Why isn't Sharpton in Spokane?

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Tragic death of Sharlotte McGill

Attacker fatally stabs woman

The Spokesman Review:  A woman walking her dog along the Spokane River Thursday morning was fatally stabbed in what appears to have been a random attack.
The victim’s daughter identified the woman as 55-year-old Sharlotte McGill. McGill suffered multiple stab wounds to her upper body shortly after 8 a.m. in the area of 1800 E. South Riverton Avenue and was rushed to a local hospital, according to the Spokane Police Department. Police reported around 2 p.m. that she had died.
The attacker remained on the loose Thursday night. Police have not identified a suspect or a motive.
McGill’s daughter, Billie McKinney, logged on to her mother’s Facebook account Thursday evening and posted a message to friends and family.  “I want to thank everyone for their support,” she wrote. “My mother deeply loved you all in her special way. Thank you everyone for all the fun she had with you, and please just be good to everyone, love with all your heart, and remember her with a smile. Much love.”
In an afternoon news conference, interim Spokane police Chief Scott Stephens said “anything that can be done will be done” to find the attacker, but police have no suspects at this time. He asked that anyone with information call the police department.
“We’ve got everything we have on this,” Capt. Brad Arleth said, explaining the department brought in extra officers from multiple units to scour the area and track down leads. Police were alerted about 8:11 a.m. by callers to 911 reporting a woman screaming in the area of Magnolia Street and South Riverton Avenue. A nearby resident found McGill with multiple stab wounds, police said, and began administering CPR while waiting for emergency personnel to arrive.
Another neighbor, Korey Shippy, whose back balcony faces the river, said he was inside when he heard McGill screaming “help me, help me, somebody … help me.”  “I ran down and got her daughter and said ‘Your mom’s been stabbed,’ ” he said, explaining McGill lived in his apartment complex. The two ran outside and found McGill bleeding heavily.
She still had the leash in her hand, and the dog wouldn’t leave her side,” he said. “She said, ‘Can you breathe for me? Can you breathe for me? I can’t breathe.’ ”  She collapsed shortly after.
Others told officers they saw a man running from the area and provided brief descriptions. A detective responding to the area saw a man matching the description who became evasive after realizing the investigator was looking at him, Arleth said. The man was detained for questioning but later released.
Meanwhile, officers and paramedics tending to McGill were able to get a brief description of the attacker, who she said jumped from behind some bushes, police said.  Witnesses said the person seen running from the area was a black male in his early to mid-30s, wearing black pants and black hooded jacket. Witnesses said he had a “crazy eye.”
“We certainly understand that this is a horrific crime, and it’s going to be high priority for the police department,” Stephens said. In the meantime, he said, residents shouldn’t live in fear but should “be aware of your surroundings.”
According to her Facebook page, McGill worked at Costco and went to Okanogan Junior-Senior High School. She described herself as “down to earth, a lover of life. Happy Camper. Hard Worker. I have 4 pets and a daughter and I love them dearly.”
A 2010 post by McGill read: “Every day I have the chance to make great things happen in my life. Every day is exactly what I make it. And you are as I see you. And what you say to me is how I perceive it. Life is Grand I love all the moments of it.”
Tragic, senseless, and sad.  Prayers for the McGill family.
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  1. She wasn’t wearing a hoodie, I guess.

  2. Theae type of random white killings are happening all over the country more now after the Treyvon Martin and George Zimmerman incident in Florida. But it’s strange they feel the need to hide the data when the attacker is black.

  3. this is sad. They find this psycopath he needs the death penalty now. Not in 30 yrs,now. Another subject,for I have alot of freinds in the Spokane area. They say Dept.of Homeland Security is setting up an office there in an old vacant building. They say the Spokane police and law enforcement know nothing of it?? They say this is also going on in Salem,Or and in different places throughout the U.S. This is going on very quietly. They say the dept.of homeland sec. may be used as enforcement if the terrorist in the whitehouse calls for m.law? people I hope are watching and questioning things going on around them. Stay vigilant.

  4. “Witnesses said the person seen running from the area was a black male in his early to mid-30s, wearing black pants and black hooded jacket. ”
    If Obama had a son, he would look just like him!


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