in the principles that undergird the Preamble and the US’s Constitution. These did not just materialize out of thin air, they were however unique, in as much as the sovreignty of our Republic depends on a credit system that replaced the oligarchical monetarist system, which would provide for the wellbeing and pursuit of happiness of our citizens. The choice of a president to lead the Congress and work alongside the Supreme Court Justices all were to be harnessed to upholding the intent of the Founding Fathers. As it is with the Bible, the words can either be a stepping stone or a stumbling block. Since Barack Obama has been allowed to operate contrary to the intentions of the Constitution that he swore to uphold, he has followed in the footsteps of other presidents and congressmen and women, and justices of the Supreme Court who chose for various reasons to betray the citizens of the US and ignore certain portions of the Constitution and Preamble that they found onerous or inconvenient. We found ourselves in this particular situation because the Administration, the Congress and the Supreme Court are all in lock step…………………they are behaving as though the Constitution had never been written, that the War of Independence had never been fought, and that the reason that people had left Europe to search for the New World was to evolve, for civilization to progress whereas the oligarchs had imposed their oligarchical system on the Old World for too long, and inspite of failing from time to time, had somehow or another managed to rear their ugly heads and impose their oligarchical empirical systems on unsuspecting people again and again. Here were are, and most people have no idea what the difference between sovreignty or world governance would be. That is why there is so little resistance to the utterly corrupt way of life we are forced to participate in. The reason why there is not an outcry against this flagrant disregard for the use of proper Social Security Number by the so called President, is because the historical nature of our Constitution and the understanding of the God we serve, goes back all the way to the Garden of Eden and even from everlasting to everlasting. The know that the two basic elements of God are Spirit and Word, and how through the Holy Spirit and His Word, God The Creator intersected time ‘in the beginning’ so he could introduce himself and his Creation the Universe to us, creating us in his own image which translated means character by the force or energy of His Spirit. Our God is a Sovreign God, and our Republic is a sovreign republic, and that is why sovreignty is so important and crucial if we are to evolve as the human species. We have the unique capability among living creatures to willfully think creatively and discover new principles of truth.
    The oligarchs plan is to reduce us to thinking of ourselves as animalistic, that we only have basic needs that should be met, such as a pitiful amount of food to eat, a pitiful education, a pitiful life and even going as far as to legislate that we can only live in a five hundred square foot home, or dwelling place.
    Life is not something that just happens, it is the most awesome extraordinary wonderful supernatural and miraculous thing that we should cherish, so why don’t we stand up for it, why accept the current trend to reduce our living standards and sit back and watch the erosion of our Constitution ? Let’s give them a surpise, they underestimated us, but that doesn’t mean we have to overestimate them. We have the Victory, by the Blood of the Lamb.

  7. I found this website searching for funny pictures of aliens. You guys are nuts. His birth certificate has been seen and validated numerous times now. The SNN’s first three digits are an internal code for the Social Security Administration’s filing system which started in 1936 before the use of computers. They aren’t intended to tell you which State, and people get codes for other States sometimes, it’s not common, but it happens, and since it’s not a geographical code, the SSA doesn’t care. You can look up letters from the SSA in response to these kinds of questions.

    As for the Mitt Romney comment, no one gave Mitt Romney a hard time for having a family history in Mexico, or McCain for being born outside the continental United States. Do you really think that Barack Obama since the age of conception, and again at the age of 15 has had falsified documents issued by the government at the time as part this plan: that over 40 years since his birth, he could be chosen by a political party for President?

    Why? Any explanation you could build would be too complex to fit into reality. You’d need a massive 40+ year conspiracy that would require not only people in power in the past, but before his elections, for both Republicans and Democratics to continue to cover this up and aide and abed the most pointless conspiracy ever. Assume there are a million people with the right qualities to be President, why would anyone bother with this? Oh, and on top of that, look at what he has done, basically carried forward nearly every thing that Bush was doing, and signed into law a medical coverage change that was quite similar to one put forward by the Republicans in Congress in the ’90s. He’s not that different from every President we’ve ever had, sure, there are differences between the Parties, but they’re boring stuff, like policy platforms on CSPAN. No one watches CSpan, it is boring, but everyone likes to hear about the Yakuza, or that Bush is an alien reptoid, that Bill Clinton is a super assassin with a list of murders… what else… oh! Obama was in the CIA! People hook onto that, because it’s interesting, and because the actual job of politics is super boring reports, and statistical analysis of the nation, followed by huge dreary legislation. Americans want to be constantly entertained and bombarded with extremes (looked at two articles on here, people have mentioned Hitler 3 times in relation to the current President), and it turns out you can use unrealistic extremes to get people to vote one way or another without the voter even really knowing anything about politics or the issues.

    • Baaaa. I don’t have to believe anything anybody says. All I have to do is watch what he’s doing and know he’s ruining this country. Whether by design or incompetence doesn’t really matter much, does it? But transparent, he’s not, which is what leads to all sorts of guessing games.

    • Thanks, Grouchy, for that excellent retort! 😀

    • PIPsqueak, did you know that “ridicule” is a standard cop out for those who are either I.Q challenged or otherwise unwilling to accept the truth? Which category do you fit in?

      Now for the FACTS:

      1. The long form BC has NEVER been produced (which part of NEVER don’t you understand?).

      2. The latest “Copy” represented by the White House is NOT a scan of an original 1961 paper document.

      The BC has been proved to be a forgery, BEYOND QUESTION, by ALL computer scientists who have studied it as well as the Arpaio investigative team comprising former law enforcement officers. Here’s just one scientist’s independent review:


      FOTM members are highly intelligent and well informed and if morons expect to come on this site and get away with stupid “ridicule” and nothing else to offer, we Do have a Sign we can send you 🙂

    • Pip, so you think obama is not that different from any of the other presidents? Your full of bull**** old boy!! what will it take for you to open your eyes and see obama for what he is? There is too much proof that obama is a muslim and his only agenda is to destroy our country! No one but fools would vote for this illegal muslim!

  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this informative post. It is most interesting trying to put all of the pieces together. We wouldn’t have to try to put any pieces together if the king was transparent with his requests that have been requested in lawsuit after lawsuit. This includes his birth records, his college records and so on and so forth. Why does he pay millions of dollars to attorneys so that these records are not disclosed? Really, this desire to hide serves as an indictment in and of itself. What is he hiding?


    September 24, 2012 EYEWITNESS REPORT: Orly Taitz Mississippi Obama Ballot Challenge: Taitz given 3 weeks to fix case; warned of sanctions

    More here: https://birtherheadlines.com/

  10. I think this is wrong information. NOT because I have any respect for the lying pathological narcissist that inhabits our whitehouse but because there is better info developed.
    His granny, Madelyn upon whom he was foisted in Hawaii by his trollop mother, worked where she had access to account info at a bank. The man who had the number originally had retired to Hawaii and died with no heirs. But coming upon his social with no claims having been made she knew she could get it for Barry (an Indonesian citizen, required to be in school there) possibly through the aforementioned Yakusa document source.
    None of this really matters, in terms of his birth certificate- hence presidential eligibility because; it is quite likely that his real bio father is actually Frank Marshall Davis an American born citizen. It has been documented that the three engaged in sexual conduct together and quite possible that the sperm donor (as opposed to father) was not Barack at all.
    It is very likely his DNA will prove this. He definitely looks much more like Mr. Davis and I would think that his intellect came from there as well, the Sr Obama’s being unremarkable.
    Dammit! because I would’ve HOPED that we could simply wipe clean everything he has done while Potus.

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  13. Full of shit !!!

  14. tell every one , change is coming,,for the good of man kind and earth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NF6q1tzPGNE


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