Why is our immense military power not crushing ISIS?

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CBN News

Nun: ‘Islam Is ISIS. Whoever Says Otherwise Is a Liar’

by Erick Stakelbeck

WASHINGTON — The Islamic terror group ISIS is leaving a trail of destruction across large parts of Syria and Iraq with a specific target in their crosshairs.
Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been displaced from their homes and countless others have been murdered or enslaved by the jihadist army, with no end in sight.
Sister Hatune Dogan has been on the ground and witnessed the devastation of these ancient Christian communities. She’s listened to survivors tell how Christians and Yazidi women are being sold into sex slavery.
“They choose the most beautiful one, even if they have a small child, and they sell these women, these ladies to each other. They don’t sell to another religion — only Sunni Muslim,” Dogan said.
“There have been 12,000 kidnapped at the hands of ISIS – Yazidi alone. What is going on there, what I was hearing, is the highest barbarism on earth in the history until today,” she added.
Her foundation helps the poor and persecuted in 35 countries, providing them with food, clothing, medicine and shelter.
She travels constantly with a special focus in the Muslim world.
“I’m not coming here for a holiday. I’m coming here to bring a voice to the voiceless so that the world can hear their voice. They don’t have a voice. I am the channel for them. That is my mission,” Dogan declared.
Sister Dogan is no stranger to Islamic persecution. As a young girl, threats from local Muslims forced her family to leave their home in Turkey.
They relocated to Germany, where she operates her foundation and sounds the alarm about the gathering Islamic storm.
“The mission of (Abu Bakr) Baghdadi, of ISIS, is to convert the world completely to the Islamic religion and bring them to Dar Al Salaam, as they call it. And Islam is not peace, please. Whoever says ISIS has no connection to Islam or something like this is, he’s a liar. ISIS is Islam; Islam is ISIS,” Dogan explained.
She’s disappointed by what she calls a weak reaction from the West.
“We know that in Islam, there is no democracy. Islam and democracy are opposite, like black and white. And I hope America will understand. America today has the power that they can stop this disaster on the earth, with other Western countries,” she argued.
As for Sister Dogan, she says she’ll keep calling attention to the plight of followers of Jesus around the world whether the West wants to hear it or not.
Read more at: https://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2015/May/Nun-Islam-is-ISIS-Whoever-Says-Otherwise-Is-a-Liar/

It causes me endless grief to know that our president is allowing this to happen. 

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0 responses to “Why is our immense military power not crushing ISIS?

  1. Traildust,
    This article is so horrible in the specifics it brings to light.. and the nun very brave in her actions but your title,
    ‘Why is our immense military power not crushing ISIS?” …is that meant as real question or rhetorical ? Not being a smart a– here, I’m really asking.
    Surely you have seen all the articles over the web on how:
    John McCain met with the bozo Al Bagdhadi only a year ago or so ?
    Our own military is air dropping supplies to ISIS ?
    Israel is treating ISIS in their hospitals ?
    And it does on from there ad nauseum.

    • traildustfotm

      Lana, my headline was meant to be provocative. I’m aware since the beginning of Obama’s military supporting ISIS. I want Americans to wake up from their stupor, and ask this question, and then start seeing what’s going on instead of what the MSM tells them.

      • Gotcha Traildust- I just wasn’t sure. You will have to forgive me for not knowing which way that you meant it. I’m still getting to know everyone here.
        Sadly I know people who are still asking that question in earnest but don’t seem to know where to look beyond the MSM for some of the answers to these types of questions.

  2. Why is our immense military power not crushing ISIS?
    :: cough-cough :: ….muslim in the white house…. :: cough-COUGH ::

  3. May God bless and protect Sister Hatune Dogan. With a muslim as prez the US will not destroy ISIS. Now if all those military leaders that the prez has fired decide to take over the gov’t via a coup — like obama orchestrated in Ukraine — that is a different scenario.

  4. Folks, it’s not a matter of ‘allowing’ these atrocities to occur, but rather the systematic planning and implementation of DIRECTING these atrocities to occur at the hand of the communistmarxistleninistmaoistsocialistAmericaDestroyingChristianHatingSumBitch in charge! PERIOD! End of story. Holger Danske arise and awake to the need of your people!

  5. Men of the West, the time is NOW to muster to the defense of all that is Good, and True, and Righteous in this World! Lord Jesus Christ, we pray to you for Faith, Courage, and Truth in all that matters in our lives. We pray that the Light and Truth of your Word destroy the Darkeness of Evil and Corruption that has overtaken the soul of Humanity. We pray that St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And You, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, thrust into Hell satan and all those who prowl the Earth for the ruin of men’s Souls! May the Sacred Heart of Jesus, have Mercy on US!

  6. I read an article in the last week or so by a previous military member, and I wished I had saved it now, saying that most of the so called attacks are really nothing but fly overs.
    So, we are basically only going through the motions, which makes total sense.
    Living in the middle of several military installations, a couple weeks ago, I noticed our military jets, that fly over every day, had not flown at all for several weeks. They just started up again last week.
    On another site, the military was complaining there has been little to no training for six months.
    Now we have the mysterious Jade Helm……ummmm.

  7. Kicking the can down the road…

  8. I would agree to disagree with you. However, after 1400 years of the muslim/islamic/terriorist reigning havoc throughout the Middle East, parts of Asia and Europe, and taking the females of the people groups they conquered (killing all the males) into captivity as sex slaves, it is very difficult to distinguish what a person’s true ethinicity is. May the Lord come quickly!


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