Why Is Obama Always Late?

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There is a familiar refrain from the White House staff: “He’s running late.”
Whereas President George W. Bush despised being late and was punctual to a fault, Obama is routinely late to events and news conferences. His tardiness was noted by FoxNews’ Stephen Clark barely two weeks into the presidency.
But Obama’s bad habit did not begin when he became president. He was habitually late to events on the presidential campaign trail and to meetings as a U.S. senator, as you can see in this video:

Presidential historian Doug Wead, who advised both Bush presidents said: “To me, being tardy, it’s got to be one of two things. Bad organization that can be corrected, or it’s arrogance. It sounds to me like this is arrogance.”
Psychologist Pauline Wallin, Ph.D., author of Taming Your Inner Brat: A Guide for Transforming Self-defeating Behavior, maintains that chronic lateness is not a genetic condition, even though some people treat it as such. Latecomers have trouble not with time, but with self-discipline. They may also have underlying anxiety about the task they’re faced with. 
Dr. Wallin says if you have problems with being punctual, especially for things that are a bit threatening, such as doctor’s appointments, new social situations, or meeting with people you don’t like, then your lateness is anxiety-based. Putting off the inevitable is how your mind tries to cope with anxiety.
But if you are habitually late for routine business and for events that don’t cause you much discomfort, which is Obama’s situation, then the problem is mainly with self-discipline and your “inner brat,” the part of you that balks at being told what to do. Being late thus is a way to act out one’s rebelliousness — thumbing one’s nose at others.
Like Obama’s inappropriate meandering 17-minute non-response to a woman’s question about taxes, and his inappropriate affect — laughing throughout his “60 Minutes” interview in March 2009 with Steve Kroft on the economic recession and Americans losing their life savings, which prompted Kroft to ask “Are you punch drunk?” — the Punk’s chronic tardiness is a sign that something is askew with this increasingly disturbing and disturbed man. 

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7 responses to “Why Is Obama Always Late?

  1. I have had considerable experience in employment hearings that involved individuals being discharged for habitual tardiness, such as Obama’s behavior above described. There are times when there are extenuating circumstances which necessitate being tardy. However, habitual tardiness is sheer, unadulterated narcissism, rudeness and absolute disregard for the dignity of other human beings. No excuse and it says a great deal about Obama’s character which follows how he is treating the American people.

    • Well said, Joan!
      Habitual lateness, at a minimum, demonstrates great disrespect for others who are punctual — indifference about their time that’s wasted waiting for the late person, disregard for and a lack of empathy for their feelings, and an utter contempt for others’ dignity.
      Habitual lateness also evinces a simmering ANGER in the late person which is unfocused, nonspecific in its target(s), and generalized against the whole world.
      I wouldn’t such a person as a friend, even less as my president. God help us!

  2. Steve–please don’t be so hard on docs. Yes, some run late because they are shooting the bull w/ nurses, talking on the phone, planning trips, golf games, etc. However, many are late because they stay in a room too long to listen to a patient who might have vague complaints that might turn out to be cancer or something else serious. My advice to you–our impatient patients always are first in the AM or first after lunch, and they get out quickly. Do not mean to scold– I also complain about waiting!! In 38 years of marriage to a doc, I have waited too much.

    • Steve–no offense taken. Doctors truly deserve the bad reputations they have at times. I cannot begin to count the number that we have encountered who have a “God Complex”. Actually, when you get to know them, most doc’s do have it somewhat, if not totally. To be honest, there are times when I have to bring my husband down to earth, and believe me, I can do it in a heartbeat. Just ask him!!

  3. I remember the testimony of a female employee that sums up the fact that people who are habitually late, are completely selfish-and in their minds is the norm that the rules do not apply to them. When I asked her why she was always late, she advised me that I needed to “get a life,” that “don’t you know what is going on for mothers who also work at a job,” wherein she had no knowledge of my personal demands and obligations. Do you see the arrogance and complete disregard for her employer and their needs, and the fact that their rules required timely appearance at work? I will never forget when I would ask what was “in their mind” that they chose this behavior, I would always get the “how dare you ask me this question” kind of look. It really was remarkable!
    Thank you Doc’s wife for explaining to us how difficult timing may be in a doctor’s office. I understand. However, sometimes those clerks in the doctor’s offices could solve some of the steady tardiness in seeing patients with how they book the patients. I waited one day in a doctor’s office, and I had my husband and granddaughter with me, for over three hours. The place was packed with patients. I ended up firing this doctor because I did find him arrogant and unkind.
    My husband is absolutely the most punctual individual I have ever known, – even more than my parents. He is always at work at least a half hour before he is supposed to be there, and practices this courteous habit whenever he has to be somewhere at a specific time.
    But, I really find it fascinating that Obama is habitually tardy-what a revelation and confirmation of what we know about him!

  4. DW and all: I have no problem waiting for my doctors. I am fortunate enough to have doctors who CARE about me and my health, and I’m sure they are the same with their other patients. My doctors listen to my problems and then we talk about solutions. I know all this is going to change unless we can repeal the health care law.
    Vox Populi

    • Muffin–I hate to say it, but Obamacare is going to change medicine as we know it in this country. I am already working w/ our office manager and nurse to figure out ways to get more patients in and out. My husband can spend 15-20 mins. talking to an elderly man or woman, and by the time they leave our office, they feel great. He firmily believes paying attention and talking can solve many complaints..No more of this in the future. I have come up w/ the idea (got it from our dentist) to “clip” him on his sleeve w/certain color when he stays in a room too long. He HATES this and they are reluctant to do this. How sad that medicine has come to this. Enough of my soapbox for now!


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