Why is the U.S. National Park Service extolling Islam in a video?

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Under the POS, Islam is exempted from the iron rule of “separation of church and state”.

~Dr. Eowyn

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0 responses to “Why is the U.S. National Park Service extolling Islam in a video?

  1. Thank you for re-blogging this message, Dr. Eowyn. It supports the conclusions drawn in yesterday’s post about the assassinations of Tom Clancy and Andrew Breitbart. There is no comfort in realizing our president is a marxist/muslim plant, financed for many years by Saudi wealth, and under orders to promote a worldwide caliphate.

  2. because….the spiritual war is on….. A recent Clear Channel electronic billboard in my area of Melbourne Florida displays a sign that says, “FIND JESUS IN THE QURAN.” Now you would ask yourself, “why would they put something like that on a billboard?” They even have a reference to a website to help you with further information. JESUS IN THE QURAN.ORG. I’ll tell you why! This is all part of the infiltration of our countries Christian foundation. The evil ones are taking advantage of our biblical illiterate Christians creating a basis of false information upon which they can create an atmosphere in which their muslim messiah (our Anti-christ) will be accepted as Christ.when he rises up through the seas,(people), in the coming years. He will rise through their people as a man to become ordained as Messiah doing wonders and miracles. The seven Thunders will follow. Think about it. They are working through all the dynasties, educational, political, economics, and religion. All turning towards the acceptance of Islam.
    I recently went to a progressive fest in my area to see what things our enemy is working through. One of the main focuses was the merging of Islam and Christianity. As I read down through their information which was totally pro-Islam I got to the meat in which they proclaimed Hitler and his thugs to be Christians, that systematically exterminated millions of Jews.
    The individuals at the table, a muslim woman and a so called Christian man, were happy to discuss and point out all their facts through the twisting of, and leaving out sections of scripture. It reminded me of satan quoting the Psalms to Jesus in the desert.
    Keep your spiritual eyes and ears open.

  3. Outrageous. Maybe they’re taking their orders from NASA.


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