Why is the Obama regime obsessed with zombies?

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There’s a saying that when something happens once, it’s a fluke. Twice, we should start paying attention. Thrice, it’s no longer mere coincidence but is a definite pattern or trend. When it happens a FOURTH time, then we know something out of the ordinary definitely is going on!
This is the case with the Obama regime and zombies. Yes, zombies. The soul-less walking dead who inhabit the nightmarish world of horror movies. The walking dead who aren’t real, except to voodoo cultists like Obama’s mother-in-law Marian Robinson.


First, the U.S. federal government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the name of education, published a tongue-in-cheek graphic novel, titled Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic, in March 2011, advising Americans on how to deal with a zombie apocalypse.

In the graphic novel, a “zombie pandemic” has taken place in the southeast of the United States. This is how the CDC describes Zombie Pandemic:
CDC has a fun new way of teaching about emergency preparedness. Our new graphic novel, “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic” demonstrates the importance of being prepared in an entertaining way that people of all ages will enjoy. Readers follow Todd, Julie, and their dog Max as a strange new disease begins spreading, turning ordinary people into zombies. Stick around to the end for a surprising twist that will drive home the importance of being prepared for any emergency. Included in the novel is a Preparedness Checklist so that readers can get their family, workplace, or school ready before disaster strikes. Click on the image below to view the novella. A transcript can be found by clicking on the “accessible text” PDF. To order your own copy of the novella click here.
You can also read the comic on the CDC’s website.


Next, as reported by Christian Toto of Breitbart on Oct. 29, 2012, Hollyweird director Joss Wedon (“Avengers” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) appeared in a video pimping for Obama. Whedon goes on the attack, saying a Romney administration will bring on “the zombie apocalypse”:


The same day, Oct. 29, 2012, the federal govt held a 5-day military exercise in San Diego to defend the United States against — you guessed it — a zombie apocalypse.

As reported by Julie Watson for the Associated Press, hundreds of Marines, Navy special ops, soldiers, police, firefighters and others participated in a counterterrorism summit, hosted by security firm Halo Corp, at a 44-acre Paradise Point Resort island in San Diego bay. The keynote speaker was former CIA Director Michael Hayden. The five-day summit was an approved training event by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Grant Program and the Urban Areas Security Initiative, which used precious taxpayer dollars to fund the $1,000 per person registration fee and coursework on everything from the battleground tactics to combat wounds to cybersecurity.
Called “Zombie Apocalypse,” the Halo exercise followed the CDC’s campaign launched in March 2011. In the scenario, a VIP and his personal detail are trapped in a village, surrounded by zombies when a bomb explodes. The VIP is wounded and his team must move through the town while dodging bullets and shooting back at the invading zombies. At one point, some members of the team are bit by zombies and must be taken to a field medical facility for decontamination and treatment.
As described by Brad Barker, president of Halo Corp: “This is a very real exercise, this is not some type of big costume party. “Everything that will be simulated at this event has already happened, it just hasn’t happened all at once on the same night. But the training is very real, it just happens to be the bad guys we’re having a little fun with. No one knows what the zombies will do in our scenario, but quite frankly no one knows what a terrorist will do. If a law enforcement officer sees a zombie and says, `Freeze, get your hands in the air!’ What’s the zombie going to do? He’s going to moan at you. If someone on PCP or some other psychotic drug is told that, the truth is he’s not going to react to you. No doubt when a zombie apocalypse occurs, it’s going to be a federal incident, so we’re making it happen.”
According to a report compiled by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., who chairs the investigations subcommittee of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee:

The marquee event over the [San Diego] summit, however, was its highly-promoted “zombie apocalypse” demonstration. Strategic Operations, a tactical training firm, was hired to put on a “zombie-driven show” designed to simulate a real-life terrorism event. The firm performed two shows on Halloween, which featured 40 actors dressed as zombies getting gunned down by a military tactical unit. Conference attendees were invited to watch the shows as part of their education in emergency response training. […] According to the firm’s public relations manager, the exercise was brought about “utilizing Hollywood magic,” and setup in a “parking lot-sized movie set [with] state-of-the-art structures, pyrotechnic battlefield effects, medical special effects, vehicles and blank-firing weapons.”

Here’s a video of the Halo exercise (h/t The Examiner):

Why the zombie obsession?
Maybe “zombie” is a code word for something else?


Sure enough, on the eve of the Nov. 6, 2012 presidential election, after Obama exhorted his supporters to “vote for revenge,” a Democrat activist website, RepublicanZombieDefense.com, released a vile “Get Out the Vote” ad in which Obama supporters use machine guns, grenades, garden shears, and chainsaws to maim, behead, and explode — you guessed it — brain-dead zombies.

The zombies are Mitt Romney supporters, i.e., Republicans and conservatives.

And so, now we know why the Obama regime is obsessed with zombies.
The Nazis had dehumanized Jews as vermin and bacillus before exterminating them. Dehumanizing — regarding another as less than or not human — makes it easier to kill that person. After all, we have no qualms killing bugs or worms or chickens or pigs or cows….
Draw your own conclusions as to what it means that the Obama regime and its acolytes dehumanize their political opponents as zombies, and repeatedly fantasize about killing those zombies.

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0 responses to “Why is the Obama regime obsessed with zombies?

  1. As always, demonrats describing themselves. No worries, we all know that the libtards are against guns, so they have none, nor food, savings, or a plan.

  2. Weeeell…now you “know” what the government is going to do to eliminate half the world population! Looks to me like they are going to use some kind of “nerve” gas on us to allow the military to murder everyone!

  3. It’s really very simple. You see, this is what happens when people of little brain come into far more currency than they ever knew existed and could count. All their life-long education [NOT learning] consists of what they took away from grade school and high school, from which they may not have graduated. In any event, they once heard that when a budget isn’t used within the year for which it’s designated, the funds go back, and the budget will be reduced accordingly next year.
    So boys and girls, put on your Obamamama beanies and start thinking how to spend, spend, spend that surplus. You’ve always wanted to make a movie? Fine, just come up w/a new angle for Hoeland Defense and you’re good to go, baby, GO!!

  4. Zombies, vampires, voodoo are all evil. The demonic cults are having a heyday. It is a sad commentary on society when the Christian conservatives are portrayed as the terrorists and vehicles of chaos.
    I pray this world can be turned around. Society has become so violent and degenerate it just might repulse some to turn back to our Lord.

  5. Maybe the anointed one is just trying to stir up another crisis to use to cover his next dumbass move or statement of non-facts! Or just to help keep covering the fact of his total incompetence!

  6. Damn, and here I thought it had something to do with my 12 yr old turning 13
    seems right before my eyes he’s getting zombiefied. Not on my watch..LOL
    Aghhhh a teenager. run for cover

  7. DW, That’s what they say about Gall Stones too. LOL

  8. Demo-rats plan for the TEA Partiers… paging Dr. Ayers.

  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. As always, your work is well-documented, interesting and completely relevant. My “understanding” is that the term the Obama regime has chosen to use, zombies, is actually an absolute projection of themselves, their spirituality is dead, having excluded “God” in their Democratic Party Official Platform, having zealously promoted the killing of little babies through abortion, having zealously promoted the killing of infants born in spite of abortion attempts failing, which is infanticide, having zealously taken healthy motivation from people to use their talents that are now being paid monies to which they should not receive under the guise of disability and/or welfare and having zealously worked to destroy the principles and foundations of this country. It is they who are the walking dead.
    And Dr. Eowyn’s conclusion is absolutely correct. They are de-humanizing conservatives and Christians by associating them with being dead zombies pursuant to the facts above, just like Hitler did to the Jews, homosexuals and gypsies; just like Nero did to the Christians, depicting them as animals and/or cannibals without any human dignity or rights, feeding them to hungry wild animals and other tortures that are so horrible I cannot mention them today.
    We are in dark times. The spiritual battle of good against evil is going on in this country as it has never done before. St. Michael the Archangel, please continue to help us!

    • Thanks, Joan, for taking seriously this post. After I wrote to the end of the post, I was stunned by what the preponderance of the evidence I had laid out revealed. Your insight that the Left are engaged in psychological projection when they call us zombies, is spot on!

      • Thank you Dr. Eowyn. However, I must give the credit of this insight to my Guardian Angel, James. Sometimes I simply receive an understanding or counsel and I know it comes from him. St. Michael would be disappointed in me if I took the credit.
        Indeed, this is a serious post and I am also stunned at what it reveals!

      • This is similar to when Paul/Saul admits that which he knows he should do, he fails to do, and conversely, he does what he knows he shouldn’t. In his case however he honestly admitted his difficulty even as he worked to overcome it. Zombies have no such inclination to the good end, only to extend the rot and spiritual death from which they arose.

  10. Why not simply impose the respect of what socièty is in réality, like those who may be sick but silly sick who will end up in hell as in theirs picture and other. Psychopathes for psychopathes against intelligents gender, for normal intelligents, simply


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