Why Kevin will never again do a one-night stand

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Kevin’s probably too young to have seen the 1987 movie Fatal Attraction. He really should rent it from Netflix. LOL
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0 responses to “Why Kevin will never again do a one-night stand

  1. Too funny!

  2. Creeeeeepy!!! And I just watched Fatal Attraction… it was showing on tv…

  3. Sadly this is what happens when u sleep w/someone you do not know! There is a reason God tells us to keep it in marriage! Ppl cannot handle the intimacy of it.

  4. What a nut job.

  5. I love how she volunteered that she didn’t have any friends! That just makes a person sound so pitiful and desperate! As if the insane barrage of text messages she sent later weren’t, lol!
    So did this guy like take pictures of his cell phone conversation and post them online?
    Speaking of pitiful, tonight I just had a guy send me verbally abusive texts because I told him we were incompatible. We ate supper together Friday night. He was physically attractive, in fact he was very hot LOOKING, but just his personality was not my type. I had insisted that we talk more before meeting in person because I was afraid of wasting his time and we lived like two and a half hours from each other. He insisted we go out because he said he couldn’t determine enough online or over the phone. Then he sent me all these hateful text messages because I said we were incompatible. He was angry that I wouldn’t sleep with him because I said I couldn’t see us ever getting married. As if I “owe” anybody to be attracted to them, especially when I was VERY up front that we might not be compatible before meeting. He did a complete 180 from saying I was “hot as hell” on Friday to saying that I was so ugly and good luck finding anyone tonight. What a moron. And real “Christian-like” as well.

    • Let me clarify, he was angry about not sleeping together AND because I couldn’t see us getting married, I backspaced to edit that and realized I accidentally forgot to type out more words and left out some info that made it look really bad, I wasn’t going to do anything anyway, and ALSO couldn’t see getting married to him in the future.

    • Julia, you are better off without him. He sounds like a jerk.

    • Julia-
      If you weren’t “hot as hell” he wouldn’t be so upset that u turned him down! (Which I know u already know that!) God has someone amazing out there for u, at just the right time. I agree w/DCG, he sounds like a real “winner” (smirk) 🙂

    • Julia,
      That jerk’s 180 simply confirms your original assessment. Good that you found out he’s a loser before you got too involved. If he continues to harass you, save all his text messages and report him to the police. ♥

  6. I truly feel sorry for that woman. Sometimes people can’t make friends and always feel eternally lonely. they will reach out to anyone who shows them any kind of affection. When you are in that position and you believe you finally met someone, you tend to put all your eggs in one basket and that’s exactly what she did. Right now I bet she felt “hollowed out” so she continues to reach out, hoping the one person who showed her any kind of physical interaction will reach back to her.
    If this is legit this Kevin guy is the worst kind of human being. He saw her as easy pray for the night then discarded her, while she saw him as someone who can make her happy after probably having a crappy life or past relationship.
    After reading this I did not see an “obsessive” or “crazy stalker” I read someone who just got the rug pulled out from under her, yet again and trying desperately to hold on to happiness.
    Kevin could have diffused this from the get go by making his intention known but then again he would never be able to get into her pants.
    I hope she does nothing rash to herself. As for Kevin…whatever, no great loss to the world if he suffered a crotch mutilating incident.

    • That is a really sweet thing to say and a scream about him getting his crotch mutilated! Honestly this poor girl’s lack of self esteem reminds me of how I was homeschooled but not allowed to do hardly any fun activities and also my siblings and I suffered physical and verbal abuse, so we often lacked social skill and the self confidence and self esteem necessary for a love life and platonic friendships. I remember feeling like a deer caught in the headlights when confronted with various social situations.

      • Julia-
        Hang in there….I have not been married very long, and I remember how tuff dating was, especially since everyone’s morals have gone down the drain! Keep strong it will be worth it in the end….God will bless that. There are still some good ones left! Look at Will! I am praying for u and for the man God has waiting in ur future!
        “Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually.” (1 Chronicles 16:11 KJV)

    • Will you are an AMAZING MAN! 🙂
      Men like Kevin are a dime a dozen…..he uses her emotionally….and then he makes her look like the crazy one! She isn’t crazy, she is female, and she is asking for reassurance after giving herself to him. (which I know she should not do) But our society gives the guy a pass for using a woman and the woman is left holding what is left of her reputation.
      Women cannot handle the intimacy of premarital sex! Society is teaching our boys that one nighters are acceptable and society is teaching our girls to not trust men.
      Wonder why the young females don’t want to get married? Hmmmmm…. B/c the media, movies, sitcoms teach them that sex is not emotional just physical and to get a guy u have to sleep w/him. When he leaves, then to fill that emptiness the process repeats itself until she is completely dull to it.
      We need to be talking about what an A-HOLE Kevin is….not just how crazy SHE is. They need to be teaching girls how this truly affects their reputations and emotions in the end. They need to understand if he won’t stay around w/o sex then he was using them from the very beginning! (Why would a guy buy the cow when he’s getting the milk for free?) But instead we are telling them to separate their emotions from relationships b/c if they don’t, THEY ARE CRAZY!
      Sorry I’ll get off my soapbox now! This topic infuriates me to no end!

  7. What really bothers me most about all this is the crappy spelling. It’s not really taught in school anymore and texting/twitter masks lack of grammar and spelling skills and makes goofball spelling cool. How can these illiterates function in adult life?

    • And, you have to be able to recognize correct spelling when you use Spell Checker. It’s useless for illiterates.
      I was the resident “spell checker” when I worked as a secretary to a group of construction estimators. Mathematically and working with spatial relation concepts, they were all amazingly gifted; but, some of them spelled phonetically. When you mangle the spelling of a customer’s name, it’s a problem.


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