0 responses to “Why Microsoft is slow to fix the bugs in Windows 8 & Vista

  1. Maybe we should all abandon Microsoft and go Mac.

  2. Even without taking into consideration the bug-infested core of Windows 8 it’s just disgusting. A stupid, bright, retard-styled and restrictive narcissistic OS which reminds of you-know-who each and every time when you get behind the screen.

  3. Well isn’t that just special? Not…

  4. Good summary D. Eowyn,
    And that’s why I’m no friendlier to BING than I am to Google.

  5. Never ever, never ever, buy windows 8. It stinks so bad..I hate everything about it. Our new home desktop had it pre installed. I went and got an old laptop and instilled a vista basic and run that.

  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most informative post. We are all being treated like little ants being stepped upon!


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