Why isn't Sharpton in Smyrna?

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Ex-Marine Beaten to Death by Georgia Mob

Fox News:  Three suspects newly charged in the death of a former Marine from Cobb  County were denied bond at court hearings last Wednesday, Channel 2 Action News  reported.
Arthur Lynell Batchelor, 37, of Acworth, and Jason Scott Hill, 35, and  Tarell Winston Secrest, 36, both of Marietta, continue to be held in the Cobb  County Adult Detention Center. They were arrested last Tuesday.
All three men and 38-year-old Sean DGene Hall of Atlanta, who was arrested  Monday, are charged with murder, aggravated assault and aggravated battery in  the death of Zachary “Zach” Gamble.

Zachary Gamble

Gamble, a 34-year-old Acworth man, had served two tours of duty in Iraq and  had a 7-year-old son. He was at a friend’s birthday party in the Concord Chase  Apartments near Smyrna the early morning of March 25 when he got into a  confrontation with others in the parking lot, police said.
Investigators have not said what happened next, but a taxi driver called police about 6 a.m. to report having struck Gamble. The man was found unconscious on the ground. Police have said, however, that they believed Gamble’s most serious injuries were not caused by the taxi.
Gamble was taken to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital, Marietta, where he never regained consciousness. He was taken off life support April 8. Police have not disclosed autopsy findings, but family members have said the former Marine had sustained severe head injuries.
RIP Gamble.  Thank you for your service.

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0 responses to “Why isn't Sharpton in Smyrna?

  1. The wasn’t wearing a hoodie, that must be it. Hmm, what else could it be? 😉

  2. America is being beaten to death as we type.

  3. I wonder if this is another “Travon” revenge killing?

  4. The FBI crime files for the last thirty years show that blacks are in fact the true racists in this country as 70 percent of the racist crimes in blacks attacking whites while 10 percent is whites attacking blacks but there is a but difference blacks like to torture whites but whites just outright kill blacks. I have never been racist but since the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles I really wonder about the black violence. They are some evil people. Even if they ruled the country I think they would hate white people. The Egyptians were black when the children of Israel were slaves in Egypt until Moses came.

    • Do you have a link to the FBI crime files and those stats? Not comfortable reading that without proof. Thanks.

  5. Black people need to start putting their thinking cap on because sooner or later the white folks will get upset and when that happens they have a one track mind.

  6. You guys hit the nail on the head on this one… so many people don’t like me because I point this out….

    • Your right and it’s like I tell the folks that say ‘I’m going to your place when TSHTF’ I tell them ‘Don’t, your not welcome’… except for a couple of ex jar heads that I know…


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