Why is Tim Tebow's faith such a big deal?

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I first wrote about pro-life Christian Tim Tebow and how his “Tebowing” has some liberals all up in arms.  “Tebowing” refers to the prayer-like stance he takes on the field to thank God.  Heaven forbid he be allowed to freely practice his religion.  After an amazing win against the Bears on December 11, liberals went ballistic slamming Tim. Then the sicko proggies asked you to support Tebow by donating money to pro-abortion groups every time he scored a touchdown.
“Comedian” Bill Maher has been the most outrageous and vocal about mocking Tebow.  After the Broncos lost to the Bills recently, Maher tweeted (on Christmas Eve no less), ““Wow, Jesus just f—– #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere in hell Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler ‘Hey, Buffalo’s killing them”.
I saw this on Scott Baio’s twitter account.

Pretty much sums up what is happening in America today.  The pandering to Muslims and the “Religion of Peace” takes precedence over anything Christian.  The SRM bends over backwards to misinform you on anything related to the truth about Muslim honor killings.  In fact, it is preferred that you bash anything to do with Christianity yet don’t hurt any Mooslim’s feelings.
You can bash Christians all you want.  At least we won’t issue a fatwa on you.  But careful what you pander to proggies…I’m not so sure you are going to love that Sharia Law thingy.

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0 responses to “Why is Tim Tebow's faith such a big deal?

  1. Excellent post DCG! the butts shot is NOT ok. It belongs in their own backyard. I have officially adopted the Denver Bronco’s,and well its because of Tim Tebow! God Bless him,and God Bless America!!!

  2. Ha! That pic says it all! It is amazing, isn’t it? I have heard such harsh things said about Tebow on news reports … such mockery is usually reserved for remote politicians like, say, Santorum – another “tebowing” individual! 😉

  3. “They will hate you because of me.”

  4. Bill Maher is an idiot he has never been funny yet has made his living as a comedian only the moronic left wing and the simpering idiots of the msm sit in his audience. this ball less group never uttered a syllable about reggie white when he also brought his faith with him unto the football field

  5. There’s a cool website called Tebowing.com and has pictures of all sorts of people doing the Tebow thing. Those who love his gesture (including myself) have been doing the Tebow kneel in HIS honor.


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